Power: ED
Alignment: N
Pantheons: Deities of Nature
Titles: Mother Nature, The Great Mother
Domains: Nature and Balance
Symbol: The Tree of Life, depicted as a tree with bows and roots woven into a knot and connected, forming a circle.
Constellation: Since Naeja is the Goddess of the World, she has no celestial representation.
Description: Naeja is the Elder Goddess of Nature and Balance. One of the three Elder Gods who created the universe she combined the raw elements Elgar used as the basis for the Mortal Realm to create the natural world. Nature is a balance of those raw elements, combined in a way that allows them to coexist. She is mother of the gods of the seasons, animals and nature. These gods rule over the natural world and have warred with the Titans and Giants, the Children of Elgar. These gods also created the natural races; Gelvani, Duervar, Fey, Folkin and Humans. Naeja is worshipped by almost all natural races, but it is the druids who are her priests. The druids who worship Naeja seek out places of power to construct Carns, rings of great stones that are engraved with special runes to protect and focus arcana. It is at these carns that they gather to perform the rituals they have learned from her and the other gods of nature.
Appearance: Naeja is nature. As an Elder Goddess she never appears before mortals in any form nor speaks to them with any voice. She expresses her will through the forces of nature and those who worship her understand that. Her children, the Gods, speak of her as if she has a form and voice, but none can describe her.
Personality: Naeja, as mother of all the humanoid races, is the origin of all emotions. She is a being of passions; love and hate, joy and sorrow, courage and fear, desire and jealousy. She created all her children, the gods, with love in her heart, and despite their many faults she cares for each of them deeply. She loves every product of her creation, from the tiniest sprout to the mightiest man-eating lion. Though she would much prefer a world of harmony and peace, she will not suffer the constant unrest created by Elgar and his offspring. Thus, she will continue to create ways to counteract her brother’s attempts to undo her creations.
Powers: As Goddess of Nature Naeja has command of all things of the natural world. Flora and Fauna answer her every whim, and she can even command natural wonders, such as rivers, winds and mountains; however, in competing with Elgar he still has greater dominion over those that are more elemental. Naeja is the creator of all natural things, so she can bring to life, or end the life, of all natural things.
Children: Gelthena, Orwyn, Magmodin, Vald,
Memnos, Thamor

Afterlife: When Naeja created her mortal children she gave them the gift of reincarnation, so that their mortal souls would always be reborn upon the mortal world. Other religions later brought an eternal after-life that allowed them to live on in their current mortal mind as they entered the after-life. The true believers of Naeja are very old spirits, and some can recall their past lives.

Worshipers: All the descendants of her divine children worship Naeja. Almost all religions preach her existence as part of their creation story. In some religions she is more prominent than in others.
Worshiper's Abilities: When prayed to, Naeja may grant one of these benefits.

Priests: The priests of Naeja are the Druighda, or Druids. They worship all aspects of nature and believe in the importance of balance.

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