Mylltskr is the weapon of Torik, the god storms and stryfe. It's name means "lightning tusks", as it is a club made from a branch of the Tree of Life and flanged with the tusks of a mighty dragon defeated by Torik. It is imbued with the power of Lightning, taken from Sturmgar upon his defeat by Torik, who is his son. It is said to be one of the Legendary Weapons able to slay Titans, so that they cannot reawake before the rise of the Star of Ariston. Torik can draw lightning from the morning star, making spears, or use the morning star himself to smite his enemies with a rain of lightning bolts, its toothy bite, and its thundering head. The weapon has a shortened handle, as Torik had to use part of it as a peg to replace his lost foot.

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