Que Gelvani

In the beginning Gelthena created her eternal realm of Arvanis and filled it with life, and the gods reveled there. Fey-Kalyn was enamored by its lush forests, emerald fields and shimmering streams, and composed a beautiful song to celebrate its beauty and grandeur. As he sang the whole of Arvanis seemed to dance to his music. Gelthena's heart was lifted and she was filled with a great love for Fey-Kalyn as his voice rang out long and clear over the realm, and so she captured this song in the wind and blew it into the boughs of the great trees of life. Immediately they turned from verdant green to brilliant shades of gold, silver, copper and bronze and their leaves began to fall, spiraling through the wind until they struck the waters of the Eternal Stream which flows from the Spring of Life. Life burst forth from where the leaves had fallen and took the forms of men and women, likened to Fey-Kalyn in beauty, form, agility and talents. They were Gel'Vani (her children) from on high. Hundreds emerged from the stream and Gelthena gifted them to Fey-Kalyn, explaining that unlike the gods these, her sixth'blood were born without divine knowledge, and he should decide who and what they would be. So it was that he taught them a great love for art and music and they joined him in songs and dance. He led them to develop a language and artistry, and to build homes and live in peace and harmony upon the shores of the stream of their birth. So it was that we were created by the all-mother and inspired by the music and will of Fey-Kalyn, and were were named the Que-Gelvani, for we came from on high, and were first amongst the Nu'Valatha'Gelvani.
…..We que'gelvani lived in Arvanis in peace for a long time and in this era another were created, the Seyl'Gelvani, who also came from the stream and were inspired by Inlysh. They lived with us in harmony, though they preferred to run wild in the woods and live without order or civility. Thus it was for many ages until the drey'gelvani were born. It is said that Kelamin and Hanrael were often rivals and fought over many things. In one of their battles a fire was sparked and it burned through much of the forest of Arvanis before Gelthena quelled it. In her sorrow she blew the ashes into the Eternal Stream and from the waters arose the Drey'Gelvani. She gifted them the burned lands so that they could work it and replenish its life, and so they did but the forest they created was darker and filled with the malevolence of the hate that had destroyed it originally. The drey'gelvani were fueled by this hate and coveted our beautiful verdant woods. Often they crossed the stream, and though Gelthena wished us to live in harmony, they would raid our homes and take what they wanted for themselves. We tried to disuade them from this course of action, but they would not be thwarted.
….. In this time came Zarthandir, the great shamoran, who filled the sky with stars and showed Gelthena how they reflected in the Eternal Stream. So enamored with their beauty was Gelthena that she gave them life, and so were born Grey'Gelvani. They were a thoughtful and creative people, like us, and began building elaborate towers of stone amidst the trees. They built many shrines to the gods and beautiful statues in honor of Gelthena. We found them to be much like us, and at first we lived in peace with them. We even helped them build many towers, which would rise nearly to the heights of the trees. However, their desire to create would soon overcame their love for the woodlands and they began clearing away the forest to build a great city. We attempted to dissuade them from their terrible course, knowing it would anger Gelthena, but they would not listen.
….. In time, the drey'gelvani befriended the grey'gelvani and convinced them to share their knowledge of building. This was a dark omen for us, as the drey'gelvani had continued to ignore Gelthena's desires for peace and raid our homes. We requested that the grey'gelvani not have dealings with the drey' but they would not listen to our wisdom. We did not know then, that the drey' had discovered caverns beneath the forest, that led under the great Tree of Naeja beyond the sight of Gelthena. It is believed that Vilrithia created these tunnels to secret her way in and out of Arvanis. It was in these caverns that they first discovered the metal ores that they gifted to Kelamin. The god should have realized what they were doing, for himself had used these passages, but he was blinded by his desire to create weapons of war. So it was that he taught the drey' to craft the first weapons created on Arvanis. They exchanged this knowledge with the grey' who then traded it with us, though we didn't understand the implications at the time.
….. When the Drey' learned that we had weapons ourselves they became fearful that we would retaliate against them for their prior transgressions. Tensions grew as both sides armed themselves and the Seyl' and Grey' found themselves caught between. All it would take was a single spark to light the fire of this conflict. It came far too soon.


….. Que-Gelvani are a small and frail people, but incredibly agile and graceful. They often have a pale, yet warm glow to their flesh and their eyes shimmer with bright or earthy colors. Their silken hair is often earth toned, silver or golden but shines brightly and seems to be naturally soft and full. Like all elves, they only have hair flowing from their heads and can never grow it anywhere else upon their bodies.


