Realm: Sora
Ruler: High Lord of the Holy Crown William Greyven
Population: 11000-12000 (98% Duneimen - Verosian (Soran, Ronan), 2% Folkin).
Races Tolerated: Duervar, Bamorians, Gelvani, Half-Elves
Religions: The Ronan Church
Alignments: Lawful good and some neutral good. Morality and Law are both paramount. Any other alignments are considered an abberation.
Products: Coastal (Fish), Agriculture (Cattle, Vegetables), Urbanization (Paper, Candles, Jewelry, Furnishings), Military (Armor, Weapons, Horses).

The captial of Sora, Kingscrest was designed and built by the first King of Sora, the High Lord of the Holy Crown William Greyven. It was initially designed as a grand castle with an outlying city, but as it was built it became clear that the people of Sora had little interest in going beyond the new capital. To accomodate the massive city forming, King Greyven ordered the walls to be expanded to include the city and extend to the shore. Therw would be eighteen towers by the time they completed the design. of a fortress then a city, it is the launching point for the Knights of Thamor here in the holy land. Despite its design, though, the city is also quite beautiful. The castles, walls, and parapets are all adorned with statuary of winged messengers and legendary knights. There are numerous churches throughout the city and the three great temples are some of the most elaborate and beautiful works of art ever constructed. Though most buildings were built during the initial construction, large areas were left for the building of personal manor homes. These are the homes of lords and high priests, as well as the wealthiest merchants. They are each individually small fortresses of their own. These manors are unique in their own design but all are beautifully constructed and only add the glory of the city.

Unlike Ironcrest, Kingscrest was tightly packed, and though much of it was made of stone, wooden framing and roves meant the buildings were just as susceptible as the tall row houses along the streets. At the least the walls were solid stone, and lined with 18 tower and two strong gatekeeps. Kingscrest did have many advantages. An assault from the east was the only route to take. The cliffs and mountains of the Dragon Wood were too difficult to move an army over. To the South was the River Vaaish, and to the west was Loch Greyven. It was impossible to assail the lake towns too. Kingscrest stood as a sentinel to the only reasonable pass. It was perfectly positioned to make a last stand. He feared that might be what they faced.

Kingscrest is set on the eastern shore of Loch Greyven, in the heart of Sora. It is a large city, built to a specific plan in the year 1282 N.C. It is surrounded by a tall, heavily fortified wall with strategically placed gates and defenses. At its center are the Hills of Conbara, two tall hills where once was built and Old Camus castle of that name. On the King's Hill, to the west, is the High Lord's castle, a huge building with its own wall and inner keep, cathedral and a large courtyard. To the east is a slightly lower but broader hill where the the temples of the three great churches sit, The Church of Thamor, the Temple of Reahnyn, and the Courts of Karthamus. These hills are surrounded by an orderly city of two to four stories, well constructed, stone buildings. Many have businesses in the lower floors and homes above. Each block of houses is separated by broad smooth roads designed to give optimal movement to the cities calvary in case of a siege, or worse, an breach in the walls. The wealthiest have built their homes towards the western harbor, to afford a beautiful view and cool breezes, but also to allow quick retreat to vessels in case of any need to evacuate. The poorer live in well kept pontalbas (apartments) built along the southern wall, where they will have easy access to the safest exit by land. The Knights of Thamor and their supporting army are stationed in forts and barracks along the eastern gate. North of the city are numerous farming villages, so within the city wall by the north gate are large store houses.

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Loch Greyven

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