Greetings friends and welcome,

….. I am glad you have found us, here in the World of Naeja, but I’m sorry to say you’ve come to us during troubled times. Tis a shame you could not have seen the glory of the past. Oh, how majestic the world once was, but alas, things do change, thus are the means of time. The old kingdoms have fallen, the gates to Tharaduum are closed, and the Gelvani forests are dark and unyielding. Even the Bamorians are distrustful of strangers that roam their seas. The lands are wild now, the old roads conquered by the vigilant root. The Ogre-kin thrive beyond well-barred borders, and both monstrous and mythical beasts stalk the night. This world was once filled with masters of sorcery, noble kings, and the holy swords of the knights of yore who brought peace and unity to every door. Or so, that is how it is often remembered. History is so subjective, cluttered by the emotions and memories of the men who write them or the tyrants who rewrite them. However, no man can change that which I know. And this I know. Glory is an illusion. The glory of old was the greatest facade ever, and that was all it ever was. Still, ‘twas a fair phantasm that haunts men’s hopes and dreams. Perhaps one day they shall regain that which they lost, and perhaps I shall be there to see it. Perhaps.
….. I know, I am talking in circles and riddles and probably confusing myself more than you. Where do I begin? Where does one begin when their story has no beginning or end? Then let me start in the middle. Yes, that shall have to do. Let me tell you of Rona.
….. This world is very ancient, and there have been many realms, kingdoms and empires. None, however, in all my ages upon this world, have been to me, as fascinating as the Kingdom of Rona. Its borders once stretched from sea to sea; from the Straights of Ryosha, to the edges of the Ogre Kingdoms, from the desert of Vas-Meknor to the rolling planes of the Skarrelands. It had, in its greatest of times, by one way or another, influenced every people and culture on this side of the world. The Ronans built roads connecting the realms, dominated the seas with fleets of sailing vessels, established the first order of Magi, built a massive army of its various supplicants, and made allegiances with Gelvani, Deurvar and some other rarer races, It was the greatest kingdom to ever exist. However, its reign was one of numerous wars and violent retribution from those who feared and hated it. Rona did not rise easily to power, and oft its sword was the first to bare blood. Strong were its enemies, though few were their number, but arrogance led Rona to believe their kingdom would never fall. like so many giants have learned, the fall is more fatal, the higher you stand. Rona must have had its head in the clouds, for its fall was devestating. But I speak of Rona in a negative light, and that is not the way to speak of this jewel of history. Rona was a star in the night, and without those days of glory, man would have nothing to hope for now, in the Age of Darkness.
….. The Age of Darkness? Well, I suppose you don’t know, do you? Well then, let me tell you of the Age of Darkness

~Omar the Red, Sorcerer Arcane and Sage of the Seven Prophecies

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