To best understand the Gelvani you must understand our history. Though many other races have a longer history upon the mortal world, the Gelvani are the oldest of the races. Unfortunately when we were outcast from Arvanis we brought very little history with us of our time in that realm. What more, those who were outcast withheld much of what occurred from their own writings. All those who lived then are gone now, thus our early history is a great deal of supposition based on the writings of a few mindful scholars from that era and the stories that were passed down from that era. It was not until after the first Orog'Kahn that we Gelvani began keeping detailed records of our history. And so, let me tell you of what I know about the history of the Gelvani…

Our Origins

In the beginning Gelthena created her eternal realm of Arvanis, Sheliak filled it with light and warmth, and Reahnyn and Ilnysh filled it with life. The Que'vatha reveled there. Through the heart of the realm ran the Eternal Stream which flowed from the Spring of Life and from its banks arose the trees of life which were the seedlings of the Tree of Naeja. Aralyn sent their blossoms upon the wind, and they took hold and grew, and from them arose a great forest, vast, verdant and beautiful.
….. Ilnysh often traveled beyond Arvanis, to Aetheria and the Mortal World, and hunted there. It is said that once he hunted a great and dark warrior and battled him upon the Mortal World. He was terribly wounded in the fight and returning to Arvanis he fell upon the banks of the eternal stream. Gelthena came to him and washed his wounds in the divine waters, healing them, and as his blood mingled with the waters her power gave way to new life. From the stream awoke a people likened to Ilnysh in natural beauty, strength, agility and talent. They were gifted with an affinity for animals and nature, like their father. Gelthena dubbed them the Gel'Vani (her children) and deemed that Ilnysh should teach them how to use these talents. He taught them the secrets of nature and animals and how to live harmoniously with the world in which they were born. Thus were born the Seyl'Gelvani, first amongst the Nu'Valatha'Gelvani, from the blood of Ilnysh and the power of Gelthena, and they wandered through the forest of Arvanis and loved it greatly. They were few, though many compared to the Que'vatha.
….. When Fey-Kalyn came into Arvanis he was enamored by its lush forests, emerald fields and shimmering streams, and composed a beautiful song to celebrate its beauty and grandeur. As he sang the whole of Arvanis seemed to dance to his music. Gelthena's heart was lifted and she was filled with a great love for Fey-Kalyn as his voice rang out long and clear over the realm, and so she captured this song in the wind and blew it into the boughs of the great trees of life. Immediately they turned from verdant green to brilliant shades of gold, silver, copper and bronze and their leaves began to fall, spiraling through the wind until they struck the waters of the Eternal Stream which flows from the Spring of Life. Life burst forth from where the leaves had fallen and took the forms of men and women, likened to Fey-Kalyn in beauty, form, agility and talents. Gelthena deemed that Fey-Kalyn should teach them how to use their talents and so it was. He taught them a great love for art and music and they joined him in songs and dance, and built beautiful structures in honor of the gods. They lived in peace and harmony upon the shores of the stream of their birth and often encountered the Seyl'Gelvani whom they were so much like. So it was that the Que'Gelvani were born of the music of Fey-Kalyn and the power of Gelthena. They were few, though many compared to the Que'vatha, and they lived in Arvanis peacefully for a long time. Thus it was for many ages until the drey'gelvani were born.
….. It is said that when Kelamin saw the beauty and grandeur of Arvanis he cast off the shadow in which he was borne and chose to live amongst the other children of Gelthean. Kelamin, though, never lost his war-like ways and his temper often arose to violence. Hanrael of all his kin, provoked him most often, and as rivals they fought over many things. Gelthena at first ignored these scuffles, allowing the two masculine gods to work out their differences on their own. Until, that is, one battle led to disaster. As the two gods fought, Hanrael called upon the flames his mother gifted him, and Kelamin knocked the brand from his hand, sparking a fire. The flames struck virgin woods, which had seen many seasons of fallen leaves but never flame, and soon a vast forest fire swept over Arvanis. Gelthena called upon a great rain storm to quell the fire but the damage had been done. Vast stretches of forest were laid to ashen waste. In her sorrow she blew the ashes into the Eternal Stream and from the waters arose a people tall and strong, dark and haughty, like Kelamin whose violence had inspired their creation. She gifted them the burned lands so that they could work it and replenish its life, and so they did but the forest they created was darker possessed of a malevolent nature unlike the rest of Arvanis. So it was that the Drey'Gelvani were born of the ravages of war caused by Kelamin and the power of Gelthena. They were few, though many compared to the Que'vatha, and they lived within Arvanis but were always envious of the forests beyond their realm.
….. In this time came Zarthandir, the great shamoran, who filled the eternal sky with stars and showed Gelthena how they reflected in the Eternal Stream. So enamored with their beauty was Gelthena that she gave them life, and so were born a people brilliant and powerful, like the stars which they mirrored and thoughtful and creative, like Zarthandir whom they emulated. Thus it was that the Grey'Gelvani were born of the light of the stars of Zarthandir and the power of Gelthena. They were few, though many compared to the Que'vatha, and they lived within Arvanis. Unlike their brethren, though, they did not share a connection with the forest and Zarthandir taught them them many arcane secrets. They used their knowledge to build, and soon they had risen many beautiful towers of white stone as tall as any of the great trees. In most other ways they were much like their brethren and for a long time they lived in peace.

