Power: IG
Alignment: NG
Pantheons: Deities of Nature, Folkin Gods
Titles: The Harvester, The Reaper, The Fat Man
Portfolio: Autumn, Harvest, Farmers, The Morin Winds
Symbol: A sheaf of wheat
Constellation: In the stars Morin is symbolized by a set of stars that appear to take the form of wind blown wheat stalks.
Description: Morin is the god of the harvest, patron of farmers, and the master of the autumnal season. He is also revered as the patron of brewers, for it is the grains and hops of his crops that make the wonderful brews of ale and beer. He controls the winds that come from the north east, to turn the storms of Torik away and bring the turning of the leaves.
Appearance: Morin appears as a jovial robust man with a thick short bear and brown shaggy hair curled in ringlets around his ears. His face is round and his nose bulbous. His cheeks are full of color and he wears a perpetual smile. He is most often depicted in a brown robe, with bare feet covered in a curly brown hair down to his toes. He usually carries a tall scythe and a heavy satchel on his back is usually full of wheat, corn or other such grains. He is never seen without a horn full of rich ale in his hand. Despite his large belly his cloak hides some very large muscles, and his hands are heavily calloused.
Personality: Morin is usually kind and comical in his nature. He always enjoys a good laugh and has learned not to take things too seriously. Despite his nature he is anything but lazy. He knows what it is to work hard, for he is the patron of farmers and bears the burden of their work with each and everyone of them. He works hard and so he plays hard, enjoying great feasts and drinking his fill. As his season comes to a close, following the last harvest, he tends to become more brooding and reclusive. Throughout the season of Koryn is he is quiet and reclusive. When the weather turns warm again he begins working to prepare for the coming harvest and spends little time in celebration. Through the heat of midsummer and the hail and rain of storm season he toils to maintain his crops. But, when his season comes agian he is once again happy and filled with boisterous joy.
History/Relationships: Morin is the son of Reahnyn and Kalrik. He was given power to deter the storms of his uncle, Torik. They are not enemies, but there is little love between them. Morin often makes jokes at Torik, as the elder more powerful deity storms away. Because Reahnyn had no love for Kalrik, as it was an arranged marriage, she poured her love into her children and thus they are gods of great affection for the mortal races and little tendancy for war. Thus their father has little affection for them. His sister is Myrrha.
Powers: Morin can bring any harvest to fruition, so long as he is not opposed by a more powerful deity of nature and the crop is still alive. He does not often do this, though, as he believes farmers should work hard for their crops and those who are foolish and don't tend their land properly are not deserving of his blessings. He has the power to control the Morin Winds but before his season begins he has little control over how those plants grow. If the seasons before his are terrible and the farmers not vigilent, he can do little to save a crop. When angered he can reduce the production of a harvest, but is loathe to do so. His drinking horn is always full and he can summon a heroic feast at any time he needs.
Children: Morin and his sister Myrrha created the first of the Folkin. Their race still pays homage to their great deities.
After life: Morin is a deity of nature and so he promotes reincarnation, though as a prominent member of the Ronan Pantheon he is happy to encourage his worshipers to accept the blissful afterlife Thamor offers.

Worshipers: Morin has many many worshipers. Any culture or race that tends a field for food will worship Morin. They will ask for his aid with their crops and pray his winds come early during the terrible storms of Torik.
Worshiper's Ability: When prayed to, Morin may grant these powers.
1/Round Ability: Purify food and drink
1/Day Ability: Goodberry

Priests: (Monks of Morin) Morin's most prominent priests are an order of monks who live near large tracks of airable land. They often have their own fields and vinyards, but they also travel far and wide, aiding farmers in working their fields and bringing in their crops. They pray for Morin to act on their behalf, seeking to end droughts, early frosts, and floods alike. Morin is also worshiped by the druigdha (druids).
Spell Domains: Plant, Weather
Favored Weapons: Scythe
Cleric Alignments: Any non-evil
Dogma: He who sows his crop, works his land, and tends his field, shall reap his fair rewards.
Clergy and Temples: The Monks of Morin have large modest stone monastaries surrounded by fields. Many villages and farmers have small shrines to him as well.

There are three celebrations in the season of Morin:
First Harvest: A great feast celebrating the abundance of the first harvests. It is important to bring the best of the harvest to the table, for the night begins with a prayer in thanks to Morin and asking him to accept all consumed as a tribute to him.
Alban Morin: The autumnal equinox is celebrated with a great deal of drinking and frivolity. There are some serious rituals, but it is always a time of games and celebration.
Final Stows: A festival celebrating the final work in filling the stores for the coming cold season of Koryn. Any abundance that remains unstowed is used for a feast, and those communities with excess always bring in those that are in need to share their abundance.

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