King Loch Moarlinder

Loch Moarlinder
1191 N.C. Born as Prince of Tharthin
1196 N.C. Duke of Tharthin, his father goes to war.
1205 N.C. The Black Legion starts
1216 N.C. Inflitrates the Black Legion
1220 N.C. King Khorathis I killed by the Black Legion
1232 N.C. Father dies, becomes Duke of Tharthin at age 41
1270 N.C. Tharthin leads ancient Moarvik realms to seperate from Rona. Kingdom of Moar established. Named King Loch Moarlinder at age 79.
1310 N.C. Present day. Still alive at age 119, and though very old, he doesn't appear much older than his early seventies.

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