Power: IG
Alignment: NG
Pantheons: Deities of Nature, Ronan Pantheon, Folkin Gods, The Parthan Order:
Titles: The All Mother, The Golden Hearted
Portfolio: Love, Motherhood, Children, Family, Vengeance
Symbol: An hand offered in peace but bleeding from the finger tips.
Constellation: The Wounded Hand of Myrrha
Description: Myrrha is the goddess of family, motherhood and the binding love that holds those together. She gifted the power to bear children to women and is thus considered the patron of all mothers. She has power over pregnancy but even her priestesses struggle to maintain the life of each child to be born under their care. She is also the goddess of vengeance, as it is her wrath that can be inccurred by those who seek to harm children or break the sacred bonds of a family.
Appearance: Myrrha most often appears as a voluptuous woman with flaxen hair and shimmering green eyes. She has a radiant glow and plump midriff, suggesting she is either pregnant or was recently. She is usually wearing a simple brown skirt and open white blouse. She is often accompanied by her loyal golden retriever, and occasionally a white female goat.
Personality: Myrrha is a kind, loving, overly protective goddess. She cares deeply about her children and is always looking in on them. What more, she is very protective of the children of her most pious worshipers. She believes that all mothers should worship her and so she does her best to protect them. She has many priestesses who she gives the power to aid mothers in difficult births and to heal and protect children. Myrrha also has strong beliefs about the importance of marriage and family. She oversees all marriage vows of those who worship her and takes great offense if those vows are broken. As powerful as her love is, her vengeance can be just as great and Myrrha will unleash her fury upon anyone who intentionally harms children or destroys a family.
Myrrha is the daughter of Reahnyn and Kalrik, as is her brother Morin. Reahnyn was forced to marry Kalrik and as soon as he realized their children had not tendency for war he cast her aside. He cares nothing for his two children by her and relatively ignores them. Naeja bade her to mother the first woman of the Folkin, and so chose Hanrael as the father. It wasn't, though, until she met Kionanthos from the Parthan Order that she finally herself fell in love, and they had three children; Artageros, Elletaria and Ilex.
w/Hanrael: The Female Folkin Gods
w/Kionanthos: Artageros, Elletaria and Ilex.

After life: Myrrha watches over a sacred garden in the Eternal Realms where the souls of children reside until their parents can join them in the afterlife. Though as a goddess of nature she accepts reincarnation, she prefers the after life proffered by Thamor. In other cultures she promotes whatever after life will allow families to be together in a safe and peaceful existence.


Worshipers: Mothers, mid-wifes, nannies and family matrons are the most common worshipers of Myrrha. She has worshipers amongst many various cultures and some men worship her.
Worshipers: When prayed to, Myrrha may grant these powers.
1/Round Ability:
1/Day Ability:

Priests: The Sisters of Myrrha are a covenant of women who devote themselves to duties that serve families, mothers and children. They perform marriages, protect battered women, and even provide the rare divorce. They oversee child birth and serve as mid-wives. They run orphanages and houses of healing that are devoted solely to children and single mothers. Though women may join the priesthood at a young age, they are discouraged from becoming full nuns until they have exceeded a prime age. Instead they are encouraged to leave the convent and are assigned to duties as wise-women in towns and villages, where the order hopes they will fall in love and marry. The priesthood looks down on arranged marriages and only sanctions those necessary for maintaining peace. Unfortunately there are times when a mother must fight to protect her young or family. Thus, even the Sisters of Myrrha must be willing to arm themselves when necessary. For this reason they have learned to master the use of a special club that appears as nothing more than a tool of office. It is cushioned on one side to allow the nun to ease her knees when in penitent prayer and it is flat and smooth on the other side for paddling misbehaving children. The handle is leather bound with a hoop for hanging it on a wall or tying it to the woman's belt, but the other end has a large heavy bludgeoning end. This is used for defense or for, in the rare cases offense. There is no rule, though, about any woman picking up whatever weapon may be at hand to defend herself or family.
Spell Domains:
Favored Weapons: Myrrhan Club
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG
Dogma: Love is a gift, motherhood is a blessing, children are a blessed gift to be loved and nurtured in the gentle, loving and protective hands of family.
Priest Restrictions: Myrrha only accepts women as her priestesses.

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