….. Que-Gelvani tend to live spread out throughout their forests. Their homes are often built into great trees of prodigious size and height; they use their natural connection to both nature and magic to manipulate the forests to their needs without harming them. Many high elf Houses do come together to form communities, however, and some have founded cities that are legendary. throughout Verosia. These are typically a collection of elegant tree-dwellings alongside majestic towers that rise out of the forest as if trees themselves. Long, narrow bridges span over vast gardens to interlink tower and tree-home alike. The Que-Gelvani take pride in making their communities as close a part of the forest as possible, and are renowned for the magic they use to make this happen, and their impossible architectural feats, as well. Greatest of these cities in Mirivia is Shey-Tishan, where the Quel-Thena resides.
….. Que-Gelvani, more so than all other elves, hold their matrilineal society in high honor. A deeply religious people, their matriarchal monarchy is directly linked to the divine order of their gods, where Gelthena rules as queen over all other deities. Thus, they would never conceive of a council to act as a check to their Quel-Thena, and have only once accepted a king—as a regent until their next queen was ready to rule. Though pious and respectful of all Gelvani deities (with the exception of some evil powers and certain Drey-Gelvani divinities), they are particularly devoted to Gelthena and, until his destruction, Fey-Kalin. The death of their progenitor deity at the hands of Kelamin Kahn, the progenitor of the Drey-Gelvani, is a primary reason for the enduring enmity between their two peoples.


The Que Gelvani are the most numerous of the Gelvani, and are by far the most open and outgoing of the Children of Gelthena. They celebrate life and their existence and long for the day they can rejoin their Great Mother in Arvanis. Where the Grey communities embrace their debates and the Drey are fond of their competitions, Que Gelvani communities are well known for their festivals and celebrations. With song and poem, the Que Gelvani embrace deeds of old, ideals of greatness and glories of past eras; all while pining to one day bring unity to their race. They are often passionate and driven, and their openness leads them to live lives of many dalliances. They are their father Fey-Kalin’s children, reveling in the forests, and caring deeply for art, music, and performance.

The Que are possibly the most curious of the Gelvani, and thus are the most likely ones to be found outside the Gelvani forests. Often as merchants they travel to nearby Duenemein and Duervar lands, benefiting from their brethren’s more isolationist tendencies. Due to this tendency, those who’d never meet a Grey, Drey, or Sylvani often think of the Que as ‘the stereotypical Gelvani’, though this isn’t always the case. The Que are more alike the other Gelvani than not, and can occasionally come across as xenophobic and ethnocentric when they do interact with other races if they aren’t careful.

Within their own realms, the Que Gelvani have a peaceful society. Given their long life spans and passion for all aspects of their lives, they often individually possess a smattering of different skills, such that they could all exist in completely self-reliant states. Interestingly enough, however, their collective family units prefer to exist in a more co-dependent state to provide for each the basic needs of existence. Due to this, the Que provide for each other to the extent that they are able to more or less maintain a barter system within their own lands. When they interact with other races – or even other Gelvani, though, sadly, they find that their idyllic views are only suited to their own kind.

Thanks to both geography and history, the Que Gelvani often find themselves standing between the Grey and Drey Gelvani in their long-standing rivalries. Many among the Que believe that the rift between their two cousins has led to their exile from Arvanis, and as such over the centuries this had led to a culture more likely to try to walk a fine line than instigate conflict between the Gelvani. Since the first of two wars between Mirivia and Shanothyr, though, the Que have been forced to have a less idealistic and more pragmatic view of their cousins and neighbors. It is the Que Gelvani nature to seek peace with their neighbors, but recent events have forced them to become more wary of anyone with whom they share a border. The peaceful race has endured over a century of war, and even in victory they find themselves surrounded by chaos.

Some these days hold bitterness towards the Drey Gelvani due to their divisiveness and the wars fought with their cousins, while others hold fast to the desire for the Gelvani to embrace unity more now than ever given the devastation of the wars have inflicted upon all of them and the chaos outside their collective borders. It remains to be seen what effects the collective wars will have on the Que Gelvani as a society, but they are what they are, and will hold true to their passions and ways until they one day bask in the forests of Arvanis once more.


….. Though generally a peaceful people, the Que-Gelvani understand they must defend the harmony they seek. Hence, all of their children are raised to learn the art of the sword and that of the bow. Que-Gelvani thus do not have a true army, but can call upon a very large and well-trained militia whenever the need arises. All the same, there are a few among them who have devoted their lives to the defense of their people and their realms. They typically join more-or-less independent groups, some of which have an affiliation to the Quel-Thena or a specific deity. One such group are the Suar-Lanyr, or Blade-Dancers, who combine their pursuit for martial supremacy with magical skill, all in the quest to uphold the Gelvani way of life.

….. Que-Gelvani prefer to dress in light flowing silken clothing, favoring whites or otherwise bright colors with gold and silver lacing. They greatly value taste and form in their attire.


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