Ogre War

The Past: The northern lands of Rona have been overrun with orcs, both Barukar and Orakar alike. The Knights of Thamor, led by Bartal Dreadnaut, were able to divide the enemies of their armies and scatter them to the wind. However, the damage in this land had been done. The cities lay in ruin, the villages abandoned, the farms burned.
The Present: A stronger grain of man has come to retake this land. Following the ousted Duke of Riverport, many brave and hardy men and their families have moved into the Northern lands and begun to establish new towns. They face many obstacles; small groups of orcs run wild in the land, monsters roam unabated, and Ogre armies from the north are taking advantage of the weakened state of Rona to invade and try to take these lands. Many brave men and women are raising their own, independent, militias to deal with these threats.
The Future: The towns of Northern Rona will grow and become more independent of Rona. They will receive neither military or infrastructure support from Rona, so they stop paying taxes and eventually become autonomous (no declared independence, just happens). They eventually unify and declare a king. He will build an army to retake the Wall of Acascius and once that is held he will begin sending conscripts to invade the Ogre Kingdoms. The new King intends to expand his influence and power by taking the lands east of Mirvia, and driving the Ogres and Goblinoids out. His plan is first to take down key leaders of these people. He knows the chieftains rely on strong leaders to unite them, and if the strong leaders fall their will be a scramble for power, further weakening these enemy armies. The conscripts he sends will be adventure seeking men and women who are individually powerful, but wouldn't serve well in an army. He will follow up their efforts with precise military moves, striking small villages, outposts and strongholds. He will make sure he has a sure foothold in each "region" before moving on to the next. He will be in no hurry, as he is sure this will take decades to accomplish.
The Prophecy: The Bamorians have a prophecy that says a war will begin between the Ogres and their allies and the Bamorians and their allies. They believe this war will culminate in the rising of their War God from his icy imprissonment and the eventual destruction of the Ogre Kindgoms. To this end, when the humans begin to pick a war with the Ogre Kingdoms, many Bamorians want in. Their own leaders deny this is the prophecised time and so those who want to fight leave their homes, sail to Northern Rona, and form a huge army offering their services to the human king. When they begin moving into the Ogre Kingdoms the eventual result will be the Ogres striking back at the Bamorian homeland.
Notes: As of yet this Northern Kingdom is not named. I intend for it to have a Gothic German feel.

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