The Grand Reveler, the Bold Harp

Symbol: A garland of flowers and wine grapes
Home Plane:
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Music, festivals, wine, revelry
Worshippers: Musicians, revelers, vintners,
Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, NG
Domains: Community, Luck, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Sickle

Ilex (EE-lex) is the son of Kionanthus and Myrrha. He is the patron of Parthan musicians, and a lover of revelry and festivals. In this, he has never exactly been his father’s son. In fact, Ilex has always been something of a rebel. Though he is as bright and benevolent as his lineage would indicate, Ilex has never been one to walk the line drawn by others.
It is said that when Ilex came of age, he saw the world his mortal worshippers lived in, and despaired. Determined to bring joy to the Parthans, he left the heavens to walk the world. He found the people were consumed with the ideals of law and martial discipline, and had neglected the other parts of their lives.
One day, on a long-forgotten year, Ilex arrived at the countryside of ancient Galos and used his divine touch to plant the most perfect grapes man had ever seen. As the Galeans and Parthans from other communities gathered about his fields, he turned this perfect crop into wine the likes of which no one had ever tasted. A great feast began, followed by much music, drinking, and cavorting. The night set and the sun rose again, but still Ilex and his guests, who now could not be easily counted, continued in their revelry unabated. The merry-makers lifted Ilex and his throne on their shoulders, and began what is known in legend as “The Triumph of Ilex”. For a full moon, thousands of Parthans carried the god throughout the countryside and the wilderness, their music never stopping and their wine always flowing. They ceased their march only when arriving in other communities, whereupon more men and women would join them.
At long last, Memnos took note of what was happening, and he was very angered at the son of Kionanthus. Salix intercepted him, though, and attempted to assuage him by pointing out that he only wished to do good by the Primus’ children. Hathonae aided her in this by whispering soothing words in Memnos’ ear, as she admired the lad’s impetuous nature. His anger, abated, Memnos decided that Ilex’s gift was better harnessed than done away with altogether. He declared that Ilex’s releases of the spirit would be tolerated, but only during celebrations and festivals ordained by his Order.
And so it has been since: the Parthans maintain their iron discipline day by day, but on those days and nights that are holy to Ilex, they are free to run with the Grand Reveler.
Ilex appears as a handsome young man with sun-darkened skin, and hair and eyes as black as the richest earth. He wears a loose robes of wine-red color that leave most of his torso revealed, and a crown of flowers, laurel leaves, and grapes. He carries with him a wineskin that never empties and a harp that plays the sweetest sounds in the world.
Ilex is prayed to at virtually every festival, celebrations of all sorts, and is frequently mentioned even at informal toasts of wine. He is among the most beloved of Parthan deities, with only the most disciplined and introspective people refusing to share in his joys and revels.

History/Relationships: Ilex spends little time with the other gods, save for Tharos, Markus, Jaena, and his sister, Ellataria. He simply does not see much in trying to induce war-gods and philosophers to try to enjoy their existence more.

Dogma: Revel in today, bury yesterday’s sorrows, and worry about tomorrow when it comes.

Clergy and Temples: Ilex’s shrines are all outdoors affairs, and tend to be in gardens or secluded wilderness groves. The sites used to hold Parthan festivals all have some sort of shrine to the Bold Harp.


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