The Keid (kād)are the children of Ilnysh, god of the animals and the wild. The first of their race were the Animal Lords who are the spiritual embodiment of different breeds of animals. Some of these ancestors have passed on to their eternal rest, and also passed their spiritual gifts on to others of their clans. The Keid are the descendants of those first animal lords. They themselves are animals, but are also very close to humans or Gelvani, thus they have the ability to live within both worlds. Each Keid clan has a totem, and this is the animal from which they come. Their societies always reflect the natural existence of these animals; however, the Keid are often very civilized.
The Keid are a single race, but each very small family clan lives on its own usually completely separate of the others. Each clan has a distinctive ability. They can pass between animal form and humanoid form at will. They usually appear human or Gelvani in either form. They can speak with these animals and have their natural abilities inbred. They worship the animal lord of their clan totem.
There are six known clans of Keid: Hraltha (Great Cat), Ilnafi (Deer), Lyrkos (Wolf), Sabira (Fox), and Ulaadel (Bear). They are few in number and live in only small family groups. There are likely other Keid, whose existence is not known, probably because they lead very solitary or secretive lives.
The Ilnafi are usually tall, six to seven feet, with light tanned skin and hair tones and large dark eyes. They are the most agile of the Keid but also one of the most aloof. They have incredible hearing. The Animal Lord of the Ilnafi is called the “Watcher in the Woods.” He or she is set with the task of observing nature and warning others of those creatures outside of nature that would harm it. Ilnafi try to mimic this duty in the way they live their lives.
The Hraltha are vicious and wild. They travel in small groups and claim a large area of forest for their own. They are only four to five feet in height and are agile, and strong. They have grey, white and black hair tones and narrow green and yellow eyes. Hraltha have a keen sixth sense about them, able to sense both predator and prey from miles away. The Animal Lord of the Lynx is known as “The Stalker”. It’s duty is both as guide and as hunter. The Stalker will lead those who are lost and mean no harm out of the forest, but will hunt down those who do mean harm or intentionally ignore the warnings of the Wardens. The Hraltha strive to be great hunters and pathfinders.
The Ulaadel are tall, on average seven feet, but are the most muscular elves ever seen. They have dark tan to black hair that is thick and wild, and are the only elves with facial hair. This is usually thick side burns, though some have thin beards. They are often barrel chested and have some hair on their chest. Of all the Keid the Ulaadel are the most likely to have half-elves amongst them, and in fact some claim there are even humans who are part of this clan. The Animal Lord of the Bears is called the “Warden of the Woods.” His is charged with guarding its borders, warning strangers who wander into its midst, and forcing out those who would harm the forest. This is usally with a show of force, but not always violent. In this way the Ulaadel also guard the most wild forests, keeping unwanted individuals out.
The Sabira are short, like high elves, with beautiful opal, gold and tanned skin tones. They often have grey, tan and red hair tones and their eyes vary from pale blues and greens to deep brown and black. The Sabira usually live in small family cloisters or solitary lives. They are very beautiful but also very meek; however, do not let their appearance fool you. They are very adept hunters and ferocious warriors when cornered. The Animal Lord of the Sabira is known as the “Walker beyond the Woods”. She is charged with scouting out into the worlds beyond their forest to gather information and knowledge, and to bring it back to her people to be shared. Gellawyn is one of the most renown of the Keid, because she has excelled so well at her task and it has brought her great fame and adventure in other societies and pantheons. The rest of the Sabira try to follow her lead, exploring the world beyond their own, gathering knowledge, and spreading it.
The Lyrkos are a dark and feared lot, mysterious yet with great charisma. They are only slightly taller than High Elves, but usually have slightly dark skin and hair tones. They are usually grey or black haired, though white, tan, and even red have been known. Their eyes are almost always dark brown or blue but radiate a faint green glow when reflecting light. The wolf Animal Lord is known as the “Warlord of the Woods.” He and his rabble are the true force of the forests, coming together in large numbers to drive out foreign invaders. Lyrcos spend about half their time in packs and the other half residing alone in the darkest parts of the forest. Like their lord, the Lyrcos are usually warriors, though some are hunters. They have a very keen sense of smell and hearing.
Ilnysh resides within a massive forest that surrounds the mystical lands of Arvanis. These bestial lands are where the Animal Lords rule, each charged with a specific goal to keep the circle of life flowing. Gellawyn has built a structure here for her kind, known as “The Fortress of the Seven Blood.” It is not intended to protect the forest though, that is the duty of its residents.
On the mortal world, the Keid protect their own forests in similar fashion. The greatest such forest is Drey-nomyr (Darkness of the Forest), where supposedly many of the Keid have fled from the invasion of more “civilized” races. It is a dark and primordial land on the edge of the polar landscapes. Very few outsiders have ever been here, and few will likely ever come. Some Keid still live elsewhere, though, in the forests and on the edge of society.



Game Statistics:

Each clan of Keid is somewhat different and their attributes adjustments are listed therein. All Keid have the following standard abilities:
· Low-Light Vision: Keid can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
· Keen Senses: +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks.
Each Keid Clan also has their own special abilities:

Ilnafi (Deer)
v +4 Dex, -2 Con, -2 Int
v +4 racial bonus to listen checks
v +10 base speed
v Shapechange into Deer, innate ability
v Favored Class: Rogue

Hraltha (Wild Cats)
v +2 Dex, -1 Wis, +1 Str, -2 Cha
v +4 racial bonus to Survival checks
v Shapechange into Lynx, innate ability
v Favored Class: Ranger

Ulaadel (Bear):
v +4 Str, -4 Int
v +4 racial bonus to Survival checks
v Shapechange into Black Bear, innate ability
v Favored Class: Druid

Sabira (Fox)
v +3 Dex, -3 Con, +2 Cha, -2 Wis
v +4 racial bonus to hide checks
v Shapechange into fox, innate ability
v Favored Class: Bard

Lyrkos (Wolf)
v +2 Dex, -2 Wis, +1 Char, -1 Int
v +4 racial bonus to listen checks
v Shapechange into wolf, innate ability
v Favored Class: Barbarian

· Keid base speed is 30 feet
· Proficient with either Spear or Axes; proficient with Longbow or Short Bow or Composite Bow. Keid make use of weapons for hunting not for war, so they rarely use swords.
· Automatic Languages: Sylvan and Gelvan or Verosian (depending on appearance). Bonus Languages: Verosian or Gelvan, Darktongue, Gnoll, Gnome, Orc and Sylvan. Keid commonly know the languages of most creatures of the forest as well as the Darktongues, so that they can know their enemies.
· Favored Class: See clan. A multi-class Keid’s favored class does not count when determining whether she suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing (see PHB P.56)

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