Power: GG
Alignment: LN
Pantheons: Gods of Mortality, Deities of Nature
Titles: Goddess of Death
Portfolio: Death and Fate
Symbol: Green Skeletal Hand
Constellation: The Hand of Hedaera, a ominous green nebula vaguely in the shape of a skeletal hand.
Description: Hedaera is the Goddess of Fate and Death. Aminus created Hedaera as the embodiment of mortal fate and assigned her the duty of bringing Mortal Souls into the Eternal Realms.As goddess of Death she oversees the collection of all dead souls from the Mortal Realm and escorts them through the Eternal Gate into the Eternal Realms. All mortals souls must die and thus she exists in all pantheons, even if the worshipers of that faith are unaware of her. She is also the power of fate, the predetermined end of all life. She is the force of fate and as such she enforces death upon the world. If someone manages to escape their fate, she hunts them down to brand their soul. Once they are branded they become marked men. Hedaera rewards those who bring the marked soul to death, by offering them additional life of their own.
Appearance: Hedaera is often depicted as a tall stark woman with flowing black hair in a long flowing ashen gray gown, Her eyes as red as fire, and to look into her gaze is death. Her hair seems to writhe of its own accord, and sometimes she is depicted as having snakes winding from her locks down and around her body. Her right hand is always skeletal and weathed in an ominous green myst. Occassionally she is depicted wearing black armor and bearing a cruelly serrated sword. Other times she is depicted in a great black cloak, sitting by the River of Fate with a dipper, drawing out those who have met the end of their lives.
Personality: Hedaera is focused entirely on her one task, assuring that those who are supposed to die meet their fate. After branding them she will send minnions out hunting them constantly. She sees most magic that raises someone from the dead as a blasphemy and immediately marks such souls. Only the bearer of the Gift of Life, that is Reahnyn, should bring the living back to life without such a mark. Though she often seems cold and mechanical, Hedaera's passion is for her work, and she is often enraged by those who escape her grasp more than once. The only thing Hedaera hates more than those who escape death, are those who return to the mortal world by other means, namely the undead.
History/Relationships: Hedaera is the sister of Isati, the Goddess of Destiny, and Woryk, God of Fre Will.
Powers: As Goddess of Death, Hedaera could kill any mortal anytime she wanted to. In fact, it is said that to look into her eyes will kill any mortal being. However, she is forbidden to intervene on behalf of fate, and thus she is forbidden to kill anyone willfully. Being a creature of the universal laws, she does as commanded. Instead, she allows each mortal to meet their own fate as Isati intended. Whenever someone escapes death she marks their soul and sends her minnions after them. These minnions are not so forbidden and thus serve her cause. She can reward anyone an extension to life, that is, delay death. She does so for her minnions, granting them extra time upon the Mortal Realm for each marked soul they bring her.
Children: none

After life: Any. Hedaera does not concern herself with what sort of afterlife the souls she collects will reside in, if any at all. Her duty is to collect those souls, not care for them beyond death. She only concerns herself if they return to the living beyond the normal means (reincarnation, etc…).

Servitors: Hedaera seeks out single minded, murderous warriors, who will take pleasure in serving her needs. She grants them the power to see the mark of death on the souls of those she wants hunted, and they each learn to track the subtle signs of those who have escaped death. She calls these minions the Heralds of Death, for upon meeting one, a marked soul immediately knows that meeting her is what follows. The number of Heralds varies regularly. They can die, but she grants them a great resistance to death by normal means, and she extends their life by about a decade for each marked soul they claim. All Heralds of Death are considered Quasi-Deities.
Heralds of Death:
Jalom, the Murderer
Serrat, the Assassin
Torlok, the Executioner

Worshipers: There are those who find the fate of death alluring. They believe that Death is a necessity of life, and something that shouldn't be feared. What more there are those who revere Hedaera as part of their pantheon of Gods, and call upon her when desiring the death of another or to be saved from death.
Worshiper's Ability: When prayed to, Hedaera may grant one of these benefits.
1/Round Ability: +4 save vs. any effect that causes instant death (not just by hit point damage, but by description of effect).
1/Day Ability: Death Knell, as per the spell.

Priests: Of those who worship the force of death, there are the few who are fanatics. They revel in death, and some even want everyone to die. These "Minnions of Death" will go out of their way to assure anyone or even everyone meets their fate and cannot escape death.
Spell Domains: Death, Law
Favored Weapons: Poison
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, LE
Dogma: "Death is the answer, the final solution, the key to transformation and transition into the Eternal Realms. We must all succomb to our Fate. Those who think they have escaped her grasp are only delaying the inevitable."
Clergy and Temples: Priests of death often set up small shrines and occassionally a moderately sized temple to the Goddess. They don't gather many followers, but it isn't uncommon for the local people to come to the temple in times of famine, disease or war, to beg the goddess to spare them and their loved ones.


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