Power: GG
Alignment: NG
Pantheons: Deities of Nature, Gelvani Gods
Titles: Mother of the Gelvani, The Elf Queen
Domains: The Gelvani, Nature, Matriarchy
Symbol: A great tree with many long branches and silver leaves.
Constellation: Naeja is represented in the celestial sphere by a green misty constellation that forms the shape of a great tree.
Description: Gelthena is the mother goddess of the Gelvani, and a powerful goddess of nature. All Gelvani recognize Gelthena as their goddess mother and seek to rejoin her in Aelvanis when they leave this mortal world. As a nature goddess, Gelthena is mother of the seasons, and is said to have been foremost in envisioning the mortal world. In fact, it is said that much of Naeja's visions duplicated what already existed in Gelthena's eternal realm of Aelvanis. Gelthena maintains an impassioned relationship with Loran, the father of the Gelvani. She bears an eternal grudge with the Orc gods, specifically Gamorgh.
Appearance: Gelthena appears to her priestesses in visions and in Arvanis she wanders the realm amongst her children. Gelthena remains in the realm of Aelvanis, but in visions she appears as a gelvani woman of incredible natural beauty who seems to be surrounded by nature. Her long golden hair is accented with highlights that change with the colors of the seasons. Her pale honey skin reflects the hues of the sky at dawn. Her eyes are reflections of the natural world, sometimes forest green and other times as blue as a summer sky. Her voice is clear and strong, as powerful as the winds of a storm, or as gentle as a hummingbird's song. She is usually shrouded in long flowing gowns, which vary in appearance depending on her mood and the season. She often wears golden jewelry, and dons a crown of silver leafed laurel branches. A halo of golden light constantly surrounds her.
Personality: Regal and proud, Gelthena regards all around her as lessers, which in most cases is true. Gelthena is a woman of extreme opposites. She is both kind and cruel, full of love and hate, radiant with joy and shadowed in sorrow. She oversees her eternal dominion with a carefree demeanor but in fact has very strict laws that she holds all whom enter her realm liable to. She loves her children and does what she can to help them return home to Aelvanis, guiding them through her priests. She hates the orcs and does all she can to thwart their attempts to destroy her children. Still, many of her children see her as capricious and mysterious, often ignoring true needs and answering frivolous prayers. This is because Gelthena expects them to correct their own mistakes. Being a denizen of the mortal world is a punishment and she does not intend to alleviate the suffering of those who would spend their time there in pointless pursuits. Most important to Gelthena is her unrelenting desire to see her children live in peace and accord. Once the Gelvani have found unity she will allow them all to return home to Aelvanis, but no sooner. Hence, if a farmer prays for his crop to be the best of all crops that year, she may grant that prayer; but, if ta Suar Lanyr has invaded an Orc stronghold well-beyond their borders and prays for aid in battle, she may scoff and ignore the prayer. After all, though that Gelvani may see what he is doing as protecting the Gelvani, Gelthena might not see those orcs as any threat and believe that this particular Suar-Lanyr should be at home making music and helping his family farm. Again, though, she is capricious and mysterious. She may turn right around and answer the prayer of some Drey-Gelvani warrior who is trying to conquer a neighboring village. Why? Only Gelthena knows. Gelthena keeps her divine children very close to her, and holds court with them often. She listens to their counsel, and many are wise, though it is never clear if she considers their advice in her decisions.
Powers: Gelthena
w/Loran: Sheliak, Reahnyn, Aralyn, and Ilnysh
w/Elghinn: Vilrithia
w/Ilnysh: The Sylvana-Gelvani
w/Fey Kalyn: The Que-Gelvani
w/Kelamin: The Drey-Gelvani
w/Zarthandir: The Grey-Gelvani
After life: The Gelvani are from the eternal realm called Aelvanis, but thousands of years ago they warred amongst each other and were cast down to the mortal world. Gelthena bade that they would only return when they found peace and unity amongst each other. When they warred again she destroyed the place of solace she had sent them to. What was worse they discovered that upon the mortal world they were no longer immortal. They could die. Gelthena proclaimed that any Gelvani who died upon the mortal world must be buried with a long ritual that could only be performed by other Gelvani. If the body could not be interred in this way, the soul of that Gelvani would be forever cursed to wander as a shadow in the dark realm of Neth-Noril, a place eternal twilight where no sun nor moon shown. In this way should the Gelvani choose to war among each other they risked losing their eternal being. What more, if they should choose to wander alone upon the world and meddle in the affairs of other races, they also risked dying and not receiving the proper rituals for burial. Despite this the Gelvani have still warred amongst each other repeatedly and many have been lost to the realm of shadow. In time Gelthena fealt a great pity for her people and offered them a way, as individuals to return home to Aelvanis. When each Gelvani had lived long enough upon the mortal world to attain the wisdom that Gelthena sought them to attain, she would call them home. Thus each Gelvani knows that some day he will hear the Call of Gelthena. When that time comes they will be drawn to the shores of their land and on the last sunset they see they will be carried home upon the last rays of Sheliak's light. No Gelvani knows when they will hear the call, but it is usually after many hundreds of years. If a Gelvani hears the call but refuses to listen, Gelthena will eventually withdraw her voice and that Gelvani will have accepted to reside upon the mortal world for eternity. They will never hear the call again nor will they ever be allowed to enter Arvanis, even if they die and are buried by the proper rituals. Their soul, if they die, is cursed to Neth-Noril. Despite this not a few Gelvani have ignored the call, and now greatly fear death. Aelvanis is a beautiful realm where the natural beauty of the Mortal World is magnificent and eternal.


Worshipers: Almost all Gelvani worship Gelthena, but she is worshipped by few others outside this race.
Worshiper's Ability: When prayed to, may grant these powers.
1/Round Ability: Detect Poison
1/Day Ability: Speak with Plants

Priests: Gelthena's priests and priestesses have a place of great importance amongst the Gelvani. Though they do not rule, they are the voice of the goddesses' will and thus are most often counseled by the rulers. Their order has an unusual hierarchy in that there are no real ranks. All priests are equal, save the High-Priestess (who has always been a woman), who is chosen by Gelthena herself. The High-Priestess is the direct voice of Gelthena in all things and when matters are beyond the wisdom of the monarchy she is sought for a decision. The High Priestess also calls to order a regular conclave of the highest priests of all other Gelvani gods and goddesses, and presides over that council. The priests of Gelthena have power mostly over nature and are thus very akin to druids, though their tenants and rituals are often different.
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Favored Weapons:
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