One of the most trusted men among the Agema Scholai. It is a Hypaspist's duty and honor to stand closest to his Primus, and act as his final defense.

The term originates in far-antiquity, during an era when the various warlords, potentates, and champions of ancient Parthus rode into battle on formidable chariots. These warriors would fight be hurling spears or shooting arrows at their foes, until such a time as they might need to dismount and enter the melee. While they were on their chariot, though, they relied on their most trusted man - the Hypaspist - to hold their shield and protect them from any enemy missiles.

Today, Hypaspists are the only men in a Citadel other than the Primus who are afforded the privilege of wearing purple as part of their dress or armor. This is to signify that they are, in fact, an extension of the Primus' person, since they are charged to stop mortal blows with their own bodies. They wear the finest armor their Citadel can provide (or that they might have acquired during their career), and wear helmets with face-masks stamped with the Primus' own likeness.

Though Hypaspists are bodyguards first and foremost, they are also formidable warriors, veterans of many conflicts, and experienced members of the court itself. Their martial prowess is thus coupled with cunning and political acumen, and as a result they often serve as close confidants and advisors to the Primus - within the boundaries of decorum and privacy, of course.

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