Journeymans Jacket

Journeyman's Jacket (wondrous magical item)
Aura: powerful transmutation CL:
Slot: - ; Price: ?,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


This long jacket is cut from dragon skin membrane and has an ethereal spider silk lining. It will magically repair any damage it suffers but cannot replace missing material. The jacket is linked to an extradimensional space, reached by its various pockets and other features. It is reversable, and can be worn over any light armor. When the leather side is turned out it adds +1 to the armor bonus of armor worn beneath it, and reduces the armor's max dex bonus by 1. It also grants its wearer increased endurance for long travel, and therefore provides a +2 enhancement bonus to constitution. It has two baldrics and two hangers on the waist belt, and a broad leather sword sheath on the back, all of which reduce the weight of any item they hold to 1 lb, and when the jacket is reversed these items vanish into its extra-dimensional space. When the silk side is turned out it immediately takes the appearance of a fine expensive jacket appropriate to the local culture and current fashion. It also grants its wearer an ameniable charm to the local people, and therefore provides a +2 enhancement bonus to charisma. It has four hidden pockets at the end of each sleeve, each 3/4 inch wide and linked to its extra-dimensional space. They are ideal for stowing throwing knives and lock picks. The jacket has six pockets, each 6 inches wide by 8 inches deep, that do not change location when reveresed. On the inside of the jacket are two pockets connected to the extra-dimensional space as per the deep pockets spell. On the outside waist belt there are two pockets with golden latches that wizard lock so that only the wearer can open them. Just above those are two pockets that are designed to thwart thieves. The first time each day that either pocket is reached into it will produce 3d6 fools gold coins that have three effects: first, the wearer immediately becomes aware of them as per the locate object spell; second, when more than 20 feet from the jacket, they set off a blaring noise as per the alarm spell; and, third, when more than 40 feet from the jacket, they explode into a cloud of sparkling dust that sticks to anyone nearby, as per the glitterdust spell.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, alter self, bear's endurance, eagle's splendor, deep pockets, mending, reduce, secret chest, wizard lock, fools gold, locate person, alarm, glitterdust ; Cost ?,000 gp

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