Magical Pipe Ash

This ash is produced from a Pipe of Smoke and Ash. It must be used within 24 hours, else it loses it magical properties. This ash may be used to perform any of the following:
Fan of Flames: When tossed it creates a 15 foot cone shaped burst causing 5d4 damage to anyone within range (reflex save for half). (Burning Hands 1st- CL 5)
Resist Fire: When rubbed over the skin the ash grants the recipient fire-resistance 10 for thirty minutes. (Resist Energy 2nd - CL 3)
Boil Water: If thrown into water it begins heating up to 5 cubic feet, or up to 40 gallons. On the first round the water becomes warm. The second round the water becomes hot, dealing 1d4 damage to anyone partially immersed, and 2d4 damage to anyone at least 50% immersed. On the third round it becomes boiling and deals 2d4 damage to those partially immersed and 4d4 to those at least 50% immersed. Thereafter the water boils at a rate of 2 gallons per round, for 5 rounds or until the water is gone, causing damage to anyone within the water each round. This also produces a 20 foot radius cloud of steam, that functions as per the Fog Cloud spell, and lasts for 1 round per gallon of water before dissipating. (Create Water 0-druid, Heat Metal druid-2 CL 3)

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