The Jinn

As the Mikanians tell it, there was once a powerful Kamoran sorcerer named of Abda-Jural. While attempting to discover the secrets of the universe by peering into Imaru, he instead peered into the eternal elemental realms. Here he discovered that the Jinn, or "The Hidden", were elemental beings that existed in all aspects of the Mortal World. Those he communed with offered him power in exchange for gateways to the mortal world. He began making these exchanges, learning rare and powerful magics from these eternal beings as they entered the world.

When the Kamoran priests of Ahad-Amal discovered what he was doing he was taken before the Khanus, who condemned him for worshipping “false gods”. He was hauled into the desert and left for dead. Jural wandered in the blazing desert for thirty-two days, kept alive only by his magic and force of will. When it seemed he would finally fall and die in the sands he came upon a great oasis. There was a beautiful palace and when he entered he found that the only people living here were beautiful Jinn women, called Jinai and Jaini. They told him they were the daughters of the Elder Elgar, and were sent here to be his harem. He was chosen to be the father of a new race and this was his palace, called Mikan. From him were born the Mikanians, descendants of the Jinn, and since that time they have ruled an exotic and powerful realm.

The Mikanians don't so much worship, as they do revere and call upon in need a series of powerful Janni. Sometimes these elemental beings answer, and sometimes they don't. Many of the Mikanian Majere work to seek out new Jinn, to learn their secret names and call upon them to serve.

The Jinn come in six types:
Ifriti: The rulers of the Jinn, powerful and evil fire elemental
Marid: Only second to the Ifriti in power, the Marid are powerful capricious water elemental Jinn.
Shaitan: Earth spirits
Djinn: Air Spirits
Janni: Lesser Spirits, usually female.

  • Jaini are Evil female spirits
  • Jinai are good and rewarding female spirits.

Ghul: The most evil of the Jinn, the Ghul dwell in the desert, shapeshifting to assume the guise of animals, especially hyenas. They lure unwary travellers into the desert wastes to slay and devour them. These creatures also prey on young children, rob graves, drink blood, steal coins and eat the dead, taking on the form of the one they previously ate.

Jinn are elemental beings, thus children of Elgar, and related to the Titans. Unlike the Titans, though, they have no permanent form upon the Mortal world. Thus they must take command of the element to form themselves when summoned. This is most easily done when a Majere summons them, their magic granting the Jinn the power to take form. Elemental spirits function in much the same way, but have even more limited ability to take form, being unable to form a complex structure out of their element.

Other dieties related to the Jinn:

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