Mortal Realm

The Mortal Realm was created by Aminus as the center of the universe and the source of all true creation. Here mortal races are born and die. Their mortal souls may pass on to the Eternal Realms or may be reincarnated. The Veil seperates the Mortal Realm from the Eternal Realms.

When first created the Realm was filled with nothing, and was called the Void. Then Elgar filled it with the elements, and Aminus created the Constellations, the Spheres, and the Moons. Then Naeja united and transformed the elements and created the World of Naeja. Loran set all these in motion to a natural order, and thus the Mortal Realm was no longer a void.

The only portal directly to the Eternal Realms is through the Celestial Gate.

Some theorize that there are other physical worlds within the Mortal Realm, amongst the stars. If that were the case it may be more accurate to refer to this as the Mortal Realms.

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