The Keldravar of Imbardun are called the Belodain, or Lake Dwarves. Most have black, grey or brown hair. Their skin is weatherworn (tanned and creased). Their eyes are usually blue or grey. They are taller than most duervar and have a wider stance. They dress in oil skins and otter pelts. Most carry spears for weapons, which have hooks on the back of the spear head they use in pulling in the lines. Their shields are wide, thick and
flat; they are used for floatation devices on the lake.

The Belodain abandoned the ancient hold thousands of years ago when the dragon Krog came and destroyed the keep from the inside. He was trapped in its depths, but somehow lived on for many generations. Eventually a man came from the south and said he knew there to be a secret cave beneath the waters. He had a magical spear to let him survive the water. He dove in and eventually his body washed up on the shore. He had been wounded, but appeared to have drowned. His spear was gone. The dragon was never seen again, though. Many generations later, there are still claims of the dragon returning but never any proof. Whenever a barge sinks or a net is found destroyed, the dragon is blamed, but no one has truly seen a dragon.

Valdrig the 39th is their Thaim. He is a broad shouldered duervan man with a thick black beard and piercing blue eyes. His crown is an octagon of steel set with silvery pink freshwater pearls, the top cut as cresting waves. He wears a great black coat, brown pants and otter skin boots. The last two fingers of his left hand are stunted. He wears a ring on his right hand, gold with a red pearl. He sits in a throne of gold, though it is well
tarnished and worn with age. His voice is deep and whispering. Most of his teeth are missing and his lower lip is split at a scar, giving him a strange snarl. A spear rests at his side, thick in body and long in point. Its head bears a hook and is set with a wavy pattern.

Imbar’s Deep holds a secret hidden in its depths. There is a chamber there devoted to the stone lords, a shrine. The stone lords left secrets there only another stone lord can unearth. The Belodain ancestors tried many times to recover the relics lost in the holy chambers at the bottom of the hold. None succeeded.

Deepening Lake:

Deepening Lake is ice cold and very dark. It is thought to be incredibly deep.

Twice a day a horn is blown and there is suddenly a great belching noise and water heaves, causing the surround land to reverberate. In the center of the lake a great plume of water and mist rise into the air and a wall wind carries mists across the waters toward the shores. A whirlpool forms at the center of the lake and the water suddenly pulls back from the shore. The boats of the Belodain drop onto wooden beams set to catch them.

The lake empties this way twice a day, and rises again between each. The Belodain know how to prepare for this, either docking or anchoring securely in a place shallow enough to anchor. Any vessel caught on the water is otherwise drawn towards the whirlpool and if close enough is likely to sucked down into the depths to be destroyed.

The Belodain don't know exactly what causes this, but they have many legends:
Some claim it is a titan laying in the depths of the lake, and each time he breaths in he sucks up the water. Others say it is when he breaths out, and that is where the gust of air comes from.
Some say that the ancient lords of Tharaduum built some great mechanism beneath the mountains that needs water to run, and this is where the water comes from. Because the lake seems to have an endless supply of water, it takes what it needs daily.
Some say that Deepening Lake is the heart of all the oceans of the world and it empties out to fill the oceans.
Some say there is a great forge beneath the earth and the waters cool the magmas to forge the earth, causing mountains and islands to rise and piping the steam through vents around the world.

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