Gelvani Gods

Gel'Thena (Queen of the Gelvani)

Gel'Thanan (King of the Gelvani)

The Unknown Lord

U’Valatha’Gelvani (the First Blood of the Gelvani)

Nu’Valatha’Gelvani (the Second Blood of the Gelvani)

Nua’Valatha’Gelvani (the Third Blood of the Gelvani)
Fey Kalyn

Nor’Valatha’Gelvani (the Fourth Blood of the Gelvani)

Vel’Valatha’Gelvani (the Fifth Blood of the Gelvani)

Sel’Valatha’Gelvani (the Sixth Blood of the Gelvani)
Nor’Valatha (the Four Bloodlines of the Blood)
The Drey-Gelvani
The Grey-Gelvani
The Que-Gelvani
The Seyl-Gelvani


Kalthanan (resides in the material plane)


Gelthena + Loran: Sheliak (f), Reahnyn (f), Aralyn (f), Ilnysh (m)
Aralyn + Loran: Fey Kalyn (m)
Morwyn + ???: Elghinn (m)
Gelthena + Elghinn: Vilrithia (f)
Vilrithia + Fey Kalyn: Kelamin (m)
Kelamin + ???: Tolathar (m)
Sheliak + Fey Kalyn: Hanrael (m)
Vilrithia + Hanrael: XXXX (m)

The Gelvani Story:

Gelthena was the first of the Greater Gods, the children of Naeja. In the Eternal Realms she created a place of wonderful beauty, filled with huge forests, pristine rivers, and rolling fields under a perfect sky. She called it Arvanis. Loran fell in love with Gelthena for her beauty and grace. She returned his love, and together they bore four children; Sheliak, Reahnyn, Aralyn, and Ilnysh. Gelthena and Loran are the U’Valatha’Gelvani, or the First Blood.

Sheliak, a goddess of exceptional beauty and power, had been chosen by Naeja to bear the Gift of Light and she relit the Divine Flame, bringing light back to the Mortal Realm. Reahnyn is also beautiful, but more so she is wise and kind and feels compassion for all things. Naeja chose Reahnyn to bear the Gift of Life and she brought life to the Mortal Realm. From her all living things are given mortality. The two goddesses returned to Arvanis when their duty was done.

Aralyn is the third child of Gelthena and Loran. She was born more beautiful than either of her sisters and her heart reflects the profound love her mother has for Loran. Aralyn inherited her mother’s gift to control the flora of the natural world. She fell in love with Orwyn and went to live with him in the Atheria, the Other Worlds, in the realm of Adinion. They had three daughters; Anwyn, Morwyn, and Brynlyn. Brynlyn was chosen by Naeja to become the Goddess of Animals of the Sea.

In time Naeja sought to gift the world with creatures of the earth, and so Gelthena and Loran bore their first son, Ilnysh. So it is that Ilnysh became the God of Animals. In this early time Ilnysh often traveled between Arvanis and the Mortal World, and sometimes even into the Other Worlds. Morwyn watched Ilnysh pass through her realm and became enamoured with the wild man. She went to him and from their union she bore a daughter, Liara. Liara was more like her father than her mother, though, and had a love of animals of the air. She seemed disinterested in the realm of the Fey and often would wander the woodlands seeking a portal to the mortal world. When her mother learned what she was doing she forbade her to enter the mortal world, warning her that if she were ever defiled by a mortal man she would never be able to return to Adinion. Still, Liara was wilful and one day she found a portal and crossed it. Upon the mortal world she found a mortal man who woed her and coerced her to his bed. Morwyn came upon them but was too late. Liara's fate was sealed and she could never return to Adinion. In anger Morwyn killed the man and took seized her daughter. There she constructed a great gilded cage which she hung from the precipice of a mighty mountain, and bound her daughter within it.

These are the Gelvani Gods who are called the Nu’Valatha’Gelvani, or the Second Blood, for they were the second generation of Gelvani Gods, the children of Gelthena and Loran.

The Duervar delved deep into the earth and one clan found there the most wonderful gem they had ever seen, a black diamond as dark as the night sky but with a surface that shined so brilliantly it seemed to contain the stars. The Duervar coveted this gem and kept it for themselves; however, they did not know that it was a thing of corruption, and slowly it turned their hearts to evil. Thus they became the Duergar. They began to war with their brothers, and eventually the other Duervar drove them deep into the heart of the earth. Those who came to posses the Black Diamond thought it so much reminded them of the beauty of the Morwyn that they gave it to her as a gift.