Nethril'Khan (The Shadow War)

….. We, the Sel'Valatha'Gelvani (or Sel'vatha for short) lived for untold ages in the eternal realm of Arvanis. Arvanis being a world designed for our needs and the residence of our creators (the Que'vatha), we lived in a nearly blissful state. It cannot be said, though, that it was a perfect paradise, for despite our host and home, we were then, as now, imperfect beings, subject to the faults and failures of all free willed races. Thus a time came when a division began to form between the Sel'Vatha. The tale of those times is vague, for it was passed through many generations before it was put down in writing, but following is what we believe to have occurred.
….. It has been told in our religion that Kelamin was given the duty of protector of Arvanis and he did so dutifully, standing guard over the gate of a mighty wall that held back the darkness of the forbidden forest. It was unknown to us then what lay beyond that wall, and most of our kind, though curious, would never question the que'vatha, for when pressed they would grow silent. Kelamin was ever watchful over the wall, as if awaiting some untold force that at anytime would fall upon his barricade and seek to destroy our realm. The Drey'Gelvani, his faithful followers, surrounded the gate and always seemed to prepare for war, though they knew not the threat, or at least that is what they have said. It came a time, then, that a stranger appeared at the gate, a tall and dark man who requested counsel with Gelthena, and she bade Kelamin to escort him to her hall. There the man entered and spoke with the que'vatha, though none of the sel'vatha knew the subject of their discourse. When he left, he returned swiftly to the gate, and returned to the forbidden forest. There after something changed amongst the fathers. Discord took root and Kelamin and Fey'Kalyn began to argue among themselves, though again we did not know the cause. Ilnysh took side with Fey Kalyn and then Zarthandir took side with Kelamin. The other que'vatha withheld their support for either case, whatever it was, but then Elghinn spoke and did so with eloquence, not just before the Colethene Que'Vatha, but before all the Gelvani. He said that the evil that resided within that forest could be tolerated no longer and the Gelvani must cast aside their fears and doubts and raise arms against the darkness beyond our gates. It then became clear to us that there was some enemy that willed us great harm within the forbidden forest and the source of conflict had been whether the denizens of Arvanis should answer its challenge or withhold and bolster our gates. Fey'Kalyn spoke against leading our peoples into a realm beyond our control to face an unknown foe. He encouraged us to fortify our gates and stand ready to battle the foe, for certainly if we were prudent and waited it would come to us. Ilnysh said only that he had faced this foe before and we should not underestimate his power. But, Zarthandir said that Ilnysh and Fey Kalyn knew only how to fight with their might, and that he had brought to them a new power since those dark days when first they faced this foe. He brought the knowledge of Shamora that could kindle a light in any darkness and would wash away the corruption from the forest beyond the wall. Kelamin, then, stood beside Elghinn and spoke proudly of honor and valour, and he spoke of kin long fallen to this ancient foe that had once sought to destroy all they loved, long before the 6th blood were born. He spoke of this foe with such hatred and intimacy that it was clear he knew very well who or what they faced and had long prepared for this war. His words stirred the hearts of all the Sel'vatha who became at that moment unified against this common foe. Gelthena then spoke and said it would be the 6th blood who must decide how to face this enemy, for it was they who would suffer the most if they went beyond the borders of her realm to face the darkness. So was called the first Colethene el'Gelvani(council of the Gelvani) and long they debated the merits of this war. As a one they agreed they must know what they faced and asked Gelthena to reveal this to them, but she would not and only said that they were not the first of the Gelvani to face this foe and that the gate was built to withhold the darkness because of the failure of their lost brethren. This only proved to encourage the Drey and Grey who now felt a cause of vengeance existed and committed themselves to the invasion with or without their brethren. The Que'Gelvani tried to speak against this ill advised plan, but seeing they could not sway the others they consented to join the battle, but only only as the rear guard so that they could assure a safe withdrawal if such a need arose. The Seyl'Gelvani debated the war longer than most, though, and in the end they refused to fight, saying that the wisdom of Ilnysh should not be ignored. The Grey'Gelvani grew angry with them, saying that they, the weakest, would fight but the Seyl, the strongest, cowered behind words. The Seyl, though, left the council and withdrew into the forest, refusing to take part in this battle, but promising to be there to aid them if the foe were to come upon the gate. So it was that the Grey'Gelvani grew to despise the Seyl'Gelvani. The 6th Blood spoke their will and Kelamin and Zarthandir prepared them for war. Fey Kalyn and Ilnysh withdrew, preparing for the defense of the realm.
….. Elghinn too prepared for this war, and it was he who stood at the head of the army that marched out of the gates of Arvanis, into a realm beyond the control of Gelthena. History does not record what happened within that dark realm. What is known is that the Que'Gelvani were first to return to the gates, followed swiftly by the Grey, but the Drey were long withheld. Eventually, though, Kelamin and Zarthandir appeared, leading a host far smaller than that which had gone in. Upon finding the hosts of the Que and Grey mostly intact the Drey'Gelvani flew into a rage and began accusing their brethren of abandoning them. They called them cowards, for when the battle first ensued and the sixth blood began to fall their kin fled, leaving the Drey alone in the darkness. Their anger threatened to turn to violence, but then Gelthena appeared in her majesty and ended the strife. She demanded then to know of Elghinn, and Kelamin revealed that they had encountered a portal through which the enemy flowed, and Elghinn had stayed back to hold that entrance so that the enemy could not pursue. Gelthena commanded that no one should follow her and she herself left Arvanis to seek out Elghinn. She returned with him not long after and commanded the gates be closed and Kelamin and the Drey retake their position as guardians.
….. Elghinn was severely wounded and seemed somehow lesser in power, and Gelthena spoke of his courage in re-securing the barrier she had long ago set over this portal to the realm of Shadow. She said he could not have held it longer, and that all the Gelvani owed him their gratitude for the sacrifice he had been willing to make. She had secured the barrier once again, but Elghinn, in his efforts to do so himself, had forever bound himself to that barrier. She said the threat was over for now. Then it was asked by Kelamin what would become of those of the 6th blood who had been lost in the battle. With sorrow she spoke of the power of the Shadow and how it would overcome her light in those who had been lost. Their souls would forever wander in the forbidden forest, still connected to Arvanis, but never able to return; mere phantoms of their former selves. Silence fell over the host of the Gelvani and many saw the folly of their actions. The Drey, though, were most grievous for their loss was the greatest, and without pause they began to curse the Que and Grey' for abandoning them. They claimed that victory could have been theirs if their brethren had not fled before the shadow. Gelthena silenced them, though, and bade that each should return to their domain within Arvanis and prepare themselves in case the foe should ever return.
….. The gate was closed and Kelamin and the Drey'Gelvani stood guardian again, but now they had grown a great deal of animosity towards the Que'Gelvani and Grey'Gelvani. The Que'Gelvani returned to their homeland, and began forging weapons far more powerful than any they had forged before. The Grey'Gelvani returned to their towers and began researching ways to destroy the Shadow, assuming it had some weakness. The Seyl'Gelvani remained where they resided and were always ever watchful but also ever mindful of the folly of their kin and that the other Gelvani ever acknowledged their wisdom.
….. Elghinn was then after a favorite of Gelthena, but he was also bound to the forbidden forest. So it was that she gave him dominion over that realm and he built a city at its heart, over the portal to the realm of Shadow, and all the lost souls of the Gelvani, gathered to him in his city which he named Neth'Noril.
….. The story of the Shadow, its origin, and the ancient brethren lost to it, was never again spoken of by the Que'vatha. They would only say that Gelthena forbids the story be told, for it brings her great sorrow, and that it is for the better of all that it be left untold.

