Prophecy (mystery)

Prophecy (Oracle Mystery)

Class Skills: An oracle with the prophecy mystery adds Perform and Linguistics to her list of class skills.

Bonus Spells: True Strike (2nd), Tongues (4th), Gease, Lesser (6th), Legend Lore (8th), Contact Other Plane (10th), ??? (12th), Vision (14th), Moment of Prescience (16th), Forsight (18th).

Revelations: An oracle with the prophecy mystery can choose from any of the following revelations.

Interpret Omens (Ex): This is the ability to recognize and interpret Omens. An Omen is an occurance or phenomenon that portends or foreshadows a future event. You may choose to gain an insight bonus equal to your Charisma modifier on one saving throw, or a +10 competence bonus on any one skill check, or a +4 insight bonus on one initiative check. These bonuses must be used during the next 24 hours and you must declare you are using the bonus before the check or save is made. Interpreting Omens takes 10 minutes. You may Interpret Omens once per day plus one additional time per day for every four oracle levels you have attained.

Dreams (Su): Your mind is more open during sleep and it is possible to receive hidden information as dreams or nightmares. You may cast Legend Lore, as per the spell, except that you may have very little information on the person, place, or thing. The casting time is only 8 hours, during which time you must maintain deep uninterrupted sleep. You must be at least 11th level to select this revelation.

Prophetic Meditation (Su): You may enter a deep meditation, blocking out visual and auditory stimuli and allowing you to receive prophetic visions. This trance lasts 1d6 rounds, during which time you can only take move actions. and gain a bonus equal to your level on all saves against sonic effects and gaze attacks. During this period you receive mysterious visions and hear preternatural voices that pertains to the future. At 1st level, the prophetic visions manifests as an augury spell with 90% effectiveness. At 5th level, the visions takes the form of a divination with 90% effectiveness. At 8th level, the visions manifest as a casting of commune with no material component required. You may enter a prophetic mediation a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier.

Predict Danger (Su): You receive instantaneous warnings of impending danger or harm. At 1st level, you are never surprised or flat-footed. At 5th level, you have a general idea of what action you might take to best protect yourself and you a receive a +2 insight bonus to AC and on Reflex saves. This insight bonus is lost whenever you would lose a Dexterity bonus to AC. At 9th level, you can select one person or creature you know as the subject of your foresight. You receive warnings about that creature one round before the danger occurs. If you can communicate what you learn to the other creature then that creature cannot be surprised or flat-footed and has a general idea of what action might be best to take to protect itself. What more, if you have initiative in that round before the event that would occur, and you can warn the creature, that creature may act on your initiative to avoid the danger.

Perceive Outcomes (Su): By perceiving the various possible outcomes that may occur from an action you may increase your chances of success. Once per day you may take a +20 circumstance bonus on any one action.

Precognition (Su): Your prophetic foresight has granted you the ability to be aware of danger just before it happens. Add your Charisma modifier (instead of your Dexterity modifier) to your Armor Class and all Reflex saving throws. Your armor's maximum Dexterity bonus applies to your Charisma instead of your Dexterity.

Final Revelation:
Predict Destiny (Su): You gain the ability to foresee the destiny of an individual. Predicting someones destiny allows you to receive a vision of what extraordinary preordained acts they will do or be part of in their life. Usually this is one major event that all others lead towards. Only characters who have a destiny can have this predicted. Telling a person their destiny grants them a permanent +2 insight bonus to AC and on Reflex saves until that destiny is attained, so long as they aren't working against that destiny. Any attempt to work against that destiny causes them to suffer a -2 insight bonus to AC and on Reflex saves. Thus, if a destiny is something a person may wish to avoid they will often be penalized if they know it. You may even predict your own destiny.

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