Golden Guitarra

GOLDEN GUITARRA (wondrous magical item)
Aura: powerful transmutation CL: 15th
Slot: - ; Price: 8,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


A Golden Guitarra, also called a Gelvani Gittern or Citern of the Sun, is a beautifully crafted four stringed instrument. It is the epitome of the craftsmanship of elven luthiers, who will often spend a decade or more on crafting a single such instrument. The box and neck are carved from a single cut of a rare golden-maple found only in the depths of the elven forests, where the luthiers cultivate the trees and age the wood for years at the bottom of ponds. Having the body carved of one piece allows for perfect resonance within the instrument. The top is carved from a single piece of quarter-sawn cedar with traditional cross and bass bracing. The finger board is walnut, the pegbox is golden-maple, and the bridge and nut are carved of ebony. The rose is a golden-circle design using mystic numbers and astrological symbols and is also cut from golden-maple. The face and inlays are of dragon horn and ivory, as are the frets and a matching plectra (pick). The whole instrument is shellacked and then varnished in a dark oil rosin, giving it a deep amber glow. The strings are made of dragon-gut, cut to perfect length and spaced exactly to allow precise vibrations. The instrument is perfect and embodies the mysteries elven music. Once a Golden Guitarra is tuned it will hold that tune unless damaged.

Such instruments have unique magical abilities bestowed upon them by the sorceries of the elven luthiers. Aside from being incredibly difficult to damage (+5 to all saves, and damage resistance 5/magic), they enhance the power of any bard performing with the instrument (+5 effective character level for all bardic abilities while playing this instrument). What more such instruments are often enchanted with more unique abilities that differentiate them from other more simple magical instruments. The powers of such instruments are based upon the golden-circle design used in the rose of the instrument. There are seven such types:

Each circle is designed to have a single unified function, and has five abilities related to that:
1- A minor spell-like function that occurs every round the instrument is played.
2- A Bardic Ability that relates to the primary function.
3- A moderate spell-like function that can be performed 3/day
4- A moderate spell-like function that can be peformed 1/day
5- An magical ability or spell-like function that can be performed 1/week

Traveler's Circle:
The powers of the guittarra are designed to enhance the musician's ability to travel abroad and interact with other cultures.
1-Tongues (3rd): While playing the guitara, the performer can be understood by anyone, even if they don't speak his language.
2-Traveler's Restful Tune: Being on the road takes its toll on any traveler. A bard using this Bardic Ability can increase the effectiveness of rest. The bard performs a gentle song to put he and his companions to sleep. Thereafter each full hour of uinterrupted rest is doubled in effectiveness. Wounds heal more quickly, and it only takes 4 hours of such time to recover lost spell energy.
3-Summon Steed (Animal Summoning 2): By playing a quick tune on the instrument, the musician can call a horse from anywhere within five miles. The steed will arive in 2d4 minutes. After 8 hours the horse, if it so wishes, may then leave the musician's service. This may be performed 3/day.
4-Local Lore Master (Locate Creature -4th): Traveling Bards rarely know the local legends of the places they travel. Therefore they often seek out those who have such knowledge when they come to a new place. By performing a wordless ballad for ten minutes, the Bard is able to detect the location of the closest person most knowledged in local lore. Ths may be performed 1/day.

Abjurers Circle: The powers of the guitarra are designed to protect the musician and his allies.
1-Musical Sphere of Protection: While playing the guitarra, the musician is surrounded by a ten foot radius of sonic protection granting anyone within it a +2 deflection bonus to AC and saves against ranged attacks.
Remove Curse (4th)
3-Break Enchantment (5th)
4-Repulsion (6th)
5-Spell-Turning (7th)

Enchanters Circle: The powers of the guitarra are designed to encharm and ensorciel the listeners.
1-Daze Monster
3-Heroism, Greater
4-Hold-Person, Mass

Dread Enchanters Circle: The powers of the guitarra are designed to bewitch and befoul the listeners.
1-Touch of Idiocy
3-Suggestion, mass

Illusionists Circle:
4-Invisibility, Mass

Aracanologists Circle:
3-Mage's Lucubration
4-Ethereal Jaunt

Naturalists Circle:
3-Control Water
4-Control Weather


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, polymorph any object; Cost 8,000 gp

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