The Betrayer and the First Outcast
….. Though the shadow did not return, for Elghinn and Gelthena were able to hold it back, it had already injured the Gelvani; for the seed of corruption had been planted and distrust grew amongst the Sel'vatha and war would soon would be sowed.
….. It has been said that the Drey'Gelvani felt betrayed by their brethren. Those who had lost ones close to them began to speak of vengeance, and as unjust as it may seem, the only place to turn their wrath was against their own kin. Some amongst them began to speak of striking the Que'Gelvani, whom they perceived as being the most to blame, for they had spoken against the war in the first place and had promised to hold the way home safe, but were first to retreat. However, the main host of the Drey' did not feel this way, but rather wished to once again invade the Shadow realm and defeat their foe for good. Thus they came to Kelamin and asked him to prepare them to once again invade the forbidden forest and destroy the Shadow. Kelamin himself had felt shame for their loss and was eager to exact his revenge against the Shadow. So it was to this end that he began to prepare them for war.
….. Even at this time many amongst the Que'Gelvani spoke of the folly of the war that their brethren had led them into. Some also had lost loved ones in the forbidden forest and blamed the Drey' for their foolishness. They claimed to have held the way home as long as they could, but the Drey' refused to withdraw. Still they feared the Drey' wanted vengeance against them for their losses and petitioned to Fey'Kalyn for protection. Fey'Kalyn went unseen amongst the Drey'Gelvani and saw them preparing for war and, hearing the voices of those who accused him and the Que' of betraying them, he began to believe it was so. Thus he warned the Que'Gelvani to prepare, for soon they may be attacked.
….. Among the Que'Gelvani was Vallis, a brave warrior who had fought vailiantly in the Nethril'Khan and was known to have held the longest in support of the Drey'. He counted as a close friend to him Keldarin, a Drey'Gelvani who had fought alongside him. Both warriors saw the vice of their brethren and feared that somehow the shadow was infiltrating their hearts. They gathered to them their closest brethren whom they trusted, and met in secret. They conceived of a plan to rid themselves of this corrupting force and hopefully save their people from a dreadful fate. Each went to the father of their peoples and presented a plan to send a small number of warriors into the Shadow to seek out the dark lord who had led the army against them. They believed that if they could put an end to his power then it would end the stryfe that had come between the Sel'Vatha. Both Fey'Kalyn and Kelamin agreed to this plan and together they armed their favored warriors with the greatest weapons they could forge. Zarthandir and Ilnysh came forth too, sending some of their bravest warriors and casting their own protections and powers upon this host.
….. So it was that a small host of the great warriors among the Sel'vatha entered the forbidden forest and approached the City of Twilight. There they petitioned Elghinn to open the portal for them and he did so, though he told them that he would only reopen it one more time to allow them back through, and so they should be together when they called upon him. Then Elghinn warned them that the Shadow corrupts even the purest and bravest heart and to be mindful of their emotions and reactions. The brave host then entered the realm of shadow.
….. The truth of what happened within is obscured to us. It is said that when the call came for Elghinn to open the portal he found the company warring amongst itself. They only broke from the conflict long enough to flee back into their realm, and would have renewed their battle if not for Elghinn intervening. Keldarin was amongst the Drey' who had returned, but Vallis was not. The Que' claimed that Keldarin and Vallis had been seperated from the rest of them and only Keldarin had returned. He would not await for Vallis before calling for the portal to be opened. The Que' had demanded to know what happened to their beloved brother, but Keldarin would not tell them, which had led to the fight. The Seyl' who were there admitted that they did not know why they had joined in the fight, as they saw no reason now why would have turned upon their brethren. Elghinn told them they had all fallen under the spell of the shadow.
….. Just then a darkness overcame them, and Elghinn told them the soul of Vallis was present. A shadowy phantasm appeared to them and it seemed to speak, but only Elghinn could understand its wails. Then Elghinn dismissed the spirit and escorted the host back to Arvanis, where they found the Que'vatha and their children waiting for them at the gates. Elghinn revelaed that their two great warriors had fallen to the curse of the shadow and turned upon each other. In the distrust that was wrought Keldarin had slain Vallis. He then left them.
….. The Que'gelvani were overwhelmed with anger and despair. Fey'Kalyn immediately confronted Keldarin, accusing him of using their solitude to exact his people's vengeance. Kelamin defended Keldarin, saying there was no such lust for vengeance in their hearts; but Fey'Kalyn revealed how he had walked unseen amongst them and heard the evil thoughts spoken aloud by the Drey'Gelvani. Kelamin was affronted by this trecherous show of distrust. He demanded Fey'Kalyn reveal what evidence he had of his murderous accusations. Fey'Kalyn then argued that for Keldarin to live he must have either left Vallis dead or dying, else he would have waited for him at the portal. Kelamin had no response, and Fey'Klayn turned upon Keldarin once again, and demanded to know why he remained silent, if not for the clutch of guilt upon his heart. But, Keldarin remained stoic and silent. Then Fey'Kalyn called upon Gelthena to come forth and place her judgement upon this gelvani. Gelthena then called the Que'valatha back to the Celothene, and to bring the accused with them. When Keldarin stood before their mother goddess he quaked in fear but a darkness was upon his countenance that none could understand. Gelthena told him that she could not see into the realm of shadow, but she could see into his heart and she would know if he was lying. She demanded he tell her, why he did not await Keldarin at the portal to Neth'Noril. Keldarin then spoke, and said it was because Vallis was already dead. Then Gelthena demanded to know how Vallis had died and Keldarin confessed that it was he who had killed him. Gelthena asked why he did this, but Keldarin could not find the words to explain himself. The queen then spoke her judgement, "You are guilty of murder, which is a mortal sin, and thus I cannot abide your existence here in Arvanis any longer. You are banished from this realm, and are to spend your years upon the mortal realm. You will find our world is a paradise compared to that in which you will reside. Only when I see in your heart repentence and forgiveness for this sin will I call you home." And so it was that Keldarin was cast out and thrown upon the mortal world where the Sel'vatha had never been.
….. The Drey'gelvani were thereafter filled with bitter anger, and there was ever arift between the two bloods. What more, the closest friends of Vallis and Keldarin became bitter enemies and soon their anger would turn to bloodshed on the fields of Arvanis.

