Kalthanan's vision for the Suar-Lanyr

The final product, though, which is Kalthanan's vision of a warrior whose magic is as integral as his weapon and physical ability, is the Magus Archetype I will detail tomorrow.

The skill at sword and spell these students possessed no longer simply complemented one another; they were plainly inextricable.

Kalthanan's center of power is basically synonymous with Suar-Lanyr training at this point. Most of the Suar-Lanyr view him as their exemplar/paragon, and there has even been a religious quality to what they've been doing for some time now. Going by my vision, it's safe to say that the overwhelming majority of Suar-Lanyr fall under this model.

My working idea does not involve all "old school" Suar-Lanyr magically disappearing by the time the current year starts (1310 N.C., I believe), though. I imagine it's eminently possible that some Suar-Lanyr will feel that staying true to the old ways is best for them, and they may very well decide to train more pupils in that discipline. That would include individuals using just the Prestige Class system, the Archetype I proposed above (really old school), or both. Their main disadvantage is that their training model requires them to wait far longer before they can use the abilities that Kalthanan developed in the past few decades.

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