Monks are both masters of body and mind. They are one with their physical and spiritual form and therefore focus upon philosophy and martial arts as devotedly as any cleric. They are very uncommon in all societies except the Ryoshan culture, a human race. Amongst Ryoshans they have many temples and organizations focusing on many different aspects of their belief systems. The Ryoshans have had much influence on the southern shores of Verosia and due to this there are more then one small sects of Monks in this part of the world. Sometimes these sects try to keep in touch with the originators of their beliefs, but others have only drawn upon the knowledge of their founders and used that to establish a new order of thought.
There is another faction of Monks in the world. They are the mystical Pash-kai of Kal-Mikan. These fanatical warriors can be both monks and sorcerers and share common skills and beliefs. They were established long ago as servants of the Kai-itani, but have since developed into their own powerful order.

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