Keir was once a beautiful, rich, and verdant realm laying between the lands of Moar and Parthus. It has survived many wars and had outlived many empires and kingdoms before it finally fell to the scourge of the Barukar. Keir is primarily a great city on the western coast of Southern Verosia, but through its grand history it has been a kingdom, a city-state, a duchy, and a free-state. It had, though, always survived by taking no part in the wars of other realms, serving as a port of great trade, and thriving from its rich ocean waters and verdant black soils. Unfortunately it was this neutrality that was their downfall, for when the Barukar came they stood unopposed. The Keiran guard was a green untested force that had focused on training their boys to look good in armor, not fight in it. The Barukar washed over them like a black tide and the realm was quickly enslaved. It was a terrible blow to the West, for the lands of Keir had served as the bread basket for both Moar and Parthus.

Continent: Southern Verosia, Western Coast
Banner: A murex-shell royal-purple field, overlaid by a white silhouette of Hathone below (a woman garbed in long flowing gowns, her hair braided with and crowned in coral, casually holding a shark-toothed spear, leaning on a sea-turtle shell shield and standing upon a sword fish) and a great merchant vessel above (the type changing with the era of which the flag was made). In the upper corner are three heads, bearded, said to represent the three founders of the city and patriarchs of the three royal families of Keir.
Capital: The city of Keir
Government: Monarchy
Ruler: The last King of Keir was Katharadain
Religion: The old religion of Keir primarily focused around two gods; Hathone, goddess of the Sea, and ????, God of the Mountains. In the age of Rona the people became Thamorians, worshipping [the Divine Family of the Ronan Church. After the fall of Keir, the survivors fled into North. Some still hold to the Ronan Church but many have lost faith in gods.
Population: A classification of Population Sizes based showing both the range of population and the average population. This is not an exact number due to the severe variance in population inherent to war, famine, disease and cataclysmic events.
Races: The following races are what remains of the population, those who have fled North.
Major: Duneimen - Verosian.
Median: Parthan , Moarvik
Minor: Folkin
Cities and Towns: Keir is the largest and only city. It is fully occupied by the Barukar and though there are human slaves in the city we can no longer consider it part of the realm of Keir. There are now only the Border Baronies.
Castello Satori "The Crow's Keep", Carollingard "Carollis' Shield", Ardontis' Tower "Old Bones", Castel'Illiochi "The Ruby Blade", Castello di Hathelia "The Sea Maid", Bastion Guardia'del'Morta "Fort of the Death Guard"
Products: All of the following are the products that Keir used to produce, but no longer does:
Primary: Purple Dye of Murex Shells, Wheat and other grains, potatoes and other tuber vegetables
Secondary: The following are mined along the foothills and western slopes of the mountains: brimstone (sulphur), aluminum, diamonds, gold, nickel, lead, zinc, and copper.
Aristocratic Titles: King, Queen, Baron & Baronness, Count & Countess, Viscount & Viscountess, Lord & Lady
Social Classes: None of the Monarchy are presently known to be alive. The Barons are men and women who have come to rule one of the Border Baronies. Soldiers and merchants fall into the middle-class and everyone else is considered lower-class.
Upper-Class: Examples: Royalty, Barons
Middle-Class: Examples: Merchants, Soldiers
Lower-Class: Examples: Poor, Peasants, Beggars
Allies: Moar, Tharaduum, Mordraduum
Neutrals: Parthus, Gand, Kal-Mikan, Rona, Sora
Enemies: Barukar


A short explanation of the realm and its most important aspects.


A short background of the realm, how it came about, the troubles and prosperities it has seen, and other important historical events.


Presently there is no known living heir to the Monarchy of Keir. After the fall of the realm, many wealthy lords and merchants fled north. Some secured places of importance along the border and through time and dealings with Moar were able to build fortresses, called the Border Baronies. These new Border Barons are responsible for defending the remaining people of Keir from the Barukar and, with supposed help from Moar, to eventually retake Keir.
Current Ruler: None
Major NPCs: Baron Walkif Satori, Baron Carollis Machaville', Baron Antof Ardontis, Baron Stefanos Illiochi, Baronness Katorin Thelia, Baron


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Major Cities
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Minor Cities


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Ancient mythology says that at one time the lands of Keir that run between the Tharaduum mountains and black coasts were a great gulf or lagoon fed by an inlet. Supposedly the city of Keir is built upon the spot of the ancient city that sat at the mouth of that inlet and villages surrounded the gulf. At eastern edge of the gulf rose a massive black mountain that often rumbled and spouted black ash. Legend says the ancient slavers of this city were despised by the gods and the mountain erupted with fire and brimstone, burying all the villages and covering the gulf. Even the great city was devestated, burried in ash. The slaves farming in the north and south rose up against their masters and reclaimed their freedom. Eventually the volcanic ash became verdant soil and a new city was risen on the edge of the coast of black sands.

The geography of today suggests much of this is true. Though no great mountain resides in the east, there are signs of ancient volcanic activity. Most of Keir west of the mountains is a lush verdant plain of black soil. To the north the land rises quickly towards the rolling hills of the Moarlands. To the south the verdant lands meet a vast forest and eventually break into rough rocky lands of the Parthans. The west coast is known for its black sand beaches, freshwater springs, jagged rocks and undersea caves. In the great vale, the earth beneath the black soil is filled with seashells and fossils of sea life. In fact, the homes of the Keiri are often built with cement bricks in which can be found a great variety of ancient shells. Every once in a while an ancient foundation is unearthed, a statue is discovered, a giant conch shell emerges from the earth or even the rare ancient riches appear. In Keir some excavations have turned up bodies buried in black soil, turned to an ashen stone.



Caverns run beneath the earth from the mountains to the sea. Deep natural cisterns are found through the land, leading to these caverns. They are often filled with fresh water, but some say that closer to the shore ocean water can be found within them. Near the black coast fresh springs emerge from the rock, but beneath the waves some say tide currents drive the ocean into vast caverns.



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