Brief introduction

Continent: The land mass upon which this realm exists.
Banner: The flag or other such symbol of the realm.
Capital: The city considered the center of political power within the realm.
Government: The form of government that rules this realm.
Examples: Monarchy, Oligarchy,
Ruler: The name of the current ruler or rulers.
Religion: The primary religion of the realm. This may be the official religion, or just that most comonly practiced.
Population: A classification of Population Sizes based showing both the range of population and the average population. This is not an exact number due to the severe variance in population inherint to war, famine, disease and cataclysmic events.
Races: A listing of the races commonly found within the realm.
Major: The races that make up the majority of the population. Usually this is only one or two races.
Median: The races that make up significant minorities of the population. They may in fact be numerous, but aren't so much that they can contest for power.
Minor: The races that are sparsely represented. They must still be significant enough to be noticeable, but are considered uncommon. Those races that are so few in number that they are considered rare aren't even mentioned in this list.
Cities and Towns: A list of the largest or most important cities in the realm.
Trade: A list of products produced for trade by this realm.
Products: A list of products produced by this realm, not necessarily for trade.
Primary: Those products that are of great significance to the overall economy of the realm. These are commonly also trade products.
Secondary: Other products produced within the realm that aren't significant to the economy but are of important note.
Aristocratic Titles: A list of the titles used within this realm to describe the royalty and nobility.
Examples: King & Queen, Chieftain and Chieftaness, Prince & Princess, Baron & Baronness, Count & Countess, Duke & Duchess, Viscount & Viscountess, Lord & Lady
Allies: Listing of other realms considered allies of this realm, meaning that they would likely go to war to defend this realm if necessary.
Neutrals: Listing of other realms that are on relatively even terms with this realm, meaning that they would likely neither provoke war with this realm nor join it in war against another realm.
Enemies: Listing of other realms that are on very bad terms with this realm, and would likley go to war against this realm if reason enough presented itself.


A short explanation of the realm and its most important aspects.


A short background of the realm, how it came about, the troubles and prosperities it has seen, and other important historical events.


A description of the government, its members and other important things to know about the structure of the government and law.
Current Ruler: The name, description and a brief history of the current ruler.
Major NPCs: The name, description and breif detailing of the current major people in the realm.


A short decsription of the different cultures and races within the realm, how they vary from those met in other realms, and anything uniqut about them.


A short write up on how religion is treated within this realm, and the major religions that exist.


A short write up on how magic is treated within this realm, and the major organizations, if any, that exist.


Major Cities
A listing of the Major Cities mentioned above.

Minor Cities


A listing of minor cities worth mentioning.

A listing of towns worth mentioning.

A listing of villages worth mentioning.


A description of the land mass upon which this realm is built.

Islands A listing of islands near this realm that either consider themselves part of that realm or are closely tied to it.

Landmarks A listing of significant geographical landmarks within the realm.

Ruins A listing of ancient ruins of note upon the realm.

Map A thumbnail of the map for this realm, linked to a larger map.

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