U'Valatha'Kahn (The First Blood War)

….. Neither the Drey nor the Que forgot the terrible tragedy that occured when the first gelvani fell at the hands of another gelvani. One great hero was cursed to walk the mortal world in solitude, while another was forever cursed to a dreadful afterlife.
….. Kelamin had watched Keldarin's life upon the mortal world. When the lonesome warrior fell to death before finding absolution for his sin Kelamin went to Gelthena to ask her to forgive him and allow his soul to return to Arvanis. Fey'Kalyn, though, spoke against it, saying that Vallis had no such chance of peace despite being blameless and his soul was cursed forever. Gelthena told them her judgement had been final. Keldarin would not return to Arvanis, for she had seen that he must be an example to all those who would come after him. His damnation would be a reminder of what would come of those who could turn against their own kind. But, Kelamin did not hear her final words, for when she denied his request his heart had hardened against her and he went away with a torrent of rage in his chest. So it was that in the end neither hero would see Arvanis again and both now walk Neth-Noril as shades with all those others who died in the realm of shadow.
….. When Kelamin told the Drey' of what had happened to their famed hero, all mourned and all felt hope for peace was lost. The Drey'Gelvani prepared for war. Fey'Kalyn saw what transpired and knew their intent, and so he went to the Que'Gelvani and told them to prepare to defend themselves. When the Drey'Gelvani were prepared they marched out of their dark forest, abandoning their eternal post. The Que'Gelvani, learning the Drey had crossed into their domain, marched out to face them. The two armies stood facing each other across a vast field awaiting the call of the Que'vatha who led them. Then a cry for vengeance arose from the ranks, a spark that ignited a flame that would sunder Arvanis. Both sides charged forwards, each que'vatha believing the other had given the command. And so they set upon each other in a terrible battle that turned into a most unholy war upon the fields of Arvanis. Their rage was fueled by pain, loss and injustice; and much gelvani blood spilled upon the grass of the eternal realm. As the sel'vatha fell, they found their wounds began to heal, for they were in Arvanis where they could not die. Thus the war raged for a time unimaginable, until both sides were spent and the Fey'Kalyn and Kelamin werrily withdrew. The armies retreated to their own domains and never was victory declared by either side. Thus was waged the U'Valatha'Kahn; the first war of the blood.

Gelthena's Will

….. Gelthena had watched all of this with sorrow and her heart filled with a wrath only a mother can know for two warring sons, a wrath tamed by love. So it was that Gelthena called forth Fey'Kalyn and Kelamin and called all the Que'vatha to witness her decree. She warned them that should any sel'vatha thereafter seek the blood of one of their own, they would suffer Keldrahar or the Curse of Keldarin. And so it was that the two patriarchs commanded that their kith should never again seek vengeance for the sins of the past, though neither truly meant this in his heart.

