Manual Of The Arcane Architect

Aura: powerful transmutation CL:
Slot: - ; Price: ?,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


These heavy gilded manuals contain ancient and secret knowledge passed down through the ages by the Archimagium, an ancient order of architects. Within their impervious pages are architectural designs and special rotes that, when used in conjunction with the proper spells will yield structures of incredible magical power. To do so the wizard must use one of these books to design the structure, and must perform these rotes at precise moments in both the preparation of the building materials and during the actual construction. If the wizard misses any one key moment in the process, the rotes will fail and the power will be lost. Use of such a book requires one full month of study and the time it takes to design and build the basic skeleton of the intended structure. Material costs for construction are quadrupled when using this manual, as it requires the consumption of rare and exotic components. The construction time for the basic structure is doubled, as the caster needs time to enchant each wall, ceiling, floor and door within. So long as enough materials are provided, the basic structure is finished, and all designs are at hand, the caster will be able to, using the book and the spells required, complete the construction, adornments, stonework and fabricate the interior furnishings all within one day. The final outcome results in a structure with elaborate stonework, decorations, and furnishings suited to those who will own it and enchanted with incredible abilities able only to be used by the owners.
To use such a book the user must know the following spells, as well as the spells, which are needed for each effect: arcane mark, major creation, stone shape, fabricate, permanency. When building the structure the caster may designate two individuals who become the “owners” of the structure. The owners must sign a deed prepared by the wizard. They may then pass this “ownership” on to any other person by signing the deed over. This is usually done when passing on an inheritance. Use of the book allows the following spells to be cast upon the structure with these additional permanent effects:

Spell Permanent Effect
Light All rooms are lit by light spells that active when the room is entered, unless the creator wishes to set an incantation that must be spoken for the spell to trigger
Open/Close All doors open and close upon the will of the owners, no matter where in the structure they are.
Prot. From Normal Missiles The outer walls of this entire structure are protected as per this spell and up to 10' away from each external surface.
Alarm The owners may activate an alarm on any space in the structure, and both owners are notified if it is set off.
Hold Portal The owners may cause any portals to be held as per this spell, and only the owner may remove it without magical means.
Sleep The owners may choose any two room in the structure, one each, that, when entered, casts the sleep spell upon those who enter. The owners are always immune to this casting of the spell.
Magic Aura The owners may alter the magical aura of any door, chamber or object in the structure at will.
Silent Image The owners may each cause one silent image to appear in any place in the structure, and neither owner will believe the illusion.
Cause Fear Any four murals, statues or encryptions built into the structure can be made to cast cause fear at the owners will.
Arcane Lock Any two doors within the structure can have this spell set upon it, one per owner, though the owners may open it as if it weren’t locked at all.
Obscure Object Any two objectswithin the structure may be hidden from scrying as per this spell, one chosen by each owner.
Misdirection The entire structure is protected by this spell, so that anyone trying to locate any object in it against the owners’ wills is deterred.
Phantom Trap The owners may make any door or lock seemed trapped as per this spell, and both owner will know that it is not actually trapped.
Whispering Wind The owners may send messages anywhere in the structure via this spell, at will.
Nondetection Both owners are protected from divination as per this spell when within the structure.
Gentle Repose One chamber within the structure can be chosen to protect the corpse of any current or prior owner via this spell.
Dimensional Anchor Three chambers within the structure may be permanently protected by this spell, but even the owners can not travel to or from these chambers.
Dimension Door Each owner may set up one dimension door permanently between two fixed spots within the structure.
Detect Scrying While in the structure each owner is aware of any scrying upon them as per this spell.
Locate Creature The owners of the structure may locate anyone they know is in the structure at any time as per this spell.
Scrying One chamber may be built as a scrying chamber, in which a crystal ball, font, mirror or other such device must be placed and enchanted with this spell. Both owners can use this object to cast the scrying spell from at will.
Mage’s Private Sanctum If caster is one of the owners he may choose one chamber to have this spell cast upon permanently.
Secret Chest Each owner gets one permanent secret chest as per this spell. It may be sent into the ethereal plane and retrieved as per the spell.
Project Image Each owner may project their image as per the spell into any part of the structure. This requires concentration to be maintained.
Mirage Arcana The caster may set one permanent such illusion, that even the owners may not know exists. This is often used to hide a chamber that only the caster wants to know exists.
Fabricate If supplied enough raw materials the structure may become fully decored as per this spell to the personal tastes of the owners.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, polymorph any object; Cost ?,000 gp

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