Normindar Keep

After a fortnight at the town of Blackshoal I have decided to continue my quest. The people here have quite hospitable and I hope to return one day, but as of yet I still have not recorded the names of all of the Faithful Dragon Crusaders, whose legends I have been seeking for two decades now. My journey next will lead me North about six days to the Castle in the mountains called Normindar Keep. I have been told that the Keep used to belong to a mighty Crusader named King Thorisan but very recently an invading Lord from the north has taken the keep. Personally I don’t care to confront the lord, but I must scribe the story of Lord Thorison for my journals to be complete and accurate. Perhaps this man will allow me to peruse his libraries and speak to the people of the town about the King’s history.

The journey has been harder than I thought. I have already once been attacked by goblins seeking to kill me for my valuables. Fortunately my god protects me, Naeja be with me. I can see the mountains, north along the coast, and tomorrow I should be trekking those dangerous steeps. From my map I can see that the road maneuvers around the base of the mountains, but maps can be deceiving and the journey will be much harder than I previously suspected.

This morning I was nearly eaten alive by some great bird. The thing saw my camp and must have decided I would make a nice morsel for its chicks. I barely escaped with my life, but I must say I have never seen such an amazing sight. The bird must have been over twenty feet tall with a wingspan nearly sixty feet. I shant forget this encounter soon.

The journey through these mountains has been dreadful. The rain has been non-stop and I am quite soaked through. Fortunately my scroll cases are holding up and my precious notes will survive this ordeal. I saw giants yesterday. Titanic men with skin like stone. They appeared to be a hunting party. Fortunately they never saw me.

Alas I have come upon Normindar Keep. The rain has stopped and the day is clear. The keep is much like any other I have seen, but it obviously has seen war recently.

I have stopped in a small village about four miles from the keep. The people here have told me that two months ago, King Morven ended a two-month siege on the castle. The gates to the Keep fell and the invaders crushed King Thorisan’s men quickly. Many of these people seem to think King Thorisan may still be alive, kept in the Dungeon somewhere. I plan to see if this is true and if it is to possibly speak to Thorisan, if King Morven allows.

I have been allowed access to the castle and it shows the obvious signs of a great battle. Burned battlements and bloodstained walls. How many years of rain will it take to cleanse those stones? King Morven told me of the battle and agreed to allow me to see Thorisan only if I recorded Morven’s victory over the Old King. I agreed, the only information I needed was Thorisan’s legend.

I must say I am still in great shock as to what I have seen. It seems Morven is much more of a barbarian than I had thought before. This castle has an Oubliette and apparently after Morven defeated Thorisan’s army he had the King put in chains and brought out into the courtyard. Before his remaining soldiers the King was released from his chains and thrown into the Oubliette. Then a great metal grate was placed over the pit, over which was built a casement of stone. Only a small window was left. It was explained to me that this window was so that all who passed through the courtyard could hear the King’s dying moans. But the King did not die so quickly. It seems for the last two months he has somehow stayed alive in this Oubliette. Unfortunately this miserable existence has left him mad, and I could get nothing from his raving lunacy.

I have decided to speak to the people who live around this castle to find out what I can about King Thorisan. After a week of interviews I have gained what I believe to be the closest recollection of Thorisan’s legend that I can hope to achieve.

King Thorisan is the son of a King Oberik whom apparently was a horrible man. When the old King died of a disease Thorisan took the throne. Immediately, nearby lords moved in to attack Thorisan in the attempt to take Normindar Keep. But, Thorisan was a great warrior and leader and managed to secure his place on the throne. Not long after he claimed the throne the first Dragons began to stir from their mountain caves to wreak havoc upon the realms of Lohar. King Sorik of Kamus called to his surrounding lords to meet up in arms against these horrible creatures. Thorisan joined the Great Dragon Crusade and traveled all over the Six Kingdoms slaying the dragons. It was on one such quest when he defeated a horrible dragon that was living near the Dwarven stronghold of Garaduum. In appreciation for the brave and righteous act of the Knight the Dwarves crafted a fine set of armor from the Dragon’s hide. It became known as SilverMail and was said to be stronger than even Plate armor.
Thorisan continued his crusade for over two decades. While he was gone a King from the realm to the south moved in on his lands and took them over. This King, King Hedrik, taxed the people heavily and was cruel and unjust. When Thorisan finally returned home from the Crusades and found this King ruling his lands he started a war. He finally retook his home at Normindar and then proceded to drive the invaders further South until he was satisfied that they no longer posed a threat.
Another Decade passed and he returned Norminadar to its former glory. King Hedrik had a son, and when Hedrik was killed this boy, Lord Morven, became the ruler of his people. He spent the last decade building his army and learning the art of war. Finally he marched his army south to Normindar and laid siege to the castle. The siege lasted only two months and finally King Thorisan realized that he could not break the siege. Deciding it was better to spare his people’s lives, he gave up. When Morven took the castle he condemned King Thorisan to a slow death in the Ubliet. Covering the opening, save a small barred window, he left the King there to die.
I have seen King Thorisan and he has gone mad from his entombment, but as I have said he is not dead yet though I suspect he will not last much longer. What surprised me is that Morven entombed him in his full regalia. Though I could barely see the King he appeared to still be wearing his SilverMail.

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