The Fey Queen of the Airy Mountains took the gem but its beauty was only an illusion, for in truth it was the Heart of Darkness, a thing of terrible corruption. By accepting the gift it corrupted her soul. She became the Queen of Air and Darkness and the Shadow of Corruption was carried on her winds. A terrible darkness spread and the Glamour of the Other Worlds was tainted. Many of the Fey became corrupted and served her. The Fey were driven from their worlds, and many came into Adinion, but soon even the borders of this great realm were threatened. Aralyn and her daughters feared for their people. King Orwyn came to Naeja for help, and so she allowed that any who feared the darkness spreading through the Other Worlds could flee to the Mortal Realm if they so wished. For a time Naeja parted the Veil which separated the two worlds.

So it was that Anwyn and Brynlyn led many of the Fey folk through portals and into the Mortal Realm. They hid amongst the forests and fields of the world, and were spared the darkness of the Shadow; but they also mourned, for the Mortal Realm was a pale reflection of the glamour of their worlds and the seasons changed in a way they did not understand. Aralyn wanted to stay with Orwyn, but he would not have it. He insisted that she leave, and so it was that Aralyn returned to Arvanis, the Eternal Realm of the Gelvani.

Morwyn quickly learned of this escape and reveled in her victory. However, she also greatly desired to spread her corrupting darkness into the Mortal Realm. The portals from Adinion were open, and so she gathered together a great horde of her minions, and entered that fabled realm. When she arrived she found that King Orwyn and many of the Fey had not fled. They stood their ground and a great battle ensued. Morwyn and King Orwyn fought a harsh battle against each other. Morwyn gravely wounded King Orwyn, and took the crown from his head, but before she could claim victory, Anwyn returned from the Mortal Realm with an army of Fey. Morwyn was forced to flee back to the Shadow, but King Orwyn had been gravely injured.
After settling her people upon the Mortal Realm, Anwyn returned to Adinion to aid her father. She healed his wound but, though she had saved him from the worst, he was forever hobbled by an unhealing wound. Anwyn took up her father’s sword and continued the war, ever fighting back the shadow that dooms their world.
Morwyn was trapped in Adinion, but before she lost the battle she had shattered the gem and sent its shards with many corrupted Fey who snuck through the portal with those escaping. In this way she could lead them to reunite the Shards of Darkness and give her equal power over the Mortal Realm.

Eventually Liara began to wonder why her mother no longer came to her. She was often visited in her cage by many avians and eventually learned their language. One day she was speaking with an owl who told her of her father, Ilnysh. She asked the owl to carry a message to her father, which was to tell him of her plight and ask him to help her escape. The owl found Ilnysh and delivered the message to him, then returned to Liara to tell her. In return for his kindness she granted him eternal life. Ilnysh, being a man who prizes his freedom greatly, came quickly to his daughter's aid. He broke the bindings of her cage and set her free. She was afraid, though, that her mother would find her and trap her again, but Ilnysh assured her that Morwyn was now trapped outside this world. Still, Morwyn's minions were strong, and so to protect his daughter he granted her dominion over all living creatures of the air. Thus Liara became the goddess of avians.

Morwyn +a Fey ???= Elghinn

Aralyn was lonely and despaired for the beauty of the Other World she had left behind. She began to create that beauty in Arvanis. Loran often watched her, for in her he saw the same beauty he had seen in Gelthena.

When King Orwyn was wounded in Adinion, Elghinn came to Aralyn in Arvanis and told her that her love had fallen in battle. He appeared to her as any Fey, and gave her Orwyn’s crown as proof, hence she believed his words. Aralyn despaired terribly and the beauty of her forests began to wither. Loran came to her and comforted her. He told her that she should not despair for she must remember all things living need her. To remind her, he gifted her with a child.

Elghinn saw what had been done and went to Gelthena to tell her how Loran had betrayed her love and given Aralyn a child. When Gelthena saw that Araylyn was indeed with child she was enraged with jealousy. She did not ask, or she would have learned the child was not conceived but rather created by Loran, by the power of an Elder God. In her vice, Gelthena turned to the dark Fey Lord and bade him to lay with her and give her a child.

