Old Camus History

A thousand years after the fall of Imaru, a warrior race of Duneimen crossed the Sea of Dragons and first set foot upon the soils of Lojar. This vast and fertile land, so named for the great titan Lojandar who supposedly sleeps beneath its mighty hills and mountains, had yet to be settled by any mortal man. They came, now, seeking to create their own kingdoms and rebuild their peoples in the aftermath of the wars they had left behind. The crossing had been

1075 O.C. Wars between Old Camus Kingdoms end.
Age of Dragons begins.
1100 O.C. Dragons slain to the point of "extinction" by King Sorik, Sorik made King of Camus.
1115 O.C. King Ramsor wages war against King Sorik and wins. Ramsor names himself King.
1120 O.C. King Ramsor killed by Lord Authbrig.
Lord Authbrig becomes King Authbrig of Camus.
1130 O.C. Exodus from Old Camus.
1145 O.C. New Camus completed. Rona Established.
King Authbrig orders new Calendar. (New Camus)
0 N.C. Ronan Calendar completed.
(Approx 1 year after 1145 O.C.)

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