Gnomes are a race of humanoids with Fey blood, very short in stature with rather exaggerated facial features. They often have tall hairy pointed ears and very large noses, with thick bushy eyebrows and broad oval orbs. Their hair colors match the natural world that surrounds them, and if they stay in one place for many years it will often change to its new environment. Tones of bright reds and gold for fields of wild henna and wheat; auburns and woody browns for thick deciduous forests; pine dark greens, spruce blue, and ashen gray for evergreen forests; obsidian black, stone gray, and earthy browns for the mountains; and even pale blonde and snowy white for the snowy tundra of the northlands. Their eyes are brilliant, like the stones they prize so much. Sapphire, emerald, ruby and garnet are common colors to surround their wide pupils. Their vision under-earth is as good as it is above ground, both at day and night.
Unfortunately as Gnomes age, their hair fades to charcoal gray and stark white. Their skin wrinkles and pales, and they truly appear as mortal as all races of the World of Naeja.


After the Age of Ice, when the Duervar were hidden in their mountain halls and the Titans defeated, the world of Naeja was a cold and lonely place. However, in the Eternal Realms there was a place of joy and music, where nature ran wild in the forests and fields and streams of spring water flowed down from tall beautiful mountains, into sparkling lakes. This was Adinion. Here Naeja had created her first races, that she had once dreamed would run free in the Mortal World, the Fey.
To first rule Adinion, Naeja had created a King and Queen. King Orwyn was brother of Magmodin and equally attuned to the earth, though less stocky and more fascinated by the beauty of natural things than those crafted by hands. Queen Aralyn was the first of the Gelvani divinities, the children of Gelthena and Loran, and most beautiful of them all. She was gifted with control over natural life cycles of all things that grow. Now Orwyn and Aralyn loved each other dearly and together they had three beautiful daughters. The triplets were named Anwyn, Brynlyn and Morwyn. Each was given a gift, dominion over a part of this beautiful world. Anwyn was made the Queen of the Forests and Fields, Bryn was made the Queen of the Lakes and Streams, and Morwyn was made the Queen of the Winds and Skies.
Orwyn and Aralyn also parented many other lesser beings, called the Fey. The three Sisters each took mates from among the Fey and from them the many races of the Fey were born. The Fey are an eternal race of faerie folk, and they filled the world with their laughter, beauty and magic.

The Force of Corruption, who would come to be known as The Nameless One, created a false-gem to trick Morwyn. The Duervar, of the Mountain realm of Visvaduum, came upon this realm, and they mined the riches of the deep. They found in the depths of Adinion this beautiful Dark Diamond. It corrupted them; however, and turned them into the Duergar. They thought to offer the gem as a gift to Anwyn, who they thought beautiful, but her sister Morwyn met them first and in greed insisted that she take the Gem. The Queen of Winds and Skies took the gem but its beauty was only an illusion and by accepting the gift it corrupted her soul. She became the Queen of Winds and Darkness and spread a terrible corrupting night over the realm. Many of the Fey became corrupted and served her. Queen Anwyn came to her mother, Naeja, seeking help.
Naeja sent Sheliak, daughter of Gelthena, to the Mortal World to bring an end to the Age of Ice. Thus the Orb of Sheliak was set in the skies and its fires melted the glaciers, and they receded into the far north. Naeja then sent Anwyn and Bryn, and all the uncorrupted Fey through the Great Gate, and allowed them to escape Adinion. Morwyn was trapped in Adinion, but before she was lost she shattered the gem and sent it in shards with many corrupted Fey who also snuck through the portal. In this way she could lead them to reunite the Shards of Darkness and give her equal power over her sisters in the Mortal Realm. Thus began the Age of Dreaming, when the magic of the Fey brought fantastical things into the world, but so too did the corrupted Fey bring many terrible things.
Gnome blood runs with the wild nature of the Fey who fled from their ancient realm of Adinion long ago. They are keenly magical beings, and have a great curiosity. However, they have very little interest in building great civilizations or even living in great numbers. There are very few Gnomish Cities in the world, as most of them live upon their own at great distances from each other. Gnomes are well known for their love all things natural and magical.


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