When Aralyn’s son was born she called him Fey Kalyn and he was given the gifts of Gelthena and Loran twice over. He was as handsome as Aralyn was beautiful. He was wise and thoughtful, creative and kind. He loved music and art and celebrated each day as if it were the first. Gelthena, though, did not see these things. In him she could only see the betrayal of Loran, whom she loved with all her heart.
When Gelthena’s daughter was born she called her Vilrithia and she was given both beauty and cunning. She was filled with the shadow of her father, Elghinn, and her hair was black as midnight.

These are the Gelvani Gods who are called the Nua’Valatha’Gelvani, or the Third Blood, for they were the third generation of Gelvani Gods, the second children of Gelthena and Loran.

Gelthena loved her children and she loved Loran. However, she was filled with jealousy of Fey Kalyn, the child Loran had had with their daughter Aralyn. To have her vengeance, Gelthena had lain with Elghinn and bore a daughter, Vilrithia.
Gelthena taught her daughter of the betrayal of Loran and decided that she had to take control of Fey Kalyn in order to maintain control of Arvanis. Gelthena sent Vilrithia to seduce Fey Kalyn, and bear him a child. She wanted that child to be raised to love her and reunite all of her children. However, Gelthena did not know that the Shadow of Corruption was in Vilrithia’s heart.

Vilrithia came to Fey Kalyn and tempted him with her beauty and told him lies of her love for him. Eventually he gave over to her and she became with child. Kelamin was born to Vilrithia, but she kept him secret from Fey Kalyn, raising him in the Shadow World. She never told Kelamin who his father was. He was tall and strong and filled with darkness. He became a great warrior and Vilrithia guided him to despise the Gelvani Gods.

When Gelthena could not find Vilrithia or the child, she decided to confront Loran herself about the affair. He told her of his gift to Aralyn, and she knew immediately that it was the truth, for Loran could not lie. She realized then what she had done, and was wracked with guilt. For the first time she saw Fey Kalyn for who he truly was, a man of peace and beauty, and she loved him greatly for he was the child of her own daughter.

Fey Kalyn filled Arvanis with great works of art. He built tall white towers and great statues. He even built palaces for Gelthena and the other Gods. Fey Kalyn admired Sheliak the most and asked her if he could sculpt her form. She agreed and while he did his work she felt a great passion building for his handsome features and artistic heart. She came to him and Fey Kalyn could not resist her beauty and glory. Sheliak bore him a son, Hanrael, who was gifted with the fiery heart of his mother and the jovial spirit of his father. He has a keen curiosity and a love for adventure.
When the time was right Vilrithia sent Kelamin to kill his own father. When Kelamin came into Arvanis and attacked Fey Kalyn, the Gelvani God could only defend himself. The two battled and quickly Kelamin began to win over. However, Gelthena sensed Kelamin’s arrival in Arvanis and commanded them to stop. Fey Kalyn put down his sword, and Kelamin considered striking but something pulled at his heart and he found he could not strike an unarmed man. Gelthena saw what Vilrithia had done to Kelamin, and was filled with guilt. Gelthena revealed to Kelamin that Fey Kalyn is his father. She told them of her command to Vilrithia and how Kelamin was meant to unite her children, not to divide them with war.

Kelamin had been born with the wisdom and strength of character that his father held. He had felt at peace in Arvanis when he arrived and his connection with Fey Kalyn could not be doubted. He knew the words she spoke were true and put away his weapons. The two men greeted each other as father and son, and the Gods of Arvanis rejoiced. To honor his wisdom Gelthena granted Kelamin the title of Guardian of Arvanis.

These are the Gelvani Gods who are called the Nor’Valatha’Gelvani, or the Fourth Blood, for they were the fourth generation of Gelvani Gods, the children of the Third Blood.

When Kelamin joined the other Gelvani Gods, Vilrithia was determined to have her own vengeance. She saw that Fey Kalyn loved his son, Hanrael, and so she came to him. Hanrael did not know her, and she easily seduced the carousing young God. Their child was XXXX, who was born with a desire for vengeance. He inherited his father’s light feet, swift hands, and has long black hair and black skin. Vilrithia raised XXXX in the Other World of Shadows, just as she had Kelamin, and taught him to be a thief. She tasked him to quiet into Arvanis and take things she desired, usually powerful items created by the gods for their own use. What more, she trained him to be an assassin. His one duty as such was to kill Fey Kalyn. XXXX waited until the moment was right to strike, but he did not know that Kelamin was already aware of his brother and was laying in wait for him. Kelamin lashed out in the moment XXXX struck, saving his father. XXXX then turned upon Kelamin and the brothers clashed. Their battle was vicious but short, for Kelamin was a far greater warrior and XXXX had nowhere to escape to. In the moment his victory was clear, Kelamin pulled back and pleaded with XXXX to surrender. He told him how he too had once been given this duty, but had changed his heart. XXXX would not be swayed though, and seeing his brother's guard down he stabbed him with his wicked blade. The wound was not fatal, but severe. Kelamin retaliated and in a devastating blow ran his brother through with his spear, destroying him. Kelamin's wound thereafter was bitter and despite the efforts of Reahnyn and even Gelthena, it could not be fully healed. Something in that wound had changed him, or perhaps it was just the act of killing his brother, but thereafter he was more easily enraged and a shadow of pain was always upon him.

