Power: IG
Alignment: LN
Pantheons: Deities of Nature, Gelvani Gods
Titles: The Sleeper, Ice Heart, Jack'o'Winter, The Lonley Raven
Portfolio: Winter, Cold, Ice, Snow, Sleep, Solitude
Symbol: A Raven against, wings spread, over a white field, a black leafless branch above
Constellation: The Winter Star
Description: Koryn is the cold and stoic lord of winter, who rides through the far reaches of the north and only comes south when his season is at hand. He prefers to move unseen through the world and lives in solitude. He was first called upon by Naeja to put the world to sleep, so it would rest and recover from the terrible war of Titans and Gods that preceded dominion by Naeja and the Gods.
Appearance: Koryn is often depicted as a tall gaunt though muscular man with strikingly sharp features, long black hair and a long black mustache. His breath is an icy fog and his snow white skin ice cold. His ice blue eyes glare out beneath a heavy brow and his whispering voice is hushed yet carries a great distance. Wherever he goes the sky turns grey, the trees fell their foliage, ponds and streams freeze, and snow begins to fall. He is often depicted wearing ancient chain armor and a heavy brown bear-skin cloak, a tall spear in his hand, and riding a sled pulled by seven snow dogs. His ever present companion is a great black raven that is always near, though never within his reach.
Personality: Koryn is the lord of winter and as such he is a cold hearted man who prefers solitude. His only companions are his sled-dogs and his great black raven that follows him constantly. Koryn cares little for people, and usually upon encountering them will immediately put them into a deep magical sleep. Koryn has few worshipers, but is both respected and feared and is thus prayed to often.


Powers: Koryn can summon a powerful winter storm that can overcome the greatest heatwave. If he chose to do so, only Sheliak could oppose him, and such would be a great struggle. However, he knows his place and will not do so unless provoked or so commanded by Naeja. Koryn has the power to put any number of mortals to sleep. Though this could be for any period of time, he is known to have cast men into a slumber from which they did not awake from for over a hundred years. His spear, Thothgyr, covers anything its tip touches with a thick layer of Ice. This happens so quickly that living things are frozen alive, and thus if the ice is shattered can survive the entrapment.

After life: As a Deity of Nature, Koryn promotes reincarnation.

The Sled Dogs: Koryn drives a great sled made of ash wood and pulled by seven massive grey and white huskies. These hounds are

The Raven: Koryn is harangued by a great black raven, a foe set upon him by the goddess Liara for his part in the death of her son, ????. It flies ahead of him as he travels the world, devouring what fruits, nuts and berries the autumn foliage may still hold, and it chases away any game he may be able to hunt. Thus his time upon the mortal world is a miserable one. The bird never comes close enough to him to be struck, and though he throws things at it often he has never hit it. It is said that if anyone could kill the bird, he would reward them greatly. When winter ends, the bird flies off, allowing Koryn to return to his long slumber.

Koryn's worshipers are most common amongst the ???, a tribal people living in the far north. They worship him for his ever present influence upon their lives. Others may worship Koryn for their affinity for his dark and cold season and are usually reserved souls who prefer solitude.
Worshiper's Ability:
1/Round Ability: Endure Cold
1/Day Ability: Ray of Frost

Koryn has many priests amongst the ???, who consider him their most prominent deity. Otherwise he has very few others who would devote their life to his worship. Priests of Koryn are masters of manipulating ice and snow. They use his powers to make their lives easier in the icy wastelands in which they live, such as constructing ice huts, walls of hardened snow, and making channels in the ice for fishing.
Spell Domains:
Favored Weapons: Spear
Cleric Alignments: Any
Clergy and Temples:


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