Wife of Kalthanan Korianthil, and mother of his youngest son, Kelthanyr; formerly, a priestess of Kelamin Kahn.

Unbeknownst to Kalthanan when he first knew her, Keleen was a member of an obscure order of Drey-Gelvani priestesses called the (insert name), who guarded over a secret highland vale within Shanothyr beneath which the Titan Nalghivorn's entrapped physical form rested.

The two met in a wilderness village of Drey-Gelvani who were plagued by the depredations of a frost dragon, who lorded over a tribe of orcs and stalked the dark elves for meat and amusement. In the time that Kalthanan and his band of Suar-Lanyr fought the orcs and their draconic overlord, he and Keleen became romantically involved. The two returned to Issantia together, where she was recognized as his consort.

During the war against the Barukar, Keleen became pregnant with Kalthanan's child, Kelthanyr. Following the defeat of the enemy, the two married - an event still considered somewhat shocking within Mirivian aristocratic circles.

Appearance: Keleen is a true dark elf beauty. Her hair is a striking and unusual silver-gray hue, the color of a stormy sky, and her eyes are a piercing blue. Her skin is olive-toned, smooth, and flawless. Keleen is an athletic woman, the product of an upbringing in the northern highland forests of Shanothyr, and has a body that is equal parts lithe and curvaceous.

Keleen typically wears the flowing, diaphanous clothing favored by Que-Gelvani noblewomen in Issantia, but with the sort of utilitarian cut that her people favor. Her regal gowns thus allow for easy arm and leg movement, and do not impede her when swift movement is necessary. She wears exquisite jewelry, but restricts herself to natural designs and simple, if beautiful, crystals.

Personality: Keleen is a sensitive and kind woman, and these sincere virtues make up a large part of her charm. Despite her station, she conducts herself with a sense of grace and humility; like her paramour she refuses to “lord” her status over others.

Intelligent and curious, Keleen is a student of the world around her, and seeks out opportunities to see and experience the different facets of her new home. She is wise beyond her years and, unlike many of her people, patient and contemplative of her actions and their consequences.

That having been said, she is protective of her personal dignity, and does not like to be coddled, patronized, or to be told what she can and cannot do. Once born to the role of a priestess of Kelamin, the greatest challenge she has had to face since coming with Kalthanan to Shar-Issantys is the lack of a defining role of her own beyond those of mother and consort.

She loves and cares for Kalthanan very deeply. In the few years they have spent together, she has become his trusted friend and confidante. It is with her that Kalthanan shares his ideas, hopes, and dreams above all.

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