Power: IG
Alignment: CN
Pantheons: Skarrell Pantheon, Ronan Pantheon, Deities of Nature, The Parthan Order: Kalos
Titles: The War King
Portfolio: War, Combat, Skill-at-arms
Symbol: A red sword and blue axe crossing
Constellation: The Sword and Axe of Kalrik
Description: Kalrik is the first and greatest god of war. He is unmatched in his martial skills and is legendary even amongst the gods. He is worshipped in almost all duneimen pantheons, and is noted in many others. Kalrik is a violent and strong-headed deity who was created with a singular purpose, to wage war; for he was created to defeat the titan Zorik and free Sheliak from his enchantments. Kalrik is not sated unless blood is being spilled in the glory of battle. Whenever possible he inspires men with his terrible rages. They are the flames that boil the blood before battle and blazon the forges of war. He is the reason the mortal races fall into chaos and anarchy, but he is also the reason that some rise above, bringing unity and order. Kalrik used his place of prominence to drive the duneimen of Imaru to war, and when they fell their people were scattered. In the aftermath many new pantheons formed and he was not foremost in all. Thus, he has struggled to regain the power he once held. Naeja tolerates his existence because she has come to realize that if ever a mortal race was to rule her world, war must be one of their greatest talents.
Appearance: Kalrik most often appears as a titanic burly warrior with brazened skin and long curly black hair. He wears a red blood soaked wool kilt with a well sharpened bastard sword in one hand and a battle-worn axe in the other. Kalrik always claims a prize from his battles. He often wears a heavy chain shirt torn from body of ????. At his side hangs a great gold covered war horn, taken from the dragon ????. He occassionally wears a steel helm adorned with images of war, and crested with a long brown horse tail, taken from the steed Torik rode when they battled. His sword is scored from the fiery blood of the Titan Zorik, which left it sharper than any other weapon known. His axe was won from the duervan god Belderak in a competition to see who could fell the greater number of giants in a single swipe. It is said that when Kalrik goes to battle his eyes burn red and his veins can be seen thrumming over his corded muscles.
Personality: The fires of war are fueled by hate, jealously, greed and vengeance; but other times they are fueled by justice, courage, and pride. Thus, Kalrik is a being of mixed emotions that often seem contradictory. To him honor is as important as winning, and sometimes he will sacrifice one for the other. He respects all warriors and holds to certain moral code that places emphasis on seeking victory and fame through battle but places honor in accepting defeat with dignity
His mother is the Elder Goddess Naeja and his father is the greater titan of Storms, Sturmgar. His brother is Torik who aided in his battle against Zorik. After he slew the titan he asserted dominion over the other Gods. For a great deal of time took a throne as their one and only king. He claimed Reahnyn as his bride, but Torik contested him and so the brothers battled. Kalrik won and Torik left his court. Reahyn did not love him and the children she bore him, Myrrha and Morin, were soft-hearted. In anger he cast Raehnyn aside and sought mortal women to sate his needs. Thus began the seven blood lines of the Sons of Kalrik.
Powers: Kalrik is the greatest warrior amongst the gods. His sword can slice through any armor and his axe is said to strike faster than a lightning bolt. He can inspire rage in those who fight alongside him and he is a master tactician, finding flaws in nearly any defense, and leading inconceivably complex offensives. His greatest power, though, is to inspire thoughts of war in those who are in places of power. He can invoke all the emotions that can lead to such conflicts. Often, though, he has no need to do this. Mortal races are all prone to such actions, and Kalrik revels in their blood baths.
w/Reahnyn: Morin and Myrrha
The Sons of Kalrik: Kalrik fathered with mortal Duneimen women six blood lines, and from each there is prophecised to be a divine son born.


Worshiper's Ability: Kalrik is worshipped by warriors of many different races and cultures.
Worshiper's Ability: When prayed to Kalrik, may grant these powers.
1/Round Ability: +1 to hit and damage rolls
1/Day Ability: True Strike

Spell Domains:
Favored Weapons: Bastard Sword (Claymore)
Cleric Alignments:
Clergy and Temples:


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