Trelanyn and Lyssara

….. In the long age after the first blood war peace returned to the realm, but the Sel'vatha remained separated by their mistrust and misdeeds. The Drey'gelvani worked tirelessly to perfect the creation of weapons, discovering new alloys and powerful enchantments. The Que'gelvani lived in relative harmony, but the shadow of fear persisted and they constantly developed their defenses and secretly watched their brethren closely. The Grey'gelvani, as usually, remained cloistered in their great towers, delving the secrets of the universe to master the forms of shamora. Only the Seyl'gelvani lived in the way Gelthena intended, claiming all the forested realm as their home, befriending all the deities and living in balance with the natural order of Arvanis; yet, they too were wary of their brethren. For the embers of the past still burned beneath the fallen leaves of many seasons and the Seyl' could not foresee what events would stir them to flames.
….. In time it came to pass that Zarthandir became enamored with a Grey'gelvani who was keen in mind and fair in beauty, named Aldraenia. He so loved this Sel'vathan woman that he wished to gift her with a child, but when Gelthena created the 6th blood they had been denied the power to create life themselves. Thus Zarthandir went unto Aralyn and asked her for this gift. Touched by such love in so stoic a heart, Aralyn dipped her finger into the Spring of Life and brought forth a single drop, which she gave to the wizardly deity with strict instructions to place it upon the lips of his beloved. He did so and hence Aldraenia was gifted the power of procreation. A daughter was born of this love, as powerful and as fragile as the emotion that created her, and thus she was called Lyssara. She was beloved by all the Gelvani for she bore the divine gift within her and yet was as simple and true-hearted as any other sixth blood.
….. Lyssara grew quickly and was raised by the Grey' as a child of all, and so many were unto her as a father or mother. She grew to be tall and fairest of her people and there was a spirit in her that none had known before, that gave her a warmth of heart and kindness of soul. It is said that when she laughed Arvanis delighted. In the fullness of her life she was the most beautiful woman known, and so many men were moved to woo her.
….. Vanthalus, one of the most knowledgeable of the Grey, had been a close friend of Vallis and amongst his companions when he entered the Shadow. He was a great master of Shamora and close in the counsel of Zarthandir. Vanthalus had rare dealings with Lyssara as a youth, but as a woman he looked upon he beauty and became enamored with her. Thus, he began to court her, but Lyssara was unmoved by his attention, for he was formost a man of cool intellect and she saw into his soul and found him to be dark-hearted. So it was that she turned Vanthalus away, and though a few other Grey' wooed her she did not find one amongst for whom her heart delighted.
….. Then Aganoth, of the Drey, a brave warrior of the Nethril'Khan, came to Lysarra bragging of his past acts of heroism and future glories to be heaped upon him. And though his strength and masculine ways were fascinating to her he spoke rarely of passion and she knew that in his heart he could not truly love her, nor she he.
….. And too came Rowyll, a man of the Que, performing poetry and music that overflowed with words of love and passion, but she saw through his flowery facade and found him to have a fickle and inconstant heart. So it was that she lived for much of this age as one loved by all, but in many ways unique and alone among the Sel'vatha.
….. Then by chance came Trelanyn, of the Seyl'gelvani, hunting the green-stag of Loran; an impossible fare, for like the future this prey is always a step ahead of those who pursue it. In his pursuit he came upon Lyssara bathing in a pool by the moon-light. He did not see her, but she sang so fair a song that his heart was at once turned from the hunt and he found himself sitting in the reeds hypnotized by her voice. When she ceased, he was able to speak and called upon her, not knowing who she was. Though he was out of sight, Lyssara replied to his calls and they began to speak. They conversed for long hours until her father came looking for her. When Lyssara heard him calling she sprung to leave, and at this moment Trelanyn stepped from wood and they saw each other for the first time. Lyssara was shocked to see that her mysterious suitor was of the Seyl', but she could not quiet her feelings towards him. She asked Trelanyn to meet her here when next Loran crossed the meridian of the sky then she turned and fled. When Zarthandir came upon her she did not know that he had seen Trelanyn, and was troubled by his presence. He told her that she should not return here alone.
….. Now when the time came that Lyssara was to meet Trelanyn she remembered the words of her father and asked her mother to accompany her to the pool. So it was that Aldraenia came with her and there Lyssara confided in her of her secret rendezvous and though Aldraenia was concerned she swore to not reveal this to Zarthandir, though she warned her that he would likely know despite their secrecy. However, Loran is the protector of secret lovers and his will is greater than that of Zarthandir, and under his cover they were unseen by her father. As the moon of Loran crested the meridian Trelanyn appeared at the pool. Upon seeing this Seyl' appear Aldraenia stepped in front of her daughter protectingly, but Lyssara rounded her and told her mother that this was the man she was secretly meeting. Trelanyn was likewise wary, but Aldraenia knew she must keep her promise and confessed this to him. So it was that Trelanyn and Lyssara walked the Gardens of Aralyn together, speaking softly and sharing many wonders unknown to the other. They met many more times thereafter in secret rendezvous and their love blossomed like the night-blooms surrounding them. Despite their love neither had shared this secret with others, for both feared their brethren would not understand. Only Aldraenia knew, or so they thought.
….. Unknown to them, though, Vanthalus had long watched Lyssara with powerful shamora, and when his sight of her was masked her grew suspicious and went secretly to the Gardens of Aralyn and saw her there with Trelanyn. Jealousy filled his heart and turned his bright desire into a dark contempt. Thus, in his malice he conceived of a way to turn her against Trelanyn. Vanthalus knew of a powerful flower that had once bloomed deep in the forest. It was said these blossoms had sprung up where Aralyn's tears had fallen when she fled Adinion. Now that part of the forest was corrupted, and hidden behind the Wall of Kelamin, so Vanthalus called upon the only one he knew who could freely pass through its gate, Elghinn. Elghinn heard Vanthalus' call for help, and he answered, telling him to bring to the gate a decanter of water from the Spring of Life. When Vanthalus came to the gates he found Kelamin awaiting him. He said that Elghinn had requested the way be opened for only one, Vanthalus, who would be bringing him this gift. Once within the Forbidden Forest Vanthalus began searching for and eventually found this rare flower. He delivered to Elghinn the pitcher and the blossom, called a Tear of Aralyn, who in turn diffused its essence into a small vial. Elghinn instructed Vanthalus that this potion would create a love so powerful for one person that it would turn to hate any previous bond of love, but warned that whomever imbibed it would fall into such an amorous state for the very first person whose face was seen. Elghinn then promised to delay Trelanyn for him.
….. So it was that Vanthalus returned to Arvanis and went before the rise of Loran to the place where these lovers met. Trelanyn, who was always first to arrive, came into the Garden of Aralyn and much to his surprise saw the the green-stag of Loran quenching its thirst at the edge of a cool pond. Trelanyn, always the hunter, could not pass up this chance, and attempted to take aim, but the creature turned and ran, and he pursued. The stag seemed to vanish and reappear, and the light of Loran did not shine upon it as it had when last he saw this. Hence he was led far away from the place of rendezvous, before the deer faded into shadow and he realized it was only a phantasm. Thus had Elghinn deceived Trelanyn, giving time for Vanthalus to complete his deed.
…..  Vanthalus, awaited Lysarra at the Gardens of Aralyn, and using his wiles of Shamora took the visage of Trelanyn, so that she would not immediately know he was not her lover. When the two ladies arrived, Aldraenia quietly slipped off into the garden to give them their privacy. Lysarra immediately embraced him and they began to kiss, but suddenly she pulled away and looked into his eyes. She knew something was not right, and sensing that his time was short Vanthalus quickly offered her the drink. Lysarra hesitated, but Vanthalus told her of his love for her, and so strong was his conviction and so convincing the disguise that she doubted her own fears, and accepted the cup. It was in that moment that Aldraenia saw the true Trelanyn running toward her in the garden, and immediately she knew they were deceived. She cried out to her daughter, but it was too late. Lysarra's head began to swim as the evil potion took its effect. Immediately Vanthalus dropped his disguise and caught her in his arms as she began to fall. Looking up through her confusion Lysarra saw only Vanthalus and her heart broke into a thousand pieces. All the love she had ever had for any others -Trelanyn, her mother, her people, and even her father- died and turned her against them, as if they had wronged her in the worst possible way. The only part that remained became fixed upon Vanthalus, and a terrible love was born there in. In that moment Trelanyn broke into the clearing and found Lysarra in Vanthalus' arms. Thinking her in danger, he leaped twain them and drove Vanthalus back at the point of his spear. Lysarra cried out grabbing Trelanyn's dagger from his belt she drove it into his side. He cried out in agony, both of flesh and heart. Lysarra pulled away, backing up to Lysarra, and the look of hate upon her face sundered Trelanyn's heart. Aldraenia cried out to Lysarra to warn her that Vanthalus had somehow entranced her, but her own daughter spat back in bitter rage and said cruel words that tore her mother's heart. Vanthalus sneared, knowing well that the potion had worked, and he told Lysarra to come with him and they left the Gardens.
