Mask Of The Night

Mask of the Night (wondrous Item)

Though more than one of these masks may exist, and may have different appearances, this is the most common form.
Description: This velveteen black mask is encrusted in midnight blue sapphires and silver filigree. The silver thread is delicately woven into the fabric suggestively creating images of wolves, cats, bats and owls amidst the elaborate spirals. The mask crests the bridge of the nose forming a beak like that of a barn owl, then smoothly fits over brow, cheek bones and forehead, revealing only the wearer’s lower face. The eyes are trimmed in decoration to appear feline, and when worn the wearer’s eyes become cat-like. The mask rises up over the ears to narrow point, reminiscent of a wolf’s ears.
Powers: When worn the Mask of the Night grants its wearer the natural gifts of various nocturnal creatures. He gains a cat’s ability to see in the dark with only the faintest presence of light (Night-vision). He gains the wolf’s ability to hear noises far off and high pitched (Acute Hearing). He gains the barn owl’s keen sense of smell (Keen Scent). He also gains a cricket’s ability to sense minute changes in the temperature (Weather Sense). More fascinating, the wearer gains the ability to communicate with all creatures of the night (Speak with Animals, Nocturnal only).
What more, if the mask is donned for a full month it becomes Nocturnal and the mask becomes a part of the character, unable to be removed (except by a Remove Curse spell). By night the wearer becomes energized and feels a sense of thrill. This is more than emotional change, the character actually is physically stimulated (+2 to Dex and +2 Cha). By day, though, the mask vanishes in a puff of smoke, and the character becomes lethargic, withdrawn, and is easily blinded by bright light. The wearer is physically stymied (-2 Dex, -2 Cha; -2 penalty to all actions requiring sight taken in sun-light), and should take his normal sleep by day in order to feel fully rested. The character is restless if attempting to sleep by night (making spell preparation impossible if this lasts longer than a week). The mask returns at dusk, vanishing again at dawn, though benefits and penalties always remain.
Finally, after a second month of wearing the mask the wearer gains the ability to summon creatures of the night to his aid. This is a mental action but takes a full round. Concentration is required, so if the character is distracted a concentration check (usually DC 15) must be made to succeed. Within 1d10 rounds a creature (or creatures) native to the area will arrive. If the wearer knows of a particular creature within a minute distance away, he may summon that particular creature or creatures. Otherwise the DM should decide or consult a chart for the region/area, making sure only a nocturnal creature is selected. 2d6 Hit Dice of creatures will answer the wearer’ call. This may be one large creature (such as a Dire Wolf), or a number of small creatures (such as a dozen bats). The DM may also decide that there is nothing in range, or that it may take longer for something to arrive. These creatures will do their best to assist the character, short only of putting themselves in eminent mortal danger (they won’t knowingly go to their own deaths).
Variations: Variations on the Mask of Night may exist in different campaign worlds. The DM may choose to make it a holy item of a deity of the Night, and thus could choose to alter certain parts of its appearance or even its powers. Another variation would be to have the mask only grant the powers with one particular creature of the night, changing the appearance and benefits accordingly (ie scent of a wolf, hearing of a wolf, and summon wolves).
Mask of the Day: There is lore that speaks of a Mask of the Day existing, with similar powers but focused on diurnal creatures. Sages familiar with these magical items suspect that donning both masks may create one of two outcomes. One theory is that the wearer may have the power of both masks broken, thus allowing the Mask of the Night to be removed. However, others suspect that the wearer may actually retain both masks and become a creature of the twilight, gaining the power of both masks, and being most active at the waxing and waning hours between day and night. These are only guesses though, as no one knows for sure that suck a mask even exists.

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