This site will list the legendary heroes and villains of the world (PCs and NPCs).

Shalok Orcslayer, The Destroyer
Shandell Redtooth, Thegn of Thegns
Dorak Battlecry Dwarven Paladin
Stuart Youngblood, The Woodland Piper
Mark Stout-Heart, The Flaming Fist
Gimi Deepstone, The Deep Seeker
Kalthanan Korianthil, Prince of Mirivia, Lord of Issantia, Master of the Suar-Lanyr
Khazid Ze'Alim’Kalir, Mikanian Wizard and Psionicist
Bartal Cannemore, the Dreadnought, The Patron Saint of Cavaliers, Chosen of Thamor, Lord General of the Holy Crown.
Hugh Magius, War Priest of Kalrik
Khazid, Grand Magister of the Kai-Itani
Claero Illiafrind, Warrior Priestess of Liara (deceased)
Shade, The Greatest Archer to Ever Live (deceased)
Tiercellus Calazar
William Greyven
Gellawyn Hanraelani
Dera Del'Armgo
Elliam Lairdsley

The Dragonslayer Chronicles

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