Mirivia is the great realm of the Que-Gelvani, and the largest of the Gelvani realms of Verosia. It is said that when the Gelvani were cast out of Arvanis it was upon the shores of Mirivia that they first arrived. Mirvia is predominantly a vast and ancient temperate deciduous forest, and the heart of this realm is an ancient family of mighty Tuan'Athora rising hundreds of feet skyward. It is filled with many wonders, some made by the Gelvani but most natural beauties of the world preserved by the consummate stewards of this realm. Mirivia's capital is Shey-Tishan, a city of narrow white towers (lari and luar) and blooming verdant gardens, surrounded by the Anorath of many Que'Gelvani Alathan. The Gelvani guard their borders with great vigilance, barring passage to any unwanted trespassers (mostly orcs and goblins, but also Duneimen and Duervar). Mirivia is a realm of beauty, prosperity and peace, and to many it seems a utopia, but in truth the realm has been ravaged by wars and inner turmoil and as such its people are gripped by a great distrust of the world beyond their borders.

Continent: Verosia
Banner: An Athora, green and inlaid with a golden floral knotwork, set against a bright blue field. On the left it is flanked by a white tower with a golden crown, and on the right by a white arm holding up a golden chalice. The tree represents Gelthena. The tower represents the Quel-Thena (Queen of Mirivia) and the risen chalice is an homage to the plentiful blessings of the Que'Vatha.
Capital: Shey-Tishan
Government: Matriarchy
Ruler: Quel-Thena Amaryllis Korianthil
Religion: Gelvani Pantheon
Population: A classification of Population Sizes based showing both the range of population and the average population. This is not an exact number due to the severe variance in population inherint to war, famine, disease and cataclysmic events.
Races: A listing of the races commonly found within the realm.
Major: Que-Gelvani
Median: Seyl-Gelvani, Grey-Gelvani
Minor: Drey-Gelvani, Fey
Cities and Towns: Elwin, Everport, Feylwin, Myahm, They-Kithara, Treyvanya
Products: While the Gelvani do trade with other cultures, it is not the driving factor of their economy. Gelvani have an altruistic sense of sharing that means that all of their kind have access to the essentials of life, and only those who want luxuries need to produce products for sale or trade. Still, there are many such products from the Gelvani realms that the residents of other realms happily pay for.
Primary: Cotton, Silk, Gelvani Spices
Secondary: Jewelry, Furs, Rare Leathers
Aristocratic Titles: Quel-Thena (Queen), Quel-Thanor (King), Thena (Familial Matriarch), Thanor (Familial Matriarch's Husband),
Social Classes:
Upper-Class: Examples: The Royal Family, Priests
Middle-Class: Examples: Most people of any other caste
Lower-Class: Examples: Convicted Criminals and Outcasts
Allies: Metyrnia,Moar, Rona, Issantia, Sora
Neutrals: Sora, Gand, Parthus, Kal-Mikan, Shanothyr, Sylvanmyr, all Duervan Realms (Tharaduum, Mordraduum, etc…)
Enemies: Ogrekar, All Orc Realms (Ig-Vatak, Ig-Orak, etc…)


Mirivia is completely dominated by the Que'Gelvani. While other races of Gelvani and even some Fey live within the realm they are subject to the Que'Gelvani rule. Mirivia is nearly a continent in and of itself, being surrounded by water on all sides. Though it is one vast forest there are various regions throughout the realm. Shanothyr is its capital city, from which the Quel-Thena rules, but there are a few other large cities that are practically autonomous. The rest of the woodland is speckled with towns and small communities. Borders are difficult to draw, and each community sets its own standards of law and order. The matriarchy only takes interest when an issue concerns the greater good of Mirvia. Travel is commonly done on foot, with narrow well worn path serving as roads. The realm is generally peaceful, though there are regions that are mostly left wild and some dangerous creatures lay in hiding in those dark copses.


A short background of the realm, how it came about, the troubles and prosperities it has seen, and other important historical events.


A description of the government, its members and other important things to know about the structure of the government and law.
Current Ruler: The name, description and a brief history of the current ruler.
Major NPCs: The name, description and breif detailing of the current major people in the realm.


A short decsription of the different cultures and races within the realm, how they vary from those met in other realms, and anything uniqut about them.


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A short write up on how magic is treated within this realm, and the major organizations, if any, that exist.


Major Cities

Minor Cities


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A description of the land mass upon which this realm is built.

Being a vast forest, the botany of Mirivia is of particular interest. Mirivia is primarily a temperate deciduous forest, though many of its trees are actually leafy evergreens, such as the Live Oak. The western forest is mostly… . The forested northern mountain of Car'Olthanyr is primarily covered in thick a wild ever green Laurel Forest filled with enormous, Cinnamomums, Adenodaphne, Comphors and Sandalwoods. Forested ravines, cascading falls, and steep cliffs lay beneath this woodland. The region is particularly known for the production of spices, oils, and other aromatics. The wood of these trees is highly prized and used in much Que-Gelvani art. The South and East, bordering the rivers is The great inner forest, though, is an Ancient Woodland filled with towering Oaks and ….. However, the greatest of all these ancient trees are the Athora, whose mighty limbs rise out of the forest, overshadowing the canopy with leaves that change colors with the changing of the seasons but also with the altitude of the forest. These trees never totally lose their leaves, as it is always spring or summer near their base and always fall or winter near the upper canopy. Only the towers of the Gelvani cities rise higher.

Below is a listing of the most common trees found in this forest and their general distribution:
Live Oak: Live Oak

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Islands A listing of islands near this realm that either consider themselves part of that realm or are closely tied to it.

Landmarks A listing of significant geographical landmarks within the realm.

D'shan Penninsula
The Crater of

Tuar-Seylvarin: The Great Forest River, Eastern border of Mirivia
Nol-Seylvarin: The White Forest River, Northern border of Mirivia
Sul-Myrvarin: The Short Woodland River. Runs Northeast, flanking Shey-Tishan and emptying into the Tuar-Seylvarin.
Eol-Myrvarin: The Long Woodland River. Runs Southwest, flanking Shey-Tishan and emptying into ???? lake.
Bay of Brynlinia: This ocean gulf forms the Western border of Mirivia

Nuar-Thenvarin: "The Three River Mothers". These three streams flow out of the highlands around Car'Olthanyr, from West, North and South. Their confluence is a deep ravine into which each cascades over white falls. At the bottom a deep swirling pool is formed, which rushes over hard smooth stones to emerge as the source of the Eol-Myrvarin.

Car'Olthanyr: "The Hill of The Old-Lords". Mirivia's only mountain, if it can truly be called that, rises in a slow ascent at the center of the northern border of the realm. It is covered in dense foliage save a singular bald face of granite near its crest, providing a view over the rolling forest to the south. It's northern face is a broad granite cliff descending towards Nol-Seylvarin .

Pools of Mel'anyer: A great spring emerges at the foothills of Car'Olthanyr and cascades over shelves of tigers-eye stone, forming thirteen pools. At their base the water flows back beneath the earth, to mingle on later into various streams.

Bridge to Shanothyr

Bridge to Rona


The Ruins of They-Metania, fallen city of the Grey-Gelvani
(made up name until I can find my original name reference)

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