Power: GG
Alignment: LN
Pantheons: Gods of Mortality
Titles: The Lady of Destiny
Domains: Destiny and Prophecy
Symbol: The River of Fate
Constellation: Isati is represented in the Celestial Sphere by a twinkling blue stream of stars that appear to form a river.
Description: Isati is the Goddess of Destiny. Aminus created Isati to control the destiny of mortal souls. The River of Fate is the river of life, and every mortal is a drop in that river, carried on its currents towards their ultimate fate, whether they know it or not. When and how they will die is already laid out before them, but how they live their life is their choosing. Fate, like a river, can change its course before it meets its final destination. Mortals have free will, and the choices they make can change their Destiny. Destiny is a fate greater than the free will of common man. Meeting or changing ones destiny will depend on the choices that person makes.
Isati is the goddess who pours out the river of fate and grants destiny. She also gives the gift of Prophecy, the ability of a mortal to see the river of fate and predict the future. The other gods often struggle to control those she gives this gift to, hoping to use their power to forsee the destinies of their people and possibly interfere.
Appearance: Isati sends many portents and omens through prophetic visions and sometimes even speaks to her worshipers. Rarely she appears in their visions, but when she does she always appears as a lovely elder woman of grey hair, donned in a long blue gown and pouring out blue sparkling water from a large silver decanter. This river flows off into the night sky and appears to be full of stars.
Personality: Isati is aloof and mysterious. She rarely speaks to mortals who are not prophets, and her interaction with other deities is also very rare. If she can be reached, though, she offers words of advice, usually in cryptic poetic form. Isati is often sought out by those who seek to overcome their fate, and some have even tried to harm her, including other gods, but she has no interest in vengeance against anyone. All that happens, she says, is destined to happen and she does not concern herself with reacting to something she knew was coming.
History/Relationships: Isati is the sister of Hedaera, the Goddess of Fate and Death, and Woryk, the God of Free Will.
Powers: Though Isati decides the destiny of all mortals, she never uses this as a weapon. She can grant the ability of prophecy to any mortal at the time of their birth. Whenever an augury or divination calls upon divine guidance from no particular deity, it is Isati who answers. Where other gods might give a straight answer, they can’t see as far into the future. Isati’s answers may be cryptic but she can see everyone’s future.
Children: Isati, with Vald, is mother of the Valdar, a race of quasi-deities. From the Valdar came the Isenjyr, gods who attained their power by drinking the blood of the fallen Titan, Isen.
w/Atep: Salix, Satarius, Horaptuh
w/Vald: Koryl, The Valdar and The Isenjjyr
Worshipers: Though most cultures acknowledge fate and destiny, and prophets exist amongst all, very few people actually worship Isati as their patron deity.
Priests: The only priests of Isati are the prophets that recognize her as the source of their gift, and choose to worship her rather than answer the call of any other deity. They are few and far between. Most prophets serve other deities.
Afterlife: Isati recognizes that all afterlifes are possible and one's faith as a mortal defines their eventual residence in the eternal realms. Fate may not reach beyond death, but destiny can.

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