Power: DG
Alignment: NG
Pantheons: Deities of Nature, Gelvani Gods, The Fey
Titles: Sky Dancer
Portfolio: Avians, the Sky, and gentle gales.
Symbol: The silhouette of a bird against a blue sky
Constellation: The Eagle, constellation that takes the form of a some bird of prey. It is sometimes perceived as a Falcon or Hawk, depending on the culture and region.
Description: Liara is the aloof goddess of the animals of the sky, namely birds and other avians. Like other gods of nature she is able to visit the mortal world to serve her duties, but is rarely seen. She mindfully watches her creations.
Appearance: Liara is a beautiful delicate woman with fey like features and great feathery wings. Her eyes are those of an eagle, her nose sharp and hawked. Her hair and feathers change colors with the seasons, from brown in the warm seasons, to black in the seasons of storms and fall, to a startling white in the coldest of weather. Her voice is the gentle breeze and it is said you can occassionally hear a distant song upon it and that is her singing. She is most often seen surrounded by a variety of beautiful birds. She rarely wears clothing but when she does it is most often a thin simple dress that leaves her backs and shoulders exposed. She can take the form of any avian, but most commonly she appears as a great eagle. Though she herself rarely finds need for weapons, she is occassionally depicted with a bow in hand. Legend claims that to use her feathers on the shaft of an arrow will allow that arrow to maintain a straight perfect flight indefinately.
Personality: Liara is a reclusive goddess, very shy and easily startled. She prefers to be left in peace to watch over the avians she created and protects. She cares for them but will only interfere if threatened by an unnatural force. She understands the needs of the mortals to eat, and thus does not punish those who keep poultry farms or hunt her wild animals. She does, however, greatly despise those who capture her birds for personal amusement. Unfortunately her limited power prevents her from acting against all such atrocities.
History/Relationships: Liara is the daughter of Morwyn and Ilnysh, but she sees her mother rarely due to her now truly dark and cruel nature. Her father she sees regularly but they do little more than acknowledge each other. Liara is caught in a torrid love affair with Torik, god of storms, and it is said you can sometimes see two great eagles dancing in amongst the lightning of his storms.
Powers: Liara can summon and command any and all avians who are not under the control of another more powerful deity. She can also control the weather, again when not under the control of another. She can take the form of any avian and has the power to grant life to such creatures (reincarnation and even resurrection). She can also turn others into avians, a gift she uses only for two reasons; to save a dying person (as the transformation cures all harm and illnesses), or to curse someone who has caused her ill (though she hardly sees it as a curse). She has been known to occassionally turn those who hunt for sport into the very birds they prey upon.
All avians are her children and there are some who claim to have seen a winged humanoid race upon the mountains of eastern Old Camus that may be her children. It is only a rumor, though, and none have ever confirmed it.
After life:
As a goddess of nature, Liara primarily promotes reincarnation and promises those who worship her their choice of avian form when they pass on. However, as a fey goddess, some of her worshipers are promised a return to Aetheria.
Worshipers: Liara is rarely worshiped alone, but rather as part of a pantheon. There are those amongst the Gelvani, though, who have a special bond with a bird called the Sheleilin. Those who fly these great birds usually worship her. She is occassionally called upon by sailors, who seek a gentle gale to carry them safely home.
Worshiper's Ability: When prayed to, Liara may grant these powers.
1/Round Ability: Whispering Wind
1/Day Ability: Feather Fall

Priests: Very rarely there have been those who devoted themselves to the worship of Liara. Her priests are devoted to the protection of avians, but are also masters of them. She is also worshipped by druids.
Spell Domains: Air, Animal
Favored Weapons: Bow
Cleric Alignments: Any non-Chaotic
Dogma: All birds are sacred to Liara. Be unto them a wind that protects them and carries them to safe boughs and eyries.
Clergy and Temples: Shrines to Liara are common, especially amongst druids and Gelvani. It is said there are a couple temples to her built high upon airy mountains.


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