Grey Gelvani

….. The Grey-Gelvani are the children of Gelthena and Zarthandir. Zarthandir is the God of Magic and Reason, but he is not one of Gelthena’s children. Rather he is a mysterious god of elder ages. Some claim he IS magic, and others say he is simply a master of it and has hence risen to the power of a deity. Whoever he is, his children are the Grey-Gelvani, or Gray Elves. They are so named for their tendency to have dull silver hair and flesh tones. They pursue knowledge and have an incredible natural magical ability that exceeds that of all of the other bloodlines. Throughout the history of their society they have maintained a vast storehouse of knowledge that they keep well guarded but allow all Grey-Gelvani access to. This has made them a very isolated lot, and eventually led to them separating from the rest of Elven society.
The Gray Elves are slightly taller than the High Elves, but are even frailer. However, they are incredibly intelligent and just as agile as their brethren. They tend to view themselves to be above all mortal races and have even begun to see themselves as the superior Gelvani race. This pride has become part of their society and hence they find it hard to overcome this natural flaw and face others on a level ground.
The Grey-Gelvani have very pale skin tones that often are silver in sheen. Their eyes are usually strikingly bright in color and sometimes metallic in appearance, such as copper, bronze or gold. Usually their hair is silvery, white, gray or black. Some, however, have brilliant metallic colored manes. They tend to dress in lightweight robes over fine clothing. They prefer metallic, white, gray, and black robes with very fantastic stitching and trim. Those who are not spell casters, or are warriors as well, often wear very fine cloaks that depict their aristocratic station. Even the poorest of Gray Elves attempts to dress as if his is a nobleman in court.
They Grey-Gelvani used to live in Mirivia, but after the last great Orc War they left. Angered with the Que-Gelvani for teaching humans magic, they abandoned their city there and crossed the Sylvarin (a river) to enter a new forest they named Metyrnia. Here they established a few large cities, the greatest of which was Metanmyr. After the Shulrahar, the curse, all Gray Elves fled to Metanmyr where they reside till now. The rest of Metyrnia is still suffering under the Curse and is a very dangerous place.
Gray Elves sometimes live in traditional Tree Homes, or build independent towers in the forest, but the majority live within their cities. These cities are an amazing cross of gelvani craftsmanship and magical enchantments. Dozens of sky scraping towers mingle amongst beautiful but very well organized gardens. The towers are interlaced with long narrow crosswalks that can often rise hundreds of feet above the ground. Through the use of powerful magics they make the impossible happen, and some towers appear as if they should topple but never do. At the floor of the towers is a well planned interlacing of smooth stone walkways, squares, fountains, markets and numerous gardens. No tree is ever cut down to build a structure, instead the buildings or paths are built around them and accommodate their needs in their design. The gelvani homes are often simpler but similar. They live in small four or five story towers, or elaborate houses that are often hidden under the shadows of the trees. Some still too live in tree houses in the city. The cities used to be open to the world beyond, but since the Curse a great wall was built around Metanmyr to defend it. There is only one gate through and it is well guarded.
Though the Grey-Gelvani do have a Queen she does not truly rule them. Instead, The Council of the Queleshan Masters rule Metanmyr. Quel-Shamora, or High Magic, is the epitome of Elven Magic. It is the product of over a dozen millennia of research and record keeping being passed down through their people. They have true mastery of the magical energies of the world. It was once available to all elves, but after the Que-Gelvani gave the knowledge of magic to the humans the Queleshan Masters, who were all Grey-Gelvani, took the knowledge away from the other bloodlines and forced them never to practice or teach it again. Now only the Grey-Gelvani can become Queleshan.
The Grey-Gelvani are fairly confident in the defense of their cities, but not all of them practice magic exclusively. They have a standing militia of men and women trained since birth to wield gelvani swords and fire gelvani bows. They also have a strong order of Elven Knights, who serve the Queen and their generals ride upon ethereal steeds. They have a fairly large Suar-Lanyr order, who are usually better at their magical aspect then they are their fighter side.
Almost all of the Grey-Gelvani have at least studied magic and can cast a few cantrips. Their normal magical libraries are open to all of their kind.

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