Loran (Atep)
Power: ED
Alignment: LN
Pantheons: Deities of Nature, Gelvani Gods, Kamoran Pantheon: Atep
Titles: The Timekeeper
Domains: Time and Order
Symbol: Green crescent on a silver moon with a black sphere in front of it.
Constellation: Loran is represented in the Celestial Sphere by a silvery green moon with a silver halo.
Description: Loran is the Elder God of Time and Order. One of the three Elder Gods who created the universe, he set the Mortal Realm in motion, allowing the changes of the seasons and passage of the stars and spheres. Time brings order to the chaos of the elements and brings change to the balance of nature. Without Loran the world of nature would grow stagnant. Time is the driving force of the Mortal Realms, and what differentiates it from the Eternal Realms. Time has some influence in the Other Worlds, but it is in the veil that it begins to lose power and stretch or compress in strange ways. In the Eternal Realms time is relative and in many ways irrelevant. The Mortal Realm is driven by time and so every aspect of existence within it hinges upon the will of Loran.
Appearance: As an Elder God Loran's true appearance unfathomable. He is time and order incarnate. He is the motion of the stars in the celestial sphere, he is the lifecycle of a flower, he is the rush of a moment of excitement and the plodding ache of a moment of boredom. Whatmore, Loran is the moon and the moon is Loran, and as such his worshipers focus upon that celestial body in their reverie. He sends omens in the form of silvery moon beams, shadows upon his surface, and sudden changes in the moment of time. In this way he is most often seen as an incorporeal force. However, Loran is also the father of the Gelvani and so he does make rare appearances to his worshipers amongst them. To them he always appears as an elf, cloaked in shimmering silvery green light. He is tall, but his age is indiscernable. He often appears wearing thin silvery chain mail and a green shimmering cloak. His head is haloed in silver and his eyes are black as night. His hair is long and white, having the bounce of a youth's mane but the palor of an elder's whisps. When potents are of war he appears carrying a long spear. This is most often the form he takes in the court of Gelthena, though he rarely attends. It is rumored that Loran once took a mortal by the arm and in doing so that person witnessed the breadth of all past, present and future events occuring all around in a chaotic mossaic of light and sound. Only Loran held it back by the force of his will, a sphere of perfect calm and order amidst a universe in chaos.
Personality: Loran seems cold and aloof. He is constant in his ways and thoughts, and when he makes a decision or judgment he never varies from it. He has a distant love for his children, but it is there none-the-less. He is, perhaps, the most like Aminus in his mind. He does have, though, his own agendas and they are often cryptic to even those closest to him. He may act on behalf of anyone, and only he knows why. This is in part because he is in a constant struggle with other universal forces that seek to alter that which has already come to pass. There are few who have the power to time travel, but those who do must contend with the will of Loran. However, he also understands the interconnectivity of every action in ways no others can, and thus he may seem to be inactive when in fact things are occuring just as they have already or will occur.
Powers: Loran has absolute control over time. That said, he has no interest in changing the flow of time without an incredibly good reason. It goes against his nature to do so. He can choose to change the flow of time on those around him, or even in a space as small as a single nail, if he thought it would be worth it. When he does change time, everyone impacted in even the smallest way may detect the change. If the repeated time frame occurs mostly the same those who notice it will have a strange feeling as if they had lived this moment before while not having an exact memmory of what was happening. Very few are keen enough in mind to retain their original memmory of the events and thus suddenly find themselves reliving a moment they just had.
Afterlife: Loran’s worshipers come from various pantheons, each with their own afterlives. He does not offer any particular afterlife himself.
Children: Loran, with Gelthena, fathered the nature gods Sheliak, Reahnyn, Ilnysh, Liara, Aralyn and Koryn. Thus he is also the father of the Gelvani gods. He later fathered Fey-Kalyn, with Aralyn. Loran was also known as Atep to the ancient Kal-Kamorans, and with Amal fathered the gods Ishobel, Ahamad, Salix, Sata and Horaptu.
w/Gelthena: Sheliak, Reahnyn, Aralyn, Ilnysh, Koryn
w/Aralyn: Fey-Kalyn
w/Amal: Ishobel, Ahamad, Salix, Horaptu, Sata


Worshipers: Loran's worshipers are those who seek to bring order to the world and measure their lives in the exact passage of time. Because of how specific this is, Loran has few direct worshipers.
Worshiper's Ability: When prayed to, Loran may grant one of these benefits.
1/Round Ability:
1/Day Ability:

Priests: There are a few different types of priests of Loran. Amongst Gelvani his priests are the mystical worshipers of the moon, holding rituals and celebrations at it rise, fall and various celestial events. Druids are also very devoted to Loran, having many rituals associated with the moon. There are also a small group of priests amongst the Duneimen who build tools to measure time and create complex calendars. They run clock towers, and have small shrines devoted to him.
Spell Domains:
Favored Weapons:
Cleric Alignments:
Clergy and Temples:

In the Kamoran pantheon, where he is known as Atep, he flies a great black barge, which encircles the moon he calls his home. This barge collects the dead and brings them to the afterlife.

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