Magic Items

The following is a list of Magical Items created for the World of Naeja:

Minor Magical Items:

Cudgel of Eyes

Librarians Satchel

Swaddlings of the Mother's Protection

Thread of Mending

Journeyman's Jacket

Pipe of Contemplation

Scabbard of Balance

Scabbard of Scathing

Spell Mark

Major Magical Items:

Cauldron of Heroic Brew

Dagger of Foe's Perril (Skean Dhu)

Golden Guitarra

[[[Hat of

[[[Helm of

Impenetrable Pack

Iron Bone Bracer

Manual of the Arcane Architect

Obdurate Oil

Orb of Endless Thought

Orb of Mental Repose

Orb of Projection

Pipe of Smoke and Flame

Ring of the Greater Warrior

Ring of Venom

Sands of Khyermain

Seeds of Demonkind

Shrunken Head of the Magi

Traveler's Carriage

War Banner

Epic Magical Items:

Blazing Blade of Penultimate Dragon Slaying

Epic Dragon Armor

Potion of Permanency

Unique Magical Items:

The Bottle of Maja'ra'dim

The Bow of the Seven Moons

The Canluun's Craft


The Golden Axe of Valdrig Gyldedbyrd

The Handmaiden of Sellanndra Malagraeth

The Kethaine's Hammer

The Mask of the Day

The Mask of the Night

The Potion of Immortality

The Ring of the Greatest Warrior Ever Known

The Scabard of King Malachom

Shield of the Just Hand

Shimmer Wind

The Shimmering Shield of Shey'Shalorn

The Shrunken Head of Al'Ak'Tal

The Six Signs of Saradon

Thalassa Typon

The Wand called Finn-Finnegan's Folly


The Sword of Angus Argamoor

The Maul of Cainneth Darkmorn

The Spear of Donal Maananley

The Sword of Kaidan of the Kirks

The Axe of Malorek Skarlock

The Sword of Cyng Regal of the Kamish Clan

The Six Rings of Shey'Shalorn

The Seventh Ring of Shey'Shalorn


The Green Horn, Cayrnghla

The Nose of Nezgoreth

The Stone of Belderak

The Left Hand of Kaladon

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