(Epic Weapon)

A mithril blade of surpassing beauty and elegance, Heartward’s pommel is in the shape of a statuette of Kalthanan’s consort, Keleen. The hilt-guard features exquisitely etched knot-work and sweeps back to protect the bearer’s hand. The base of the blade features a small ruby heart over an emerald Emerwood tree flanked by diamonds.

Heartward is a +6 eol'lanyr (longsword) with the properties of a Speed Weapon and a Parrying Blade. It adds a +1 Insight Bonus to one’s Armor Class and saving throws.

Lore: Heartward is a Gelvani blade of unknown origins. It was recovered by Kalthanan from the foul Kravix, a Barukar champion who had dedicated his life to the slaughter of elves. What has been discovered about indicates that it was forged using epic magics, perhaps the Quel-Shamora of the Metanmyrian Grey-Gelvani.

Cost to Create:

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