Kelamin realized that he would never be free of his mother's wrath unless she was defeated, and the only way to defeat Vilrithia was to defeat Morwyn. Hence, he asked permission of Gelthena to lead the Gelvani men out of Arvanis to travel to Adinion, where they could war with the shadow at the forefront of the battle, shoulder to shoulder with their kind. Gelthena, though, refused him, saying that the Gelvani Gods musn't enter the Aetheria en force, else they would leave Arvanis unprotected. Kelamin could not understand how Gelthena could allow the children of her brother to battle the shadow, and do nothing herself, despite the terrible affliction the shadow had set upon Arvanis. He then asked if he could, himself alone, go and aid the Fey. Gelthena agreed to this, so long as he left someone else in his place to protect the realm. Kelamin first asked his father, Fey Kalyn, but he refused him, saying his ideals were lofty but his plan foolish and that he would not help him. Kelamin then turned to Ilnysh, but the animal lord wanted nothing to do with the shadow or defending the wall. Hanrael offered to take his watch, but Kelamin refused him, not trusting the capricious fae. Loran was, as usual, unable to be summoned, and thus he finally turned to Sheliak to ask her aid in guarding the wall. She proudly agreed and he left his guard in her command. Kelamin traversed the realms and came into Adinion through the known ways. There he presented himself before Anwyn, but at first she seemed angered by his presence. She doubted his intentions, and in truth she was angry at all the Gelvani gods for not aiding her people. Despite this she allowed him to join their cause. Kelamin led an army into the depths of Morwyn's realms and revealed secrets unknown to the Fey before this. Upon their return Anwyn was informed of this, and though her people raised his name in cheers, she was ever more suspicious of him. Many more battles came and in time Kelamin continued to prove both his skill at arms and his feverish rage against the shadow-souled. Anwyn began to doubt her own concerns. Finally came the moment Kelamin and Anwyn found themselves in battle together, back to back, and both realized they must depend solely upon the other for survival. Then Vilrithia appeared amongst the ranks of the foe, and called upon her son to throw down his arms and return to her once again. She promised him many great and wonderful things, and Anwyn began to believe he would turn and betray her. However, in that moment Kelamin hefted his spear and hurled it at his own mother. The spear came short at her feet, but Vilrithia clearly saw the meaning and fled in fear from him. Kelamin and Anwyn battled their way free of the enemy and retreated to Adinion. There Anwyn told Kelamin of the fears she had harbored, and he confessed that until that moment he didn't know what he would feel when he saw Vilrithia. He revealed to her his dark past, and she understood. They then laid together, and from their union was born a son, who would be the tool of their vengeance against a cruel mother and a wayward sister. He was called Quelanon.

These are the Gelvani Gods who are called the Nor’Valatha’Gelvani, or the Fourth Blood, for they were the fourth generation of Gelvani Gods, the children of the Third Blood.

When a Gelvani God bears a child with one of the Gelvani of the Sixth blood, the child inherits the power of the Gods, being of the Fifth Blood.

When Kelamin laid with a Gelvani women of the Sixth Blood he had two sons, Tolathar and Krothien. Tolathar was tall and strong, and a warrior devoted to the laws of battle. Krothien was short but stronger than any other Gelvani, but his heart was filled chaos and rage. One day these two Gods would take the place of their father.

Tolathar is one of the Gelvani Gods who are called the Vel’Valatha’Gelvani, or the Fifth Blood, for they are the fifth generation of Gelvani Gods, the children of the Fourth Blood. What more, when a Gelvani God bears a child with one of the Gelvani of the Sixth blood, the child inherits the power of the Gods, being of the Fifth Blood.

