Mara Ishnu

Desert/savanna tribal people of the eastern desert that are evolving into a great society (Nubia).
Kamoran in appearance, but not quite as tall, darker skinned and occasionally have red and blonde hair.

Religion is based on ancient religion of Imaru with some major changes.
Many Kamoran gods are gone now.
Tribes have their own minor deities.
Major deities worshipped at cultural centers.
Have their own zodiac.

After Life
Same as ancient Kamoran

Cultural Points:
Agrarian society, with a few cultural centers where the tribes gather for trade and worship.
Still has heavy influence of ancient Kal-Kamoran architecture and art.
Non-violent people, but can raise up a fair army to defend themselves.
Women are traditionally as dominant as men in politics, religion, and all aspects of society.
Use magical tattoos, origin of Kamoran magical tattoos.
Wizardy isn't part of society, but witch craft is (imagine voodoo without carribean style).
Don't ride horses, as it was never part of their society.
Body piercings are common amongst men and women. Each tribe has its own styles.
Xenophobic, won't allow others to live amongst them for more than one moon.
Myth says they are cannibals, but that is just stories (right?).

Irrigation, Aquaducts
multi-level buildings of stones
Astrology (connected to tattoo designs)

Social Classes





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