Impenetrable Pack

IMPENETRABLE PACK (wondrous magical item)
Aura: powerful transmutation CL:
Slot: - ; Price: ?,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


This thick leather backpack is two feet wide, three feet tall, and one foot deep. The sack has only one opening, covered with a leather flap which can be latched with a golden clasp. The clasp is set with arcane runes causing it to be wizard-locked. Only the person who locked it or someone who casts knock can open the pack. The pack itself is nearly indestructible. It has protection 30 from all elements, gains a +5 ??? modifier to all saves, and cannot be affected by disintegration. If struck, it has a damage reduction of 20/magic and has ??? hit points. The interior of the backpack can hold only that which can fit into it (no extra-dimensional space). Anything so stored is completely protected from external effects or damage. What more anything held in the pack for at least one day begins to mend (X hit points per day). This will even reunite broken parts, though it can not fabricate missing parts. In such a way, a torn garment, broken tool, or sundered blade could be repaired over time.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, mending, polymorph any object, protection from elements, wall of force, wizard lock; Cost 8,000 gp

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