Seyl Gelvani

….. The children of Gelthena and Ilnish are the Seyl-Gelvani, or Wild Elves. Ilnysh is the earth lord, master of the animals and the hunt. Hence, his children are passionate naturalists who shun any outside influence. They generally seek to live lives of solitude in their natural woodland homes. Though all Gelvani seek to live in tune with nature, only the Sylvana-Gelvani truly do. They detest all forms of civilization and see those who build elaborate cities and homes to be unwise and even evil.
The Seyl-Gelvani are very tall with naturally tan skin and wild flowing hair. They are very strong, but it is hidden as dense corded musculature. Their eyes range from many different shades of green, blue, brown and even metallic and their hair is usually red, blonde, or brown but changes dramatically with the seasons. They dress in the barest of clothing, often only fine cloth and fur garments that simply provide a little humility. When traveling outside of their culture, which is very rare, they will dress in dark green and brown leathers, and gelvani fashioned cloaks and boots. Their most distinguishing characteristic is their affinity for body art. They usually have totemic patterns tattooed upon their flesh. Some are temporary, usually henna, but many are permanent. During hunts, or even war, they will cover their features with natural paints that invoke the powers of the animal lords and the spirits of nature. Some say it is from this totemic body art that the Dark Elven art of Magic Marking was borne.
The Seyl-Gelvani live throughout all of the gelvani forests. Mirivia, Shanothyr, and even Metanmyr. They also dominate a great forest in Old Camus known as Seylvanmyr. Here they have focused their culture around the greatest and oldest tree known to exist, named Myranith, or the Tree of Life. They live in small tribal communities that have a matriarchal spiritual leader. These priestesses worship a variety of deities, but they always pay greatest homage to Ilnysh, their Paternal Deity. They also recognize the Animal Lords who serve their father and represent the spirits of the animals.
The Seyl-Gelvani avoid contact with outsiders and only rarely enter war. When they do it is always to defend their homeland. They never seek out battle. However, they are great hunters and thus teach their young from an early age how to master gelvani bows and hunt with long spears. They take only what they need from the forest and hence rarely use metal weapons. Bone, wood, stone and hide are their components for craftsmanship, but like all elves they create wonderful artwork from these tools.
Wizardry is not part of Wild Elven society. There are occasional sorcerers, but they are few and far between. Instead they tend to follow a more Druidic concept, which may be influenced by or have influence human society in Old Camus. This is the only tie they have with human society and it is only rarely acknowledged

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