Hojun Tavall

Desert people
Horsemen, related to Moarik and ancient desert peoples
have a distinctively slavic/middle-eastern feel
Based on Turkoman marauding tribesmen
(no real relation to Mikanians)

These people put very little stock into religion.
They worship the desert as a living thing, and hence have shamans and druids amongst them who serve to commune with the desert.
They believe that the forces of nature are powers, but don't give them humanistic forms and names: The Sun, The Sky, The Moon, The Desert, The Mountains, The Wind.

Don't believe in an after life, instead believe they are simply reincarnated.
However, they believe that some can become powerful enough to never die, and hence can continue to grow in power. This is what they think the gods, dragons and titans must all be; simply mortals that lived a very long time and are so powerful it is nearly impossible to kill them.

Cultural Points:
Nomads traveling the desert borderlands.
Their men spend almost all their time on horseback. They are marauders and raiders, attacking travelers and villages. Rarely go much further out than the savanna's, but do go in towards Kal-Mikan a lot.
Ruled by the Khani of their people, a name for King they share with other desert races.
Invented composite recurve bows to fire from horseback.
Put a great deal of value in horses, but little to none in coin. Use trade as means of currency.
Barbarians and shamans are common amongst them.
They prize steel, a metal they have no ability to forge (no permanent settlements).
They eat a lot of animals of the deserts most shy away from (scorpions, lizards, beetles, snakes, etc…)
Believe the strong should rule.
Have a few big cultural secrets they hold close. Won't detail those yet.
Some Keid live amongst them.

Social Classes:
Only one social class. All are part of it, even the Khani of each tribe isn't really above the others, just has more authority and more responsibilities.

The strong rule.
The Khani rules because he is strongest, bravest and most skilled. His son inherits the title but anyone can challenge for it.
Khani of each tribe set the laws.
Only formal laws are dealings between tribes, which promote fairness and caution.


Allies: Some Moarik southern tribes. Keldravar Duervar. Sand Giants.


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