As Gelthena saw how her children were turning against one-another she realized that they should not reside in Arvanis alone. They needed their own children to love and teach. Gelthena decided that no more Gods would be born. Instead she went to the Gods and with them she bore the Sel’Valatha’Gelvani, the Sixth Blood. They, unlike all her children before them, were not gods. They had eternal souls and gifted with great minds and potential, but they had not the powers of the divinities. She told the gods then that these Gelvani would worship them, and as such they should set the example for her newest children, and she hoped they would live in peace and unity unlike her godly children.

However, Gelthena did not know that within the Gelvani were the spirits of their paternal heritage. And though they were all very much like her, they could not resist this side of their beings. The Children of the Sixth Blood began to quarrel and found their differences to be too great to maintain peace and unity. They divided into four blood lines, based upon their parentage, known as the Nor’Valatha, or the Four Blood-Lines.

With Ilnysh, Gelthena created the first Gelvani blood line, the [[[Seyl-Gelvani]], who are tall and wild like their father. They inherited his love of the earth and formed an affinity with nature beyond that of any other Gelvani. They have never since sought to live in structures of stone, such as those Fey Kalyn built.

With Fey Kalyn, Gelthena created the second Gelvani blood line, the Que-Gelvani, who are wise and cultured like their father. They inherited his love of art and music, and they built many beautiful dwellings in Arvanis to live in.

With Zarthandir, Gelthena created the third Gelvani blood line, the Grey-Gelvani, who are as keen minded as their father. They inherited his power over Shamora, magic, and he taught them to master all those forces beyond the measure of any other mortal race.

With Kelamin, Gelthena created the fourth Gelvani blood line, the Drey-Gelvani, who are tall and strong like their father. They inherited his skill at arms and his desire to make war.

These were the four Blood Lines of the Gelvani race. In the beginning there were few, but in time their numbers grew to tens of thousands. They lived as one people and the gods walked amongst them in the paradise of Arvanis.

