Kethaine S Hammer

Kethaine's Hammer
Holdan Kethaine was a legendary Duervan hero of Garaduum. His greatest heroic act was the felling of the Titan GorNock the Devourer, brother of Ettinar. GorNock had two heads, Gor and Nock and they both had a voracious appetite. GorNock had been terrorizing the Duervan frontier along the Lake of Bone for ages and he was well known for devouring an entire village one day when he was particularly hungrey. For four generations The men of the Kethaine's line had made it their duty to hunt down and kill GorNock, and each and everyone had been eaten. Fortunately they always made sure to have at least one son to carry on the tradition before they went off to die. The first, Dugen Kethaine, had forged for him by the great priests of Balderak a throwing hammer of Giant Slaying. When he realized he was about to be eaten, he threw the hammer into the nearby woods and yelled for his son, Bolgan, to avenge him some day. Bolgan, just a boy then, ran away and trained himself to be a great warrior. He then wen to face GorNock. As he was being chewed up he managed to throw the hammer with the last of his strength into a nearby stream, yelling to his son, Dolgan, to avenge him. Dolgan likewise trained to become a master of the hammer. He raised his son on the story and brought him with him when he went to face GorNock. As GorNock was devouring him, he managed to drop the hammer at the Titan's feet, and yell for his son, Holdan, to avenge him. Unlike his forefather's, though, Holdan did not take the hammer and flee. He was man by then and had already trained for this moment. Though he had never faced so much as an Ogre he knew what he had to do. He flung the hammer at GorNock, and it bounced off the Titan's head. GorNock picked Holdan up, intent upon eating him, but the Hammer returned to Holdan's hand. As GorNock lifted Holdan to his mouth the duervar realized this was his moment. He could, like his fathers before him, throw the hammer to his son to avenge him, but he had no son yet. So, instead, he hurled the hammer at one of the heads. Kethaine's Hammer was so powerful, and Holdan's throw so mighty, it is said that it knocked one head into the other, cracking both their skulls. GorNock fell dead. Unfortunately GorNock was so tall that Holdan also fell to his death. The hammer passed to many other heroes throughout the ages before disappearing from history.
Kethaine's Hammer is a +3 Rune Hammer. It has three Duervan Runes:
1- Deific Damage: d10 dmg per enhancement mod (3d10)
2- Duervan Hurler: 120' throwing and returning and x2 dmg to Giants when thrown.
3- Titan Destroyer: +6 (6d10 dmg) vrs. Titans.

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