A great forest located to the north of Mirivia and west of Shanothyr, nestled between the main course of the Sylvarin River and one of its tributaries.

Issantia was first visited and named by the Gelvani during the Orog'Kahn, the Orc War, during which period it saw some of the bloodiest battles between the gelvani and orcs. Following that conflict, Que-Gelvani belonging to the Warleader Houses ignored the edicts of the Quel-Thena and decided to settle this northern frontier. They founded a grand city, called Shar-Aelathanys, but prospered only for a short while. Ghaurgazsinn the Death-Eye, a warlord sworn to Gamorgh, swept down from Ig-Vatak and destroyed the city, though he was ultimately destroyed by Kalthanan Quelaron.

Issantia remained largely uninhabited for centuries, little more than a "no man's land" between the Gelvani and orcish realms in northern Verosia. Following the Valatha'Kahn, though, Kalthanan Korianthil - despairing of the divisiveness and hatred for one another exhibited by the various gelvani races - journeyed to Issantia with like-minded men and women to show their people that the various bloodlines of could still live united and in peace. There they built a new city over the ruins of Shar-Aelathanys, which they called Shar-Issantys.

Issantia remains largely a wilderness realm to this day, home to only hardy, adventurous souls.

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