In Arvanis the Gelvani of the Sixth Blood had lived amongst each other for many untold millenia but it was not entirely in peace. Being willful they often clashed for reasons inexplicable to Gelthena. Their fathers, though, well understood. Though Fey Kalyn and Kelamin had called a truce, in time they began to contend for control of the very people Gelthena meant to give them cause for peace. The Que-Gelvani and Drey-Gelvani eventually came to arms over it. The Grey-Gelvani saw the foolishness of their brethren and tried to assert dominion over them. Their Shamoran skills were greatest and in their pride they considered themselves better than all others of their kind. The Sylvana-Gelvani fled the fighting; retreating into forests far from the battles, but eventually the war came to them. To defend their homes they turned on any who violated their borders. Thus began the U’Valatha’Khan, the First Blood War. Because the Gelvani of the Sixth Blood were immortal in Arvanis, they could not die in these wars and there was constant and terrible stryfe.
Gelthena grew angry at this mindless war and commanded the Gods to put an end to the battle, but even in trying to find a way to bring peace more vice was forged. The Gods themselves turned on each other, defending their own descendants against the accusations of their brethren. The battle raged on unceasing and only grew in violence.
Gelthena then sent forth Reahnyn and Aralyn to bring peace to Arvanis. They came amongst the families first, preaching of Gelthena’s commands and how the war was unholy and brought darkness to their paradise. In time their word spread and many put down their weapons. It seemed the war may end, but, to spite Gelthena, Vilrithia came amongst them in disguise, and began spreading her lies. The foolish Sixth Blood believed her and the war was rekindled.
Gelthena finally took action herself. She called the gods before her and threatened to cast them out of Arvanis if they did not cease their battling. Yet, even this threat seemed to hold no sway over the warring brethren.
Thus Gelthena rose over the Sixth Blood and covered the skies with dark clouds and lightning. She shattered their weapons and threw them to the ground. Her voice resonated over the land and she proclaimed them banished. She cast them out of Arvanis and exiled them to a single island upon a dark sea in the Mortal Realm.
Gelthena sealed their fate with a final rote, “The Gelvani of the Sixth Blood will not return to the Paradise of Arvanis until they have found peace and for once and finally united the Four Blood Lines.”
So it was that the Gelvani were exiled from Arvanis, but this is not the end of their fall from grace. Once upon the Mortal World the Gelvani tried to form a society that would foster peace. Vas-Morda, the Great Oceanic Sea, was a terrible place and the monstrous children of Silrithia and the cruel creatures created by Brynlynia would often come ashore and terrorize them. Thus it was that the Drey-Gelvani were given the task of defending the land. The Que-Gelvani were put to building dwellings of beauty and art, and filling their world with music and splendor. The Sylvana-Gelvani accepted the duty of gathering food and protecting them from the wild animals that wandered the forests. The Grey-Gelvani put themselves to using their magic to make life upon this world bearable, creating wonders rarely seen again. The Grey-Gelvani also created wondrous flying towers to explore the mortal world, and the other races built long elegant boats to sail the seas in search of other lands.
After only a few millenia upon this world the Drey’Gelvani began to question the position of power the Grey’Gelvani had taken. Bitter arguments arose in the meeting halls and tension built. All feared that war would break out again. Thus it was that the Queleshan, the great masters of magic who were mostly Que’Gelvani and Grey’Gelvani, devised a means to return the Gelvani, island and all, to Arvanis. A powerful spell, it was, that would shift their island realm through the Veil and back to Arvanis. If the Gelvani could unite in such a way as to make this incredible feat possible, they reasoned, then Gelthena that must accept them back.
The Drey’Gelvani, though, knew too often how Quel’Shamora, High Magic, could go terribly awry. They threatened violence if the Queleshan attempted this powerful dwoemer, but the Grey’Gelvani would not listen to their fears. In the years leading up to this fateful moment, the Drey’Gelvani had begun building great sea vessels, fearing what may happen to their island. The Sylvana’Gelvani had already begun fleeing the island, seeking lands beyond their haven.
Only days before the set time of the casting war broke out on the island. The Drey’Gelvani marched upon the great tower of Quel’Shamora, battling their brethren along the way. They demanded that the Queleshan give up their attempt or they would die trying. The Queleshan, fearful that their warrior brethren might interrupt the casting chose instead to proceed ahead of schedule. All the Queleshan that could be found were united and the cooperative casting began. The Drey’Gelvani, though, knew what was coming and they managed to fight their way through the defenses of the tower and interrupt the casting at a key moment. The Queleshan did not have the numbers to maintain the spell, and they lost control of the powerful dwoemer, wrecking havoc upon their island. Fissures opened between the island and the Eternal Realms, causing the island to begin to break apart. A great earthquake foretold certain doom, as crevices swallowed entire towers whole and the mountain let out a great plume of black ash. The Gelvani scrambled to save themselves. The Drey’Gelvani boarded their boats and sailed away as quickly as possible. The Grey’Gelvani gathered their numbers in the great flying towers and crossed the sea. The Que’Gelvani tried to save as many as their numbers as they could, relying upon the sea vessels they had built and what magic they had to transport everyone away. The Sylvana’Gelvani, save a few small numbers, had already fled the island.

Gelvani and Death
She gave them a chance of redemption.

Other notes:
Kelamin+Mortal Woman=Tolathar
Kelamin’s proxies: Tolathar, Tiercelis, Crothien,
Kelamin killed Fey Kalyn
Gelthena gave Kelamin’s power to Tiercelis
Gellawyn took Fey Kalyn’s Place
Vilrithia killed Aralyn
Kelamin brought back Aralyn but was weakened
Tiercelis killed Kelamin, took his place
Tolathar and Crothien took Kelamin’s place
Tiercelis and Gellawyn killed Vilrithia

The Gelvani were cast out about 5,000 years ago. Rona began 1300 years ago; that means I have to account for 3,700 years of history. Humans would have gotten Steel about 6000 years ago.

It was in this time that the darkness of the Orc homelands was invaded. The Gelvani, cast from Arvanis, and fleeing the destruction of their sanctuary, arrived upon the shores of Verosia and chose to settle in the forested realms that resembled their divine homeland. They knew nothing of the Orcs and their wars before now, and saw them as no more than a monstrous race corrupting the forests of the Mortal World. They waged war to drive the Orcs from the ancient woodland realms, beginning the U’Orog’Khan (First Orc War).
The Gelvani heroes were more powerful than any foes the Orc Lords had faced before, and the Orcs were driven to the edges of their lands. One Gelvani warrior in particular became of great renown, Faeladryn, whose mighty blade of Quel’Shamoran make struck fear in the hearts of all Orcs who looked upon it. There was also Eliasyr Korilanmor, a powerful Queleshan whose arcane powers were devastating to the Orc Lords. Together they slew many of the Orc Lords; Vaygrik and Varakath, Ildrigox and Gishnak, and even some Titans such as Garnok and Tarkov.

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