Hobgoblins are believed to be a corrupted race of humans from many eons ago. Even their own mythoi say that they were not originally as great and powerful as they are now. These humans once lived in nomadic tribal societies across the northern tundra of Verosia. When the Ogres came and their kings established Kingdoms these humans were hunted for sport. They gathered into an army and tried to fight back the Ogrek but they were no match for these corrupted giants. Over many years they were driven back to the Cauldera where it seemed they would literally be forced over the edge if they were assaulted again. Their shamanistic beliefs in animal totems and the power of ancestors offered them no true power to defend themselves from such an army. It was then that the Nameless One took root in their civilization and began to arise in them a hatred for the weak and cowardly amongst them, blaming them for the loss of their wars. It did not take long for these humans to turn upon their ancient beliefs. The cult in their midst grew and grew until it finally encompassed almost all of them. It was then that the Nameless One offered forth a gift that could not be refused. If they would drink from the blood of their own fallen comrades in battle then he would take from them all those features they considered loath and vile. And so it was that after their next great battle they poured the blood of their own fallen into chalices and sent them around to their people, and the blood never seemed to go dry as all were poisoned by this vile concoction. It was then that that the nameless one’s true intent came to light. The humans were stricken with pain and suffering as their bodies, souls and minds were split in twain. From them were born two races, The Goblins, being the embodiment of all that is wretched, weak, and cowardly from the humans; and the Hobgoblins, meaning not weak but instead embodying all those who are tall, strong, and courageous. The Hobgoblins quickly took control over the goblins and established their own militaristic society. Goblins and Hobgoblins are both terribly ugly.
Hobgoblins are near seven feet tall with dark fur covering their bodies and, feral features, sharp claws, and mouths full of jagged teeth. They have become great warriors and master weapon smiths. In battle no other race is as skilled or cruel as they. They enjoy warfare to all ends and have driven back the Ogres who oppressed them. The Cauldera they have turned into their own kingdom. It is now rittled with their mines and their fortresses line the edges of its cliffs. They take slaves from all over the surrounding areas to work for them. Hobgoblins have two faults. First, they are skilled at very little else than combat and warfare. This means they have to be dependent upon slaves to perform most of their “menial” work. To this end the Goblins serve them well. They cook for the Hobgoblins, mine their tunnels, and craft all forms of basic items for them. Hobgoblins also often have humans, orcs, bamorians and even some ogres as slaves. The second fault of Hobgoblins is in their lust for battle. Hobgoblins are so dependent upon their need to fight, that they cannot usually join forces against a common foe. For most of their existence they have lived in Tribes battling each other for land and slaves. When another hobgoblin tribe captures a Hobgoblin, he is branded and becomes a loyal member of that tribe. Until recently this has prevented the Hobgoblins from expanding much beyond their land in the Cauldera, but not long ago an alliance of tribes was formed. They were called the Dur-Kurmerak-Varge, or Thirteen Bloody Blades. Thirteen of the greatest clans allied together and marched upon the Kingdom of Rona. Though they were defeated in the end, they almost conquered the greatest human kingdom to exist. This expresses how powerful they truly can be when united.
Goblins are quite the opposite of the Hobgoblins. They are very short, with gray and green skin tones. They usually have very little to no hair, stubby fingers, and a more human visage. However, they are twisted and deranged in appearance. They usually have extreme features, such as very long noses, broad heads, huge chins, giant eyes and other gross deformities. Goblins are easy to recognize despite how different they often look. Goblins are terrible in combat, though they often try. They are weak, cowardly, and treacherous. However, they have come to learn from their faults. They work in huge groups, lurk and hide in the darkness and ambush their prey. They are quick to know when they are out matched and will thus run at first signs that they can’t win. Surprisingly they are very skilled domestically. They craft all forms of pottery, tools and miscellaneous objects. They usually serve other races, mostly hobgoblins. Many have fled their homeland and spread across the world. When they can, they gather in large groups, using numbers to spread chaos upon their neighbors.
It is said the human race that the Hobgoblins and Goblins were born from still exist in the mountains west and north of the Ogre Kingdoms. They are shamanistic and war like people, but human. Because of their ancestry, goblins and hobgoblins can breed with humans. Their offspring are infertile but can be great warriors and rogues.

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