…..  Trelanyn wailed in sorrow, but Aldraenia came to his side and told him to not despair, and instead to turn his pain to action for her daughter loved him and not the wicked Vanthalus. She begged him to stop Vanthalus before he had defiled her daughter. Trelanyn's courage reawoke in that moment and, regaining his heart, he stood and looked to Loran. He called upon the Elder, who was supposed to have protected them, and pleaded for his help in ending the existence of Vanthalus which, he believed, was corrupted by the shadow and should dwell in Neth'Noril now and ever after. To his surprise Loran answered him by sending a beam of moon light before him, and in its silvery-green light hung the Bow of the Moon. Trelanyn took the bow and immediately pursued his foe.
…..  Vanthalus and Lysarra were not far outside the Gardens of Aralyn, just then passing over the bridge that spanned the River of Life, when Trelanyn caught up to them. He called out and Vanthalus turned to see him. Seizing the moment, Trelanyn let loose a silvery arrow that streaked through the night, but just before the it would strike home Lyssara leapt before Vanthalus, taking the arrow in his stead. Vanthalus and Trelanyn watched in horror as the woman they both loved fell into a heap upon the earth, struck down by the might of an Elder God gone awry by their own acts. The air froze, and lightning parted the darkness, reality seemed to warp and both men were thrust to the ground as Zarthandir appeared in his most regal and terrifying form. Towering above them as a mercurial being with the stars spiraling in his eyes he let loose his wrath upon them. Vanthalus vanished in a flash, but Trelanyn was thrust into the sky by invisible arms that nearly tore him assunder. Zarthandir stooped down and lifted the lifeless body of his daughter. She did not awaken as other Gelvani who had fallen in battle upon the realm. He carried her to the River of Life and set her at the river's edge, and when her blood mingled with the waters a new stream parted from the waters and carried the blood back into the forest. This is how the Lyssarin came to be. Reahnyn appeared before him in her billowy white gown and dark flowing locks. She only looked upon him with sorrow and her hand pointed towards the forbidden forest, and Neth'noril. He then understood that somehow this wound was final, and Lysarra's soul was bound to the city of twilight.
….. Aldraenia then came upon the scene and found Trelanyn hovering in the sky, writhing in agony, and then she saw her daughter laying motionless beside the shore and she collapsed in bitter sorrow, for never before had she known such pain. Zarthandir then came upon Trelanyn, intent upon suffering him a fate as equally horrible as his daughter's. He raised his hand to strike him down, lightning and fire peeling the air as it launched forth from his mighty palm, but in that moment Ilnysh appeared and the force of Zarthandir's blow was deflected away by the deity. Zarthandir uttered in rage at Ilnysh to stand aside, but the other Que'Valatha would not. Ilnysh warned Zarthandir that though he knew not the truth of what happened he would not abide the death of his own. Zarthandir, it is said, then arose as a great darkness filled with a power and energy beyond reckoning of mortal minds, and Ilnysh seeing this great show of power and being himself one of the first blood revealed his great strength and ferocious might that could quake fear into the heart of any man or beast. Thus it became apparent to Loran that there would be a great clash of divine might upon Arvanis, and knowing the destruction this would bring he set forth a might shield of protection upon Aldraenia and Trelanyn, that his being a greater power would save them. Loran, it is said, did this because he knew that he, in part, was his for the death of Lyssara.
….. The power of wrath of Zarthandir was great, and he let upon Ilnysh with a Quel'Shamora beyond anything seen before. It sundered the earth and split the skies, devastating all it struck, but Ilnysh himself is great in power and he survived. Ilnysh's struck with a primal attack, of teeth and fang, maw and claw, rending the very fabric of Zarthandir's being. And thus it proceeded, the two setting upon each other with incredible force, and so it may have proceeded for time immemorial if it had not been for the intervention of Gelthena. All this did Aldraenia witness and tell there after to those who kept account of such histories. When the two patriarchs had spent their wrath upon each other Gelthena stilled the earth, calmed the airs, and stilled the waters. She doused flame and thawed frost, mending wounds of the land, of claw and lightning alike. Trelanyn and Aldraenia she brought before the Celothene'Que'Valatha and bade them each in turn to relay what had occurred. So it was that the sorrowful tale of Lyssara and Trelanyn was told and Loran came down, who rarely appears before the Quevatha and told the truth of the matter and all knew it to be this way for Loran sees through all lies and illusions and knows all truths that occur under his moon. Thus he told how Elghinn had sent the shadow-wrought vision of the stag to Trelanyn, but he also told how he had created the great bow who's arrow pierced Lyssara's heart and for this he was deeply grieved and deep sorrow filled him. Gelthena then asked for counsel of the Quevatha as to who, if any, and how would punishment for this terrible act be dealt. Zarthandir spoke loud and full of mournful hate and demanded that Trelanyn suffer for his crime with his life, but Ilnysh spoke of Vanthalus' treachery, and the evil of his magics, and blamed it all upon the wickedness of the Grey and the greed they have for their knowledge of Shamora. The other Quevatha spoke and though many had words of wisdom, none seemed sufficient enough to both exact punishment and grant fair mercy, and in truth their hearts suffered so great from the loss of Lyssara that their own wisdom was diminished. So it was that Gelthena set judgment.
….. Vanthalus, whose crime was the greatest, had suffered a terrible punishment and none worse could be imagined for him. Though only Zarthandir knows the truth of what he did, Vanthalus' very soul vanished from Arvanis and never took shadow form in Neth'Noril. He simply ceased to exist.
…..Trelanyn, who's greatest folly was his carelessness and confidence, must also need be punished. Gelthena, therefore, bade that Trelanyn should be cast out of Arvanis, just as Keldarin had. He would walk the world eternally until she saw fit to call him home. Zarthandir, was enraged and cursed this a grave injustice for the death of his daughter. Gelthena, though, replied that Zarthandir had too long been allowed to manipulate the path of fate by means of his quel'shamora and so she commanded that the high art, the great method, Quel'Shamora, should never again be practiced or taught in Arvanis. So livid was Zarthandir that he stormed from the court. It is said he withdrew into the stars, becoming like the, and he was not seen in court again for many an age. Ilnysh was deeply sorrowful for the loss of Trelanyn, but resigned himself to accept the punishment without word.
….. When the established time was upon them, Ilnysh came to Trelanyn and brought him forth to the entrance to the Mortal World. Here was a great host of the Seyl'Gelvani and many of the other sixth blood and Que'Valatha awaiting him. They had finally began to understand the loss of Lyssara and what it meant to them. All were in deep mourning for both her death and his banishment, and it said that even to this day Aldraenia mourns and is thus called The Mournful Matron. Trelanyn though, stilled his fears and chilled his heart. He let go of anger and fear, allowing them to be the small voices in his heart only, and he allowed his sorrow be a bulwark to them, storing them away for another day. So it was that he courageously stood before the portal to Arvanis and turned to bade them all farewell. But, surprised was he, to find that a plenitude of his kin and even some Que and Drey stood with him. They so loved him and respected him that they accepted banishment with him and told him that someday they knew he would lead them back home. So it was that the first Gelvani left Arvanis to become denizens of the World of Naeja. It is believed they settled in various lands and still lay claim to that ancient lineage, though they say that the greater of them became a new kin to the animals which we now call the Keid.

The First City
….. After a great length of mourning Gelthena began to work to heal the wounds of her children. She bade the creation of a city within her realm, a great market with buildings and streets in which her peoples could live among each other in harmony. All the Gelvani were put to this task. The Grey laid out plans for nine tall towers to rise from the forest in a great crescent, facing the rise of the sun and moon. The Que planned amphitheatres, temples, shrines, gilded palaces, and elaborate bridges to cross the river, and walkways to cross between the towers. They Seyl planned gardens and orchards to be woven into the layout of the massive city, ponds and pools for fish, water falls and fountains, as well as glades for festivals and holy ceremonies. The Drey planned a grand arena for competitions and added defensive structures to the towers. They even planned a great wall around the city, but Gelthena would not allow it. So, Instead, they constructed a deep and broad moat with a long bridge to be retracted if ever the city were threatened. At the center of the towers Gelthena ordered the gelevani to work together to build a great palace for her and the Que'Vatha to reside in. Within the palace would be a great golden court court, and in the gardens before it would be a forest cathedral and a great public place to serve as a cultural, civil and social center of the city. For decades and well into Centuries the Gelvani worked in harmony to build their grand city. In time hundreds of towers and thousands of great tree homes were built about the city. It grew well beyond Gelthena's imaginings and the Sel'Vatha lived in peace. Together our peoples created art, music, fine crafts and a culture of acceptance among all the bloods. It seemed a utopian society, but within even this glorious home we continued to suffer from the wounds of our past.



Small Skirmishes continue to occur: Que vs. Drey, Seyl vs. Grey
This builds towards a War.
The second blood war, the War of the Four Bloods, occurs.
Gelthena begins more severe warnings.

Gelthena is enraged and ends the war by casting the 6th blood out of Arvanis.

Nu'Valatha'Kahn The Second Blood War


Gelthena then sent forth Reahnyn and Aralyn to bring peace to Arvanis. They came amongst the families first, preaching of Gelthena’s commands and how the war was unholy and brought darkness to their paradise. In time their word spread and many put down their weapons. It seemed the war may end, but, to spite Gelthena, Vilrithia came amongst them in disguise, and began spreading her lies. The foolish Sixth Blood believed her and the war was rekindled.
Gelthena finally took action herself. She called the gods before her and threatened to cast them out of Arvanis if they did not cease their battling. Yet, even this threat seemed to hold no sway over the warring brethren.
Thus Gelthena rose over the Sixth Blood and covered the skies with dark clouds and lightning. She shattered their weapons and threw them to the ground. Her voice resonated over the land and she proclaimed them banished. She cast them out of Arvanis and exiled them to a single island upon a dark sea in the Mortal Realm.
Gelthena sealed their fate with a final rote, “The Gelvani of the Sixth Blood will not return to the Paradise of Arvanis until they have found peace and for once and finally united the Four Blood Lines.”
So it was that the Gelvani were exiled from Arvanis, but this is not the end of their fall from grace. Once upon the Mortal World the Gelvani tried to form a society that would foster peace.

Nua'Valatha'Kahn (The Third Blood War)

….. One night, as Loran passed through the eternal heavens a shadow crossed over the moon. Darkness fell upon Arvanis and a host of drey'gelvani crossed the Eternal Stream and entered our forest. It is unclear if they had only intended to raid our fields, as they had done so many times before, or if violence was truly on their minds. Whatever the reason, their trespass quickly became bloodshed. A small company of our kin were in the fields observing the moon when the drey'gelvani raiders appeared. Both sides were armed, and an inevitable battle ensued. What we know now was that all foolishness before hand had been as children playing at games. The raids of the past had been the taunts of bullies and the fights that followed had left no one truly hurt and all sides running home safely, knowing they could play again the next day. This was very different though. Swords and spears clashed and blood was drawn. Limbs and eyes were ruined, bodies were crippled and terrible agony was suffered by many. The battle quickly fell into chaos and both sides desperately sought victory, no matter how bloody and terrible it became. When the drey'gelvani finally gave up to exhaustion and fled for home, the aftermath was truly measured. A great many on both sides suffered unrecoverable wounds. One man beloved among the que' had fallen to a terrible wound to the head and would not awake. He was not dead, as in Arvanis we cannot die, but his soul was trapped within a body that could not heal itself. Our people quickly ran to Reahnyn to seek her aid, but she refused. She told them that she would not heal a wound of anyone who had chosen violence and bloodshed. So it was that we built a great hall to place those so injured they could not recover, and they were tended to day and night in the hopes that some day Reahnyn would show them pitty. Gelthena was silent in her anger.
….. We que'gelvani thought this was the end of the raids and any future violence. The drey' had suffered as much as we did and had a heart of vengeance. They quickly formed an army and invaded our forest. We in turn retaliated and a terrible series of battles ensued. In time the grey' and seyl' were caught up in the battles of our people and thus began the first Valatha'Khan. There was no victor in these battles, though, as none could ever truly die. Quelanon and Kelamin eventually taught us how to mend the wounds of battle, though the most severe they could not relieve. With each drop of blood that fell upon the soil of Arvanis, Gelthena's wrath grew.
….. The end came swiftly. A priestess of reahnyn, attempting to flee a scene of a battle was caught in the fray and laid to the ground by a wound to her back. Thunder split the air and Gelthena appeared before all. Our weapons were shattered and the earth quelled beneath our feet, the trees threatening to fall upon us. In a voice like the howling wind she proclaimed us cursed. She claimed that we were a flawed creation, uncontrollable and virtueless. With a swift hand she cast us out, all, and we fell into darkness, fell through stars and sky, and when our vision was right we found ourselves here, upon the World of Naeja. And so Gelthena told us in no uncertain terms, if ever we wished to return to Arvanis we were put aside our ways of violence and find peace as a singular race. And thus we found ourselves here, in the World of Naeja.

Gelthena's Wrath

Thunder split the air and Gelthena appeared before all. Our weapons were shattered and the earth quelled beneath our feet, the trees threatening to fall upon us. In a voice like the howling wind she proclaimed us cursed. She claimed that we were a flawed creation, uncontrollable and virtueless. With a swift hand she cast us out, all, and we fell into darkness, fell through stars and sky, and when our vision was right we found ourselves here, upon the World of Naeja. And so Gelthena told us in no uncertain terms, if ever we wished to return to Arvanis we were put aside our ways of violence and find peace as a singular race. And thus we found ourselves here, in the World of Naeja.

The Sacred Island

A Disastrous Choice

The Sundering

A New Home

The People Divided

A Queen is Chosen

U'Orog'Kahn (The First Orog-Khan)

Na'Dragoni (Of Dragons)

Mirivia is Founded

Nu'Orog'Kahn (The Second